Sunday, 31 July 2016


Hello, anybody out there...
Blogging mojo hasn't been too evident lately but a day out with the city girls today has sparked a few flat batteries. A day of fun and frivolity with some wonderful girls.....Elyte, Robyn, Anne, Annie and Jo... spent at the craft and quilt show at Jeff's shed. It started off with brunch and ended at 4.30 when the show was closing. Talk about the last to leave!
I had such a wonderful day.... looking at beautiful shops, amazing quilts and throw in some retail therapy and good company and the day was perfect.
even though I didn't have any fabric needs I managed to bag myself a bargain from the Gail B stand.
I absolutely loved this fabric range when it was released and was always disappointed I never bought any but at $4 a fat quarter it was too good to pass up.

 these lovely fabrics were a gift from Elyte.... so different for me as are the ones above but it's good to step outside your comfort zone.... the ruler was a gift from Robyn. We all scored one of them, they are a fantastic idea for tracing circles for applique. Those little ones are so not happening!

Some Caswell blocks have been completed in the past few weeks too.
I do like this little bird.......the flowers were quite fun too.
 love this one but the right flower took some work, I think I undid the large dark petals about 4 times.
got there in the end...

this mini has been waiting some time to be quilted and I finally co ordinated wadding and backing and sent it off to Fiona of Bubz rugz who has worked her magic touch and quilted it beautifully. I haven't had much luck showing the quilting but take it from me it is amazing! so much detail in each layer! Had to get it bound and hanging asap.
Love love love it.
I've been preparing clamshells for a travelling project. 318 so far all cut out ready to baste. Some more will be added tonight from my lovely gifted fabrics.

had to share two favourites from the quilt show today...
Don't need to explain why, you'll so get it.
so much detail in this beauty.
 this Caswell was stunning and I am very interested in the outer border idea...
Well that's all caught up with what's going on here.
Thanks for making it to the end.
Thanks for good friends and good times.
We should never miss a chance to make happy memories, they carry us through the difficult times.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

all good things...

....must come to an end.
two weeks of holiday bliss have come to their inevitable end. Batteries are recharged and ready to take on tomorrow!
The sewing time has been wonderful and a few more blocks have been added to the pile of Caswell Blocks.
this block was a real test of patience and skills. After sweating over the little saw teeth on the leaves I had to add the centre vein which seems to have caused some puckering. It will do for now though it may get some tweaking later on.

 this is the block I currently have under construction.... Quite happy with the bird, just need to find the right fabric for the eye....

Two weeks have just flown so back to normal programming from now on. Wonder how miss Maisie will cope without the company. She has enjoyed having some extra people time.

Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

latest Caswell and a spot of reading

thought I would update with the latest Caswell block so I don't have photo overload like last post.
I forgot to include a completed block last post and there is also a new block to show and tell.

latest finish...

Had a lovely day with the city girls at craft group. Seems like ages since we have gotten together....
Some more socialising planned for this week. Gotta get as much fun as I can in before it's back to the grind.
Picked up this book at Big W.... I've only just started it but I thought it was going to be funnier but we'll see how it goes. Putting my new book mark into some use too.

 Beautiful sunny day here in Melbourne with a slight breeze..... perfect for the line full of clothes to get dried by.
why is it that when you are home the washing seems to never end but when I'm at work it seems to slowly accumulate for the weekend? hmmm seems the washing, cleaning and tidying fairies are taking a break too?
Hope your weekend has been a good one.
....back with another Caswell soon.