Thursday, 9 April 2009

another red day?

Here are some pics of the second pack of goodies that I have just sent off to Nicole in States who was a forgotten stitching angel. I hope she likes the pack. I got a little carried away with the redness of it all but the fabrics came together nicely and she did say she liked reds and blues.

The stitchery pattern was from a craft mag. but I don't remember which one. I just love it and I embroidered it in a bright red to suit the fabrics.
I also got a little carried away with the yo-yo's as is so easily done they are quite addictive once you get started. I will just put them away and start a collection you never know when you may need 'bizillions' of yo-yo's?

This craft bag includes some of the dutch fabric that my swap partner sent me it is just so cute and the braid under the striped fabric belonged to my grandmother who had it stashed away. It was brand new on the original card. I almost don't want to use it but there isn't much point leaving it there for someone else to have to clean out when I die so I am enjoying using it. There was also a blue braid that I used on my ruler bag which was in blues.
I still have lots left over to keep though.

First week of the school holidays almost gone.
I wish it was four weeks holidays... can't be greedy now, can we.
Have a good day.

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Sew Lind said...

Our school holidays started today!
What a lovely collection, the fabrics really did come together beautifully. Lovely work :-)