Sunday, 12 February 2017

enjoying the cool....

Hate to mention the 'cool' word especially when so many folks from NSW and Queensland are absolutely sweltering. Hope you all get a cool change soon.
The binding was sewn onto the  baby quilt, it was gifted and will be treasured! My clamshells have their binding too and I love it. A little too scared to put it on the table at the moment for fear of the barbarians spilling something on it. I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it...must keep it safe. lol
Here they are all finished with their pretty bindings..

 Even got a new Caswell block finished today....
Unfortunately my camera is not showing the true colours in the fabrics for all three projects but this is as true to colour as I could get. The bright circles aren't that bright in real life.
Now to the next block......happy days!!
Hope you all have a great week

Sunday, 5 February 2017

lazy sunday afternoon...

Back into the work routine and it is making me really treasure the weekend and be a little selfish with my time too. If I have to stress about fitting something in then I don't want to push myself . What will be will be.
I need to realise I can't do everything.
Included in that selfishness is making my crafting time available.....after looking after the essentials.
Today I got to play in the afternoon and get some binding sewn onto the two little quilts that Fiona quilted for me. They look amazing and I want to gift the baby quilt tomorrow so tonight's job will be sewing down the binding. I wanted the quilting to look a bit modern and not too complicated. Fiona filled that criteria beautifully.
 With this small clamshell quilt I told her to do whatever took her fancy and it is gorgeous!!
Not sure what i will use this for perhaps a table topper? Have put a sleeve on it just in case I want to hang it.
This year there is going to be a reduction in flimsies!

My return to my Caswell project has continued.... One block finished and another ready to go.

I'm going to mix it up with this one and make the flowers in purples. We'll see how it goes. I'm not very adventurous usually but I have added a few purples in other blocks so it should tie in ok.
stay tuned.
Hope you have had some crafty time this weekend too.