Saturday, 13 May 2017

a day of fun, frivolity and spending!

Today I got to spend a most wonderful day with the blogger group. I can't remember the last time I went to a gathering but I so enjoyed todays outing.
I went with the city girls contingent and we met the others at Gisborne Patch and Quilt.
I just so happened to have a gift voucher that my work friends had given me as a farewell gift......I am going to put it towards making my own farewell quilt as all of them are non crafters.
The design I plan to make is Anni Downs-Gossip in the garden. Some beautiful fabrics that I will use as backgrounds came home with me, some bargain vintage looking fabric to back my clamshells with, and some other miscellaneous lovelies also jumped into the bag.

Now you might think there was lots of laughing and chatting going on and you'd be right but there was also some sewing and I managed to complete my penultimate Caswell block and then start on the final Caswell block!! I can't believe I have reached this wonderful milestone in just over a year.

some crochet progress, slow and steady on this one.....perfect take to work project to add to at lunchtime.

 When the city girls dropped me off after our day out a surprise was waiting for them as Hub had been busy baking a Dundee Cake.... well it was delicious and the girls scored a slice and a cup of home made coffee. I think it was worth the stop...
Well the photographic evidence of the days proceedings will be up shortly as Shez and Sue took lots of happy snaps.
Thankyou to all the lovely ladies for such an uplifting day in your company!
Happy mother's day to everyone tomorrow, well the mother's that is.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

making changes...

Well it's been an up and down week emotionally as I have made a big step and am moving jobs.
I have been at the same school for the past 16 years but things have changed beyond my control so I have taken control back and decided to be my own change. It was exciting to have to apply and then get an interview for a new job and then to get it too after so many years. I surprised myself how well I coped lol
Hopefully this will work out but you never ever know if you never have a go.
I am moving to a Primary school about 15 minutes from home so some adjustments will be made but I'm feeling positive and happy about the move. So roll on monday!
Lots of goodbyes yesterday but I know I will keep in touch with the girls I work with as we see each other out of work anyway. I was very spoilt and touched by all the kind words from the extended school community, students and teachers. Definitely felt the love!
the house looks like a florist at the moment so pretty.

Since the last post I have managed to prepare the last two blocks of Caswell.
Feels like such an achievement to have got this far. The last two have so many pieces! I can see why I have left them to last. Some tweaking on one of the blocks as it just didn't seem balanced to my eye and some minor changes on the other..

 At AQC a stall had the most amazing scarves made from DMC Pearl cotton. I was very tempted but knew I had a stash of different colours at home that I could use as a trial attempt and to get my tension right.
It will be multicoloured but we can all do with colour in our lives can't we?
 These pretties arrived this week and will be the next scarf made.
Surprise!! it will be in blues and taupes...

This was a lovely gift from a parent at work. I feel very blessed to have had such a wonderful send off.

Have a wonderful weekend!