Friday, 19 June 2009

paper bag swap arrived

Well my poor paper bag swap from Helen arrived this week and what a sorry state it was in. It had incorrectly gone to a house across the road and as we don't know each other's name they must have returned it to the post office. Somewhere along the line someone must have used the package as a football. All the contents thankfully were still inside despite the hole in the tough bag and the only casualty was a broken slab of chocolate. When the chocolate was made visible everyone arrived on the scene 'Ohhhh have you got chocolate? You are going to share aren't you?' Talk about sooky la la's well I had to share then didn't I, I don't want to appear to be a bad mother....
(here is a close up of the fabrics and thread. goodies in other pic)

So thankyou Helen for your lovely parcel. As soon as I saw that fabric I knew what to do with it I hope you will like what I do with it.
I will post a pic of my treasure once one of the princess' wake up (one did night shift and the other went out socialising till the wee hours) and help me with plugging in the camera cord. Hubby blew up the computer earlier this week by plugging in a memory stick so I am a little cautious. He blew the power board and the mother board, I am not sure if the amount of dust inside the computer had anything to do with it? Well it was very sad without the computer and even sadder once we parted with the money to fix it. Them's the breaks.
Cheers for now


the Koyle's said...

Where do you find all of these cool swaps?! We finally got my computer up and running too. What a pain!

Helz said...

Good Heaven's... that was a close one Marina... Busy stitchin' here... Good Girl sharing !!! :0))