Sunday, 30 April 2017

sunday pleasures...

what a luxury Sunday is. A lovely start to the day with a big walk and socialise for Billy at the dog park, then washing two rather smelly dogs and some idle time at the computer.... heavenly. All I need is to do some crafting and it will be perfect.
I haven't been slacking off during the week though..... I completed the latest Caswell block and I have traced the last two! Wow I can't believe it! One of them I tweaked a little as it didn't seem logical to my eye the way it was. Now to decide which to start first... it will be fun selecting the fabrics for these last two knowing I am on the home stretch. Then I will just have to decide what type of borders to put on it.....
Here is the finished one at least.
 this is a block previously completed but as I am loving these fussy cut bees I just had to add another one on at least one other block. This one had a space that needed filling that fits a bee perfectly!

Made my first tulip block... very happy indeed.
nowto finish as there hasn't been a furry pic for awhile... here is an up to date pic of the new squeaky clean Coffee and Billy. Billy is 10 months old now and is as strong as an ox with a will to match, but also a sweetheart. Would be nice if he was the size of a jack russell?
hope you are all having a great weekend
Here's to the week ahead!


Monday, 24 April 2017

A fun filled day at AQC

Yesterday I got to spend a wonderful day with the City girls +1.
We all met up at Pope Joans a very trendy little eatery, for breakfast. We all had delicious meals before heading off to the Exhibition Buildings.
Lots of wandering up and down looking at inspiring fabrics and quilts made for some tired little girls lol
No one thought to take photos unfortunately.
Now what goes on tour stays on tour but I am happy to share my spendings....
While visiting the Somerset Patchwork stand with Annie I was struck by the inspiration bolt when I spied the most beautiful quilt hanging in the corner. I have always admired Karen's beautiful quilts but felt that they are a bit beyond my skills but this one seemed within them when I broke down all the rounds. With a little encouragement from Annie I finally straightened the arm she was twisting and got my purse out and bought this gorgeous pattern....
It may be a bit ambitious but I feel up for the challenge! Maybe......fingers crossed

Of course a new project needs a little stash starter?
Managed this all on my own without any help from Annie... but the lovely cream on the right was one of the last two pieces at a stall. Let's just say Annie got one too...... we both fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect for the centre medallion background. I am not going to start till Caswell is finished but it's never too early to prepare and I love building up a stash. I have lots of fabrics that suit in my stash so won't need too much extra spendings.

found another pic of some background fabrics I found while visiting some patchwork shops Hub and I encountered on our road trip to Eden a few weeks ago.... found a gorgeous shop in Rosedale, Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale where we contributed to the economy. We did drive past a few others without stopping as I didn't feel I needed to stop at them all.
Not really needing additions to my fabric stash I figured it is always good to have a stash of backgrounds so I thought if I found some nice ones they could come home with me. Needless to say I found some nice ones...
here they are you be the judge...
well two posts in a short time....
let's see if I can keep it up.
Public holiday tomorrow for Anzac day. I could get used to these shortened working weeks.
Have a great week


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Hello, It's me

Well just channeling my inner Adele there for a minute.
Can't believe it's been so long.... I'm still alive and crafting. All the good intentions haven't made for much blogging. So today I thought it was time to catch up and record my crafting for the past two months.
There have been some starts and some finishes and lots of stuff in between. Some catch ups with crafty friends have helped reignite some sparks, and it's lovely to have such wonderful friends.
Now beware there are a lot of pics.....
No falling asleep now?

two new Caswell blocks...... a third is nearly done which will leave two to do, getting exciting

 made a start on my large clamshells, finding it hard to get enthused but there's no hurry to finish.

I have four completed wreaths for my floral hopscotch quilt and just seem to have lost some of the passion for it, I think it's the fabrics..... so I have decided to rethink the remaining applique blocks and have been looking for something a little simpler to make it an achievable finish. I thought the checkerboard blocks were going to delay this but they were done quick smart at the start, luckily.

I am going to replace the other applique blocks with this North Carolina Tulips block that I found on the net ages ago. Rediscovered it when sorting my room out.
 So need a new camera so that the colours will show properly!
These two have just had the pieces popped on the backgrounds as a trial, I am going with it. I love that it will be simple and still keep that fresh feel and more importantly be a stress free project.

 On the school holidays I managed to finish the last few blue baskets and start and finish all the 9 patch blocks so that I could put this together. I am so happy with it as it uses up some of my Lucy Kemper blues stash. there doesn't seem to be much of a dent made though.... will think about that after I have worked out a backing for it maybe from the same stash. Dare I say it I am getting a little over blues lol

My woollen scraps that were made up into squares for quite awhile got made up into a small crocheted blanket. Lovely and bright!

I suppose a big reason for all this crafting is that I got my sewing room back. A little bittersweet as it meant my Favourite No. 1 son moved out again. It was lovely having him home with us for about 6 months but it is also lovely to have my sewing room back.
A little reshuffling and some new and altered furniture did the trick and I love it. All my treasures where I can see them and more importantly access them. Still a small space but better managed.

I have at last managed to hang a full size quilt on the wall much to hubbie's dismay. But as it's in my room I can get away with it....though it does set a precedent....
I get to show off my baltimore to great effect. It was made to go on that wall.

Well if you're still with me, thanks for hanging around and catching up with my goings on.
I will try to be a better blogger and not just stalk you all and actually comment too.
cheers for now