Sunday, 20 March 2016

sunday sew in...

As hub was working today I had the day to myself and I vowed that it would not involve any housework or washing....that was yesterday.
So after a walk to the shops with mr Coffee to buy some baking ingredients it was home again to put some yumminess in the oven then a quick call to mum to see if she was up for a lunch together and sewing afternoon. Well of course she was so we had a wonderful afternoon together stitching away.
Mum worked on a quilt for her great niece. It has been a difficult project to work on with lots of tweaking to make it how she wants it to look.
These are the last two blocks.
(they haven't been ironed yet so have the markings still on)
 Just the wings on this fairy to be stitched and the white dots to be appliqued to all the mushrooms.
My efforts were directed at Lucy Kemper..... and also making a start on one of the appliqued hopscotch blocks. There are lots of leaves to cut for this but it's a start.

This week I have spent some time preparing for a start on my Caswell quilt.... Yesterday I thought it would be good to make a stash of bias for stems and to cut the blocks from the fabric I had.
I have managed to cut 25 background blocks and a few metres of bias.
Here is where I am at ..
-applique templates cut for four blocks
-bias cut
-25 blocks cut

 All the bias strips behaved them selves and came together perfectly. This should keep me going for a few blocks. The lighter green will be for the hopscotch quilt blocks.
Seems like applique is where my passion is at the moment. Three lovely projects to work on.
Now remember I mentioned some baking......
Thought it was time to make some Maltese Bread pudding.... I think it's been over a year since I made some. It reminds me of my late mother in law...she always made the best pudding.
The girls at work will be very happy!
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend


Lin said...

Nice work Mum! - I know a little girl who would love those fairies. Do you use one of those little gadgets for folding your bias? They look very impressive wound on spools like that. Great looking cake. xx

Anthea said...

Hi Marina
Wow your Mum's work is stunning, such incredible stitching!
I love the way you've put your bias on the empty reels... great re-purposing... The baking looks delicious.

Elyte said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Your mother's blocks are beautifully done and with the images from a fairy world. Oh I see so much appliqué in your future, lucky it is your passion. A great idea keeping the bias strips on empty spools. And as for the baking, all I can say is Yum!

Marie said...

I like the way you store your bias strips - I think I'll have to keep empty spools aside for just that rather that pitching them. The tea cup fabric is gorgeous and your baking looks absolutely delicious! Sounds like it was a grand day.

Maria said...

Must have been Mother and Daughter sewing time... We had a weekend retreat and my DD drove from Perth , four hours away , to spend the weekend with us... Just loved it as you do.
Your Mums blocks are gorgeous and yours are getting on too.
You have been very busy cutting out blocks and making sew much bias too. Great use of the cotton reels.

Christine M said...

Your fairy blocks are gorgeous, Marina. Looks like you're keeping yourself out of mischief!

Jeanette said...

Sounds like a wonderful day of sewing. Love your Mum's blocks. Hugs,xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love the faerie blocks...beautiful! Nice way to spend the day with your Mum. Don't your spools of bias look pretty all ready and waiting x

Briar Rose said...

Beautiful work Marina, yours and your Mums, I love the Fairies.
WOW that Maltese Bread Pudding looks amazing.
Cheers R.

shez said...

Hi Marina you and your mum are so clever such beautiful work xx

kiwikid said...

Love the fairy blocks your Mum has made have done heaps of preparation for your hos you have put the bias on the empty cotton reels too!! Great idea.

Cheryl said...

Lovely productive day at your place Marina

Helen said...

Love your fairy blocks Marina !!

Fiona said...

love those blocks your mom is doing - I bet she jumped at the chance to come over and sew.. Great prep work - don't those bindings look great on the reels... I looked up that pudding - sounds yum...

Karen S said...

This does look like a lovely way to spend a day. Lovely blocks from your mum and lots of great preparation for all your projects. The bias looks great on the reels.

Ondrea said...

Such a beautiful sweet applique block. Yummy food there too.

Narelle said...

Gorgeous fairy blocks :)
Those bias look great wound onto wooden spools and your prep sounds like your ahead of the game.
Perfect Sunday xx