Friday, 26 February 2016

by hand and by machine.....

the title reminds me of a scene from the Blues Bros where they ask about the music performed at Bob's country bunker.... 'oh we have both kinds.... country and western......' the woman replies.
Because I have been doing both kinds of sewing ...........machine and hand sewing.
I managed to complete all the  checker board blocks for my next project from Irene Blancks book...
I knew if I didn't do the machine sewing blocks first they would be a bummer to be enthused about after the fun of the applique blocks.
When the mood strikes I can start this one.

But first I need to work on Lucy Kemper. The third corner is prepped and ready to go. It's difficult to get a good picture that shows all the different blues. I so love this quilt and am really enjoying the applique.

You know sometimes when you just get an idea and you want to have a little fun with it...
well this is the product of that idea... Not sure what these easter eggs will become. I tried to make a hanging decoration out of one but it was a slight failure so these pretties may become something else?
Hmmmmmm thinking.....
Got the email yesterday that Sweet William is ready to be picked up, basted all ready for handquilting.
He'll have to wait a little bit as I have ordered some plastic quilting stencils from America after having had little luck finding them locally or even interstate. In the meantime I am getting my quilting stitches tuned up by working on my little houses.
I have nearly completed two rows of houses. I really love these houses. seeing them in the photo makes me want to drag out the stamp and make more... Some control Marina!!
So many things to work on and so little time...

Tomorrow I will hopefully get to see the country and city girls and the other wonderful girls that used to meet at the Mill rose cottage. I will only get to pop in as I have to be elsewhere but a little bit is better than none.
A big thankyou for those that showed interest in my tops for sale, looks like they both have a new home, the blue top will go after I complete it for a friend who is a non quilter, and I am very excited that the homespun bom one will finally be loved and finished.
and the doilies were gone in a flash.
Would also like to mention that February is my blogaversary month. I am so happy I started my blog in 2009 as it has brought me in touch with some wonderful crafty women some of whom I actually get to spend fun times in person with. Thankyou to all of you who stop by and say Hi and offer encouragement, friendship and support. x
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

new homes wanted......

Ever feel you need to clear out some ufo's. They won't get finished even though you still like them, or you've fallen out of love with them and moved on..... well it's time to clear out some projects as I don't see them getting finished any time soon and there will be new flimsies joining the ranks of the unquilted soon. So, I have decided to try to sell a few as they might be loved by someone else and get finished.
I would like to offer these flimsies for sale:
First top measures approx 80" x 46". I finished this in 2011.
 close up of fabrics
 these are leftovers....the fan fabric is almost a metre length and the mauve mottled is quite a large piece that I had intended to use for the backing. They will come as a package.
This top was a  bom in Homespun magazine. I have no inclination to have it quilted and it has sat around long enough. It would be nice if there was someone else who might love it. It's quite large and as you can see fits on a queen bed top. There are some strips of the outer border that I think I was going to use for binding too.

I'd also like to offer these doilies for sale for $15 each. (Postage will be extra)

If anyone is interested in any of the tops please email me and make an offer  and I will let you know what price I had in mind.
It would be lovely to rehome these where they will get finished and get them out of my cupboard. 

some secret stitching happening so not much to show and tell, some more bunnies made it to my house last week thanks to hub taking a trip. I hope to get some sewing time this weekend and make some up.
Cheers for now

Attention Tania Hughes.... I am hoping you will pop back here....I have tried to reply twice to your emails before realising that you are a no reply blogger. If you would like to email me I have a few doilies that I can show you if you are still interested.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

crafting bliss....

Well going back to work has gone smoothly, it's been really hectic and busy but that should die down soon. I have been savouring all the free time I can to work on some new and some old projects. A few ufo's have been finished or nearly finished but I will show more of them soon.
I started this little project, couldn't put it down and  got it done quick smart. Loved the shape of the pears and had been wanting one of my own ever since Elyte made hers. I decided to raid my stash of reds and shirtings. It is a Gail Pan design.
some borders and some simple quilting and it will be a lovely wall hanging.

 Susan of Thimble stitch made me a beautiful little cotton holder (the prety blue one) then she also posted a tutorial on her blog... of course I wanted to have a go. The instructions were great to follow and mine didn't turn out too bad. My major issue was the stiffening I used was not firm enough. Note for next time...
Today I got around to making the little closer that goes around the button. I ended up crocheting mine as when I tried to sew it I had to undo numerous times.  Not as perfect as Susan's but practise makes perfect!

You might have noticed the little bunnies in the background.... Mum told me about them when she had passed Bed Bath and Table. I had to have a look and they only had two left so I snapped them up.

they are so pretty as they are but I had something else in mind for them.
 After some playing in the sewing room this afternoon they become pin cushions... because I need another pincushion of course.. actually I think I need a bigger shelf for them!
the little bucket one got done too -they were on sale at bed bath and table last easter and I snapped up a few of them too. I so need to get my hands on some more bunnies! luckily they are getting some more in next week.
Have also been indulging in some crochet while I wait to revisit miss Lucy Kemper. I have quite a stash of crochet cotton and some beads too so thought some milk jug doilies were in order. I am onto my third one.  It takes one or two to get my tension and rythm happening so I want to keep going and hope to make a few more for the gift box.
I haven't made this pattern before but it was very enjoyable and easy to follow. I think it was a freebie from the Coats website. If anyone is interested I can fish out the pattern again and get the details.

Well that's me caught up again....
Hope there has been some crafting in your weekend too.

happy days