down in the garden

Custom Quilted by Leanne Kauffman picked up on the 8th December 2013, binding on same night, talk about keen!
Absolutely delighted with the finished quilt.

Started August 2011- top completed 12 July 2012
To be hand quilted at a later stage.
ta da the whole top awaiting borders.

block 9 and block 8

block 7 complete!

27 April progress on block 7

Block 1-6. Top so far.... 11th April 2012

block 6

block 6

block five...

block 3

block 4

block 3 stitching..

block 2

block one


Lib said...

I just love that watering can, makes me want to get stitching but far too cold here today! That is my excuse anyway...

Helen L said...

I love your quilt!! I've looked at it in several other places, but I love the fabric choices that you made on it. I also love the change of the butterflies from red to the pastels. Did you do the embroidery on regular quilting cotton? and did you embroider it with the batting attached at the same time? Any tips that you feel like giving me that would be helpful? I've spent probably the last hour going through your blog: so many pretty things that you have made. I've so enjoyed my time visiting you!!! Thanks, Helen in Healdsburg, Calif

Jacqueline said...

I love Leanne Beasley's Down In The Garden quilt. I am trying to make it w/o the pattern and just using the pictures. One of the most beautiful and fun quilts I've seen