Sunday, 19 April 2015

some applique distraction.....

Well it was back to routine this week and it seems like those two weeks were so long ago. It always seems to feel this way.
One highlight was that on Wednesday Mum and I went to our applique class and got our second baltimore block.
I will post some pics once there is some interesting applique on my block. Bias stems (which we learnt to make)amazing as they are, are not very interesting. and they are all I have on my block at the moment. I had to redo my block as when I put my bias stems on the fabric they seemed to pucker in a few places so it was unpick and redo.
My progress was also hampered a little by a distraction...still applique but on a smaller scale
I went to my local quilt shop to drop off my butterfly top for quilting and got some help to pick out fabrics for this project. As I am having an in house retreat due to the absence of the mere males of the household I am having heaps of sewing time. So loving it!
 I am quite happy with the result. Some more stitching then this can get put together.
 An update on my raspberry ripple is growing nicely.
........ and here are some pics of a quilt mum is making for her great niece. Seems she has gone mad on applique!
Do you see where I get it from?

Hope you have had some crafty time this weekend.

Friday, 10 April 2015

all good things....

....must come to an end.
I have been trying to make the most of the last few days savouring the time to get things done, having fun in the sewing room and spending a crafty day with friends.
It has been quite a productive break and you can't complain about that.
Yesterday I spent the day with Liz (the village quilters) and Rosalie (Briar Rose). Mum came up too and we shared some laughs, stories and sewing. Liz and Rosalie brought some show and tell with them and we were gobsmacked at how beautiful their finishes were. Liz brought her (my new quilt) AAHH top that has been put together. It is amazing!! I tried to steal kidnap it but there was not much chance of that happening.
Rosalie brought her crazy quilt to show and it was breathtaking. So much detail and such beautiful stitching.
The photos do not do either of them justice but here is a peek They are absolutely stunning.

I didn't take a photo of what the girls were stitching but Rosalie and Liz were working on two gorgeous Teddlywinks quilts. Mum was appliqueing like a woman possessed. She has found her mojo and is working on a quilt for my cousins little girl. I will get pics of that soon.
I wasn't idle and pulled out a 'had to do' project that has been sitting around for too long. Not quite finished but I'll share the finished item when it's done.
I did manage to tick two big things off my holiday list.....
The boys story quilt has been completely finished. The binding went on last night. I am very happy to have this done and it can go to it's new home next week.
the back was pieced from the leftover fabrics... Quilted by Jemima's with a jigsaw design. I love the quilting. They used this design on the dr Seuss quilt I made for No 1 son.
Second tick off the list was to try to complete the top for this special quilt..
Well it's a big 'done' and I have the back to piece then it will be ready for quilting.
I ended up going for an off white background as the taupe seemed to dull the butterflies too much and I wanted it to be bright and cheery.
Well Phew if you're still here thanks for sticking with me through all my pics.
There are just a few more to share..... Our passionfruit vine is flowering and I think they are the most amazing flowers so I wanted to share a few.
this one reminds me of the plant on the Little Shop of Horrors.... Feed me Seymour.....

One last pic of my latest sweet william block..
thanks for getting through all those pics.. there are some more that can wait till next post.
Have a great weekend

Monday, 6 April 2015

a trip to the city

On Saturday Hub and I caught the train to the city to look for a birthday present for no 1 son.
Got a great bargain at Myers with 50% off a stainless steel Stock Pot. It was what he requested and as he likes to cook it will be one that lasts him a lifetime.
After our bargain shop we split up to wander around to what we wanted to see so I headed up to L'uccello for a little sticky beak. Of course some fabric followed me home... Some pretty pinks to add to my stash.
 I stopped at a Bed Bath and table store that had 50% off easter goodies. Great bargains but horrible customer service. The girls at the local shop are lovely, but at the city store it seems I put this girl out by wanting to buy something. Go figure..
 Another two Sweet William blocks done.... Only one more to go then I will give them a little rest, it's hard to put them down though.  I am slowly getting the hang of the curves and those little berries.

 A start has been made on the next crochet blanket for another niece. Love the pinks, it looks like a raspberry ripple. Took a little bit to master the ripple pattern I seem to mix up my hills with my valleys.After some un-crocheting I soon got it.
A lovely lazy day at home today which I am so going to enjoy after a few days of gallavanting.
Happy days


Friday, 3 April 2015

some sweet william loving...

Here are the latest additions to my Sweet William Blocks. 
This brings the total of completed blocks to 9. So exciting!
Who would've thought I would get to this stage at all?

Here's the photo I promised from our sewing day on Tuesday, courtesy of Sue. Unfortunately mum had left and missed out on the obligatory bloggy pic, and luckily Hub was home to take the pic, well several. 
Sue, Tania, me, Robin and Elyte.

Hope you all have a safe and stitchy Easter

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

crafting update

Well there have been bits and pieces getting done here. Some new spur of the moment projects which always crop up around holiday time and some work needing to be done on some old projects.
April's ufo's to be worked on are my Sweet Stitches. I have one ready to quilt and one stitched to be made up. Don't feel too enthused but I am going to try to fire up. I only got two ufo stitcheries crossed off March's list and two more will cross off once I make my block keeper.
I managed to complete my Baltimore block and I am quite happy with the result. Mum has completed two. We are both eager to get our next block.

Next on the agenda..... I have completed my cal blanket to the size I want it and am now starting a ripple blanket for my other niece.  I have enjoyed working on this and crocheting is a nice change to sewing.
 My holiday project is a special gift quilt....
I just love this pattern and I have been looking for a pattern to use my California Girl bundle for.
The pattern was a free pattern available on the Windham fabrics website, it is designed by Casey York.
I enjoyed cutting out the butterflies and just had to put some on the background to see if it would come together how I wanted... Yep loving it.
Yesterday I had some of the lovely city girls and country girls over for a sewing day. We missed those that couldn't make it but we ate some cake for you all and did lots of stitching of course. Mum popped over too but didn't bring her sewing.( Photo to follow)
The lovely Sue brought me a little giftie- a tape measure keeper. I have always wanted to make one of these and even tried once but was unsuccessful in my attempt. now I have one as a lovely gift. It is so neat and tiny.. amazing
It's going straight to the sewing room!

I managed to finish a stitchery that had been a little neglected while we chatted away.
An Urban Threads design. Another addition to the ufo stitcheries!

That's all for me this week..... After yesterdays sewing day with the girls I was very inspired to get going on my next Sweet William block. I am using my new applique skills on this block and should have a finish soon to show. 
Happy stitching!
Cheers for now