Thursday, 23 June 2016

loooooots of photos..

Time is flying by and my poor neglected blog has seen little attention. I have been visiting here and there to see what everyone has been up to, sometimes commenting and sometimes not.
Seems like I have just lost my blogging mojo......
Facebook is a little to blame. It has been a wonderful way to keep up with no 1 son who is exploring the world and it seems to give instant gratification too, with a simple like, little commitment and eye candy by the truck loads. not to mention cute animal videos.
I thought I just had to share a most gorgeous squishy parcel that arrived in my mail from a wonderful and talented lady who I wouldn't have met had it not been for blogging so I fired up the computer and here we are...
Now I will warn you that there are going to be lots of pics as I bring you all up to speed with the crafting craziness that has been occupying my time.
Firstly the squishy!
an exquisite glasses case/purse and immaculately stitched book mark from Fiona (bubzrugz) I was gobsmacked... thankyou so much Fiona XX

Had to share two new finishes from Mum.... She completed these beautiful quilt tops last week, they were hanging over her head for a bit and were a hurdle to getting her back to her baltimore. Unfortunately the photos don't do them justice as there is so much detail, especially in the fairies one.

There has been lots of crochet with a rainbow ripple blanket done and having pride of place as my header.
Now where has Caswell been during this blogging absence....never far from my hands....
Here we go ...
firstly this probably has to be my favourite block. I love the birds and am pretty chuffed that I managed all those little pieces interweaving with each other as you pretty well have to work out the order yourself from the pattern sheets.
oops pardon the threads..

 this one hot off the needle last night.

I must say that I am really loving these blocks.....12 done 18 to go.
If you're still with me, thanks for sticking through all that. don't know when my next post will be but you are all caught up for now.
Hope all is well in your world