Monday, 9 November 2015

this and that

thought I would share some pics of what I am working on last week and also this week.
I am hoping to get this baltimore block done so I can get to the lucy kemper redo block...
there were some initial hiccups due to not tracing the flowers accurately enough but I borrowed mum's ones and the results are so much better. the light blues were in a mail of lovely blue scraps from Susan (thimblestitch) that were meant to go to miss Lucy but I couldn't resist using some in this block, there is still plenty for Miss Lucy. lots of leaves to go.....
 these stitcheries will be a KK pressie, they seem to be taking ages, there is a third one traced but I don't know if I will manage to get it done in time.

 Here is a finished top... my pretty clamshells. I finished the applique border a few weeks ago and hadn't shown it. I like it a lot and it will make a pretty baby or dolly blanket. Don't trust those around here for it to be a table runner!

Now for some pics from the quilt show. There were quite a few people through which is great for such a small group. Rosalie and Liz popped in for a look and a cup of tea and chat which was great.
On to the pics... there were more quilts hanging but I didn't  snap them all...

have a great week

Thursday, 5 November 2015

if you're in the area...

Pop in and say Hi, the city girls will all be there as will I.
It's the first time I have had some quilts in a show ever so I am excited. I quickly put some sleeves on them this week, last minute of course. The quilts will be displayed in the church and placed over the rows of seats and on stands, it is a lovely set up.
Anne picked up my quilts to take for set up tomorrow as I have to work.
cheers for now