Saturday, 21 March 2015

march ufos

This month my ufo tasks is to finish off some stitcheries.
finishing off meant making something new from a ufo.
I pulled out this gorgeous Stitchery (it is a design by Kaaren from the Painted quilt)
all the red and white strips were cut just waiting to get sewn up.
I stitched them a few years ago as I just love Raggedys. Kaaren had a free quilt pattern with lots of very sweet Raggedy stitcheries. Only ever got this one done.
Now I will have a new mini!

Mum and I had our first applique class this week at Jemima's, our local patchwork shop.
Mum wanted to learn a modern way of applique using stabiliser and I wanted to learn the traditional applique method. We are making a Baltimore block each month for 9 months. A lot of the time I just have a go at something with snippets of information. I wanted to learn needleturn from someone else to show me the correct way, it is going to make my applique easier and more precise. My sweet william blocks have been appliqued using the stabiliser method but I may be a convert to traditional. Either way it is going to be a bit easier with my new knowledge.
I wanted to make mum a block keeper as the blocks are 14" cut so a bit big for my pastry box. I will make myself one too eventually but made mum's in time for our first lesson. (the pattern is from a tutorial by Teresa -all things vintage, also some tips from Annie)
Also used up a ufo stitchery and left over hexie flower.....bonus!

Now would you like to see my baltimore block progress?
there are a few more leaves to go then it's onto buds and stems. They aren't all perfect but I am happy with their little bits of individuality. I will snap a pic of mum's progress too.
The rate we are going we will keep up and have our block done by next month's class. We are such over achievers!
I am hoping to get some more done over the weekend. Lots of domestic duties today, so need to catch up and tomorrow I am off for a doggy day out with Coffee. The curly club has a training day. I used to love these days out but haven't gone for awhile now so am looking forward to a day out with the curly boy tomorrow. Must remember to give him a bath today so he isn't so smelly in the car lol
Add that to the list!
Hope you have a great weekend
little p.s.
mum popped around this afternoon and she has completed her block! What an over achiever!
Love how it has turned out. It was hard to get a good pic but this one shows the lovely fabrics (and the fuzzy shadow of my hand)
I better get a wriggle on........looks like I am behind lol

Monday, 9 March 2015

how do I love thee?

........Let me count the ways....

dramatic poetry isn't it lol
Here are my latest Sweet William blocks out in the garden...
This was  a bit of a challenging block with all those little points. Scraped by I think.
I picked up a Decor pastry keeper at the supermarket for a great discount and it fits my blocks perfectly with some room to spare.  I have to look after Sweet william...
 another challenge with all those petals.... both blocks had 'marinafication' and I am happy with the result.

 My first finish from my UFO stitcheries. Admittedly it is the most recent addition but I really wanted to get it done.  I am calling it a memory pillow. Pattern can be found here.
 A little angel added. A gift from a friend and it fits perfectly.

Happy Labour day!
off to do some more cooking. Most of the family home for dinner tonight, just minus one.
Marinated lamb roast with vegies and DH is making home made apple pie. Yum....
Happy days

Sunday, 8 March 2015

a change of pace....

It's been a hectic week and throw a bit of man flu in the mix and you don't get much sewing time.
I needed something else to keep my hands occupied.
Sharon of Lillabelle Lane had posted earlier about an Autumn Crochet-a-long and over the summer I stashed some wool waiting for Autumn to arrive. Well the 1st of March Sharon gave the green light to join in the cal. The original pattern is from Lucy from Attic 24 who does the most gorgeous crochet.
Out came my wools.... I played with the colour sequence and then I was off...
(excuse the pic, it doesn't seem to want to turn around..)
Here is the progress so far...
  A rainbow waterfall...
I'm onto my second sequence of colours but I think I will need some more wool to make it a decent throw.
 I love the rainbow of colours and it's lovely to be working with some warm wool especially with the cool weather we have been having.
Long weekend for Labour day may see me spending some time with Sweet William. It's about time another block got appliqued. I have one ready to go. Will be back to show you once it's done.
Then it might also be time to get a ufo stitchery out and get a finish there too.
Have a great weekend