Thursday, 2 July 2009

it must be love

I went to visit a 'curly' friend and part of the visit included a visit to Harmony Quilts in Lancefield. I didn't know it but they specialise in Thimbleberry fabrics. The selection was just beautiful. I have been keeping an eye out for some fabrics to make hubby a quilt that I have an idea for for quite some time but I just couldn't think of the fabrics. I had liked the Civil War fabrics but today bought some thimbleberry fat quarters to start my stash.
This lovely little shelf was made for me by no 3 son in his woodwork classes. He presented it to me for my birthday and I have just found the right spot for it and have put some of my treasures on the shelves. I think it looks great.

Loving the holidays...

Tomorrow we are off to the movies to see Transformers- effects are supposed to be fantastic, the next movie on the agenda will be Harry Potter. I can't wait! Opens on the 15th of july here.

Next week we are hoping to go to Scienceworks and a trip to town on the train.

Happy day!.



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the Koyle's said...

The shelf is great! Happy Birthday...when was it? You'll have to tell me if you like Transformers and I'll be right there when Harry Potter comes out!