Thursday, 13 January 2011

the big finish!!

The rainy weather in Melbourne these past few days has been quite productive for me.
I have managed to put together my Sweet Nostalgia top. I wasn't up to the beautiful sashings that Dorothy had designed and I knew that I would never have had the patience so I simplified it a little.
This photo only shows three rows as I couldn't fit the whole thing in shot. 
I was unsure of how to finish the top as regards to an outer border. I had thought about buying some more fabric and just using the one type to make the outer border but I had so many of the paired squares left I couldn't justify buying more fabric. I am happy with the result. There are four white squares in each corner so that should tie in well with the white blocks in the sashings.
 In the white corner blocks and the ones in the sashing I am going to applique these small hexie flowers just to fill the space. They are the same size as the ones made for the Stitching round the block. I think they finish it off nicely.
I just enjoyed these stitcheries so much I am happy to have finished the top. I will get it quilted during the year.
As soon as I had laid the flimsy on the bed to photograph it, who should magically appear.....
...........and she sat right in the middle of it!! Princess seal of approval given.

I had forgotten to post pics of my swap hexies that have come in....
they are very pretty and last night I sewed them into a new row of flowers for my scrappy hexie top! I had made some for my swap partners but haven't taken a photo! While making one for them I also made a few extra to add to mine. I was going to finish the top off but I am quite enjoying still adding to it.
Seems like I am surrounded by Hexie flowers. I could think of worse things.



Mistea said...

pretty flowers are a lovely alternative to what is happening outside!

Love the way your quilt top has come together and glad it has the Princess seal of approval.


Yvette said...

I love how you did the borders on this, it looks fantastic.

Melody said...

It looks fabulous Marina. I just got home and there in the letter box was my beautiful hexie from you. It is just gorgeous. I'll put it on my blog and on the Inchy Hexie Flower blog. It is 'blissful'

Serenata said...

Gorgeous Marina, looks just wonderful and I love the way you have done the boarders and also included the small hexies. Having a bit of a very go slow week...hoping to feel a bit brighter today as I need to be able to get on with things.

Elyte said...

Your choice of fabric is perfect to finish off this quilt. I am a great fan of the pieced squares and the hexies are the finishing touch. Well done for using your blocks to finish rather than buying more fabric. Did you say that you crossed 2 items off your list?

Els Koetsier said...

What a wonderfull top you made. The stitchery's are beutifull. Where can I finf these stitchery's patterns? Maybe I can youse them for a Dreamquilt for oure good Charityfoundation.

Cheers from Holland.


Carrie P. said...

Oh Marina,
you should be very proud and I think Masie is very proud of you too.
Well done. I really like the way you finished. Maybe it will inspire me to finish mine.

BubzRugz said...

I wish you could see my 'wow' face.... I love the coloured blocks joining it together and the hexies will be a great touch.... I'll just go off and celebrate your work... with a glass... (I can always celebrate again when it is finished)

♥Giusy♥ said...

wow! hello I am Italian and I really like your work.
^ _ ^

Micki said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I love the stitching!

Lisa said...

This is so detailed, you have been stitching for hours! The setting is really pretty.

Myra said...

Popped on over on Dorothy's suggestion! Your Sweet Nostalgia top is looking wonderful! I like your idea f the hexie flowers!!! 8-)

Betweens said...

Awesome work, it looks absolutely beautiful. love your sashing idea to go with the blocks it will be a treasure of a quilt.

Karen said...

You did a wonderful job with your Sweet Nostalgia quilt! You have inspired me to get to it and get my next block stitched. :)