Wednesday, 27 April 2016

caswell catch up...

I have been happily working on my Caswell blocks.
the first row is complete and a start made on the second. It's so exciting progressing on these blocks.
blocks A1 to A4 (A4 gave me some grief trying to get those pink flowers on and those bottom leaves..... don't even go there! Got there mostly in the end)
I have jumped B2 for now as I couldn't wait to get to this one with it's sweet little birds.
The applique is a little more complicated on this one and I need to think hard about the placement of some pieces.
With all this Caswell enthusiasm I was feeling a little guilty about some flimsies.
It's all good well to make tops but eventually you have to quilt them!
Thought it would be good to mix my applique in with some hand quilting.
unfortunately i need to get a new marking pen as mine struggled a bit on the wreath but I have at least made a start......
Hope you have enjoyed my little catch up!
cheers for now
Happy stitching

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Is it too soon.....

.......for me to share some more blocks from the Caswell quilt.....?
this is block 2
 block 3
 here are some more applique papers prepared and ready....
 here's the first applique block for my Hopscotch quilt. lovely and fresh..
Lots of happy sewing days have been on the agenda..... Last sunday was spent with the city girls catching up with Shez and some of the other usual suspects like Barb, Cheryl and new friend Karen and of course a contingent of the Gisborne girls. What a wonderful day!

Today I had a lovely day sewing with Liz, Rosalie, Karin and Mum. We had a lovely day chatting and laughing but there was also some stitching. I worked on the second hopscotch block and fixing up some reverse sewing required on the no 2 Caswell block. Couldn't work out why the two red flowers didn't look quite right then  realised I had sewn the centres back to front!  so off they came and they look much better now, as in the pic.
Another sewing day tomorrow with the city girls and a special visitor....
More of that next post. Looking forward to a last catch up before it's back to routine next week....
But I'm sure all this  happiness will keep me going for a while!
Hope some happy sewing is happening your way....