Sunday, 16 October 2016

back to the normality...

It's been a lovely two weeks at home since returning from our overseas trip and most of that time has been spent relaxing and spending time with our furry new addition. He is growing by the day and has such a sweet personality though Coffee may dispute that. Today we are going to our first puppy class so fingers crossed we don't get a detention.
Normal routines are back in place and tomorrow the ultimate routine known as work commences, sadly.
This week I got to catch up with crafty friends, it seems so long since I have had a crafty get together.
Lots of laughs and even some stitching was done over lunch and cups of tea and some sweets.
Clamshells are coming together nicely and I have another row of blocks basted that can be added once they are sewn.
loving the scrappiness of them.
 I managed to finish this crocheted cushion cover last night which I have been working on for a little bit. The squares are made from all the leftover wool from the blankets I have made.
I have another 64 squares nearly ready to put together into a small throw, but then again it may just grow some more if the mood takes me. They are very enjoyable to make and not too taxing.
the cushion will be gifted to a friend.....
well that's the catch up from here....
hope there is lots of crafting happening at your place.
cheers for now

Monday, 3 October 2016

pardon my absence...

Time seems to fly by at the moment and my poor blog has been sorely neglected.but I do have a good excuse....
for the past 3 1/2 weeks we have been travelling through parts of Europe with our eldest son who has been living in the UK. We had a wonderful time visiting with relatives and friends that I haven't seen for many many years..
I won't bore you with all the photos of my trip as there are so many. We got to go to the Colosseum, Roman ruins, magnificent churches in Switzerland and Austria and even went on a sound of music tour in Salsburg which was great fun.
It seems like a dream now that we are home.
......and yes I did visit two patchwork shops. I had Den Haan and Wangenmakers on my list to visit in Amsterdam and it was a lovely shop and there was another shop right next door which I would've walked straight past if not for no 1 son. Some little souvenir purchases were made, I was very well behaved (because I had spent up at the blue delft shop!)
A big highlight was also the opportunity to meet a bloggy friend Els in the Netherlands. We first corresponded after doing a swap  a long time ago. Els and her husband were very hospitable and showed us wonderful dutch hospitality and the glorious dutch countryside. It was an amazing day!
me and Els at the Royal summer palace.
As you know I had stocked up on clamshells as my travelling project, well no go on the plane they wouldn't allow the needle at all so I had to save it for the many train trips we did to get to the different cities we stayed at. I did managed to baste them all and make a start on piecing two blocks.
Since coming home I have sewn another few blocks together. It's lovely to be able to sit and sew again.
clamshell progress
just to share.... here is mum's baltimore quilt that we did the class together for. She added three more blocks and has appliqued sashings and has almost finished her outer borders which are so beautifully appliqued.

Another reason for lack of time has been the arrival of furry little paws at our house.
We picked up our new curly boy on Wednesday..... His name is Billy.
He is such a sweet pup but I know there will be some naughtiness in store as his eyes give it away.
He settled in really well with thanks to poor Coffee who has to endure his naughtiness more than we do.
A lot of time gets spent with looking after this baby and there will be many more hours to be spent in training and teaching him to be a well behaved boy. All part of the fun!
I'll slowly catch up with blogs and see what everyone has been up to...
Till then