Friday, 24 June 2011

that time of the week...

I am hoping to have a lazy day at home today after the housework and washing are done, of course.
Firstly I'd like to thank the new followers to my blog, and thankyou to the other followers as well. It's nice to know people like to share my crafting with me.

I decided this week to trace off some more of the 'Tis the season stitcheries to make either another top or some table runners. Will decide once there are a few done. I think I am enjoying them even more a second time. Just taking it slowly, no rush-maybe that is why I wasn't as happy with my stitching the first time, I was so eager to finish them. I have done two so far- then I will just have to decide how I will put them together. I would like to assemble them a little differently but we will see how we go!
The postie brought two lovely Flowers this week from Narelle. I have withdrawn from the Hexie flower swap as I am going to finish my top off once I get my June flower from the swap. Narelle and I did a little swap between ourselves as we hadn't been paired as yet in the swap. She sent me these two gorgeous flowers and some hot chocolate. They will go into the last row of my garden top. I have sewn all the green fillers around the top except where the last row will go and I am very happy with the result. I am hoping this months swap flower will arrive soon as I am keen to complete it! Then I can start on my Park Avenue flower garden. I have worked out the numbers so I am ready to go.

This week while planting some cyclamen babies I thought I would check on my orchids. I am not a great plant grower but luckily these seem to realise they have to make it on their own. I was surprised to find spikes waiting to pop and even some open flowers on others. I gave them some fertiliser as a reward. My sil grows the most amazing orchids and she looks after them diligently. It isn't uncommon for her to have over twenty spikes from one plant. I am so jealous. I get excited over two!

Craft group tomorrow and I am looking forward to it as I haven't been for a few months. Just too much going on sometimes to fit everything in.
Hope you get some crafty time on your weekend.

ps notice I used my rug mug.


BubzRugz said...

Hope you have a lovely lazy day..... I have a couple of the common orchids and love it when they flower.... I alsodon't pay too much attention and was told they are very forgiving and hard to kill.... well, of course I killed one!! Yours is a lovely colour....

Mistea said...

Lovely flowers, your hexie quilt will be gorgeous done.
Hope you find some stitching time in the sunshine today and enjoy your craft group tomorrow.

Bev said...

I love orchids! I was able to get some to bloom when we lived on the east coast, but not so lucky out here. Can't wait to see your flower garden and of course I love all of your stitcheries.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love your coffee mug. Your hexies and blocks are lovely too. I love that orchids will take care of themselves and their blooms are beautiful.

Serenata said...

Those hexie flowers are really lovely. I am so looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. Love the orchids. Mine has given up I think.

Lovely to see you using the mug rug!

Have a great weekend. ;-)

Nicky said...

Well what a great start to the day if you are drinking from a P&P mug - my favourite book ever! Love the hexies, and looking forward to seeing the quilt you make out of them and to seeing those stitcheries completed! Have a great crafty weekend Marina!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your blocks and hexie flowers are beautiful. I also have some orchids that I tend to ignore and just hope they will flower! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Eli said...

I hope you had a lovely lazy day and are spending a better weekend!
The hexie flowers are really cute.

Diamant said...

Please, Please, I'd love to know, where did you get that mug ???

Elyte said...

Lovely combination, the mug rug and the Jane Austen mug. You just need the book to make the set complete. Lovely projects on the go with the hexies and stitcheries. Your orchids look very happy. I have a plant on the back verandah, must check if it is still alive?!?!?!?