Saturday, 26 September 2015

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....

Well with that gushy title there can only follow a post about one thing.....Sweet William.
Click away now if you feel you cannot handle the barage of photos of my dearest.
 this is the last block that was finished on Wednesday afternoon.
Below the blocks are all trimmed and ready to sew together. Maisie is just doing a last minute scan to make sure it's ok to proceed..
And huge drum roll please...My version of Sweet William by Susan Smith....
I made 18 appliques from the pattern and improvised the other 7 by using designs found on the net and other patterns I had at home.
I picked out the fabric for the alternate blocks Wednesday with some help from Liz (the village quilters) who was up for a visit. I probably wouldn't have bought the fabrics so soon had she not wanted to visit Jemima's. I thought may as well take the blocks with me to get some help with selecting possible colours.
The beautiful apricot colour used for the outer triangles was the first to jump out at me and the yellow was the last. We auditioned about 6 fabrics with Veronica and when these were together it was love at first sight. Absolutely meant to be. Quite by accident as things often are as I couldn't decide between the two fabrics and had to have them both.
Finished size is approxiamately 150 cm square. A little smaller than the  pattern but will be more than big enough for my purposes. I hope to hand quilt this lovely in the future.
 Here is the whole top.
 I couldn't resist this photo of the back in the sunshine.. I love the stained glass effect.
Well that is that. A project that almost wasn't to be, has become a completed top. It was commenced in September 2014 but was restarted in January 2015.
Of course thanks to Elyte for turning on the light bulb, the pattern will be happily going to live at her place whenever she is ready. That's the least I could do.
I'd best leave this post at this stage of the photo overload I am over the moon to have finished this top.
There is some progress on some other projects but they can wait till next post.
you bet I'm happy dancing

Monday, 14 September 2015

a month of crafting..

Well it's been a month since I blogged some craftiness and I have heaps to share.
Firstly no news at all regarding No3 son's car sadly.  Thankyou for all your kind words ( and even some of the not so kind words that were sent regarding the thieves).
Cath  has posted a linky for a Design Board Monday to showcase what you are working on for the week.
I have been appliqueing my little heart out this past month and it is time to spend some time on my neglected stitcheries...
This will be the one I am working on this week. It's been neglected for far too long. It was last shown here.
Now roll on the photos of what I have been working on..
Two more Lucy Kemper blocks done. Loving these so much. One more centre block then it's onto the bordering blocks.

 August Baltimore done and dusted in time for the next class on Wednesday.
 My clamshells from my class with Irene Blanck..... this is going to be a small doll/baby quilt. It still has a few rows to sew down. Irene's method is fantastic and no fiddling with papers either. Bonus!
The fabric for my clamshells was a pretty charm pack that was gifted to me by Elyte. Lends itself perfectly.
A little crochet thrown in the mix... A new throw for a work friend.
And if you have lasted this long.... Guess what My final project was?
Well I had the blocks prepared from awhile ago so some 'me' time on the weekend saw me going into full productivity on some Sweet William blocks. I have decided to finish the top at 25 blocks. It will be more practical and economical all round.
Would you like to see the new blocks?

These flowers aren't in the original pattern. I sourced them from other patterns and free blocks from the net.
The final block is from the pattern and I am working on that now. It involves about 20 berries so will build my courage for that. Then the search will be on for the fabric for the alternate blocks.
Well that's what I've been up to this past month thanks for sticking to the end of this marathon pic fest.
Hope the sun was shining in your part of the world today. We have had some gorgeous spring weather these past few days. Lifts the spirit no end!
Happy days..

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

thieves in the night...

Now I know you ladies are not usually much for cars but....seeing as I don't facebook I want to put this out in the social media that I do participate in and share an sos, perhaps if you tell your other halves/sons that may be car afficionados or have car links to please keep an eye out for this baby who has been wrenched from the safety of her garage...
Some time between 5 pm Sunday 30th August and 12am Monday the 31st the car was stolen from Craigieburn. The heartless thieves were obviously pros and even though the chances of the car surviving in one piece are slim please keep an eye out. Lots of car folk are spreading the word and there may have been a sighting in Kyneton this morning around 7 am. perhaps heading towards Bendigo.
Police in Kyneton and Bendigo have been notified.
It's quite a unique car and was in immaculate condition so is quite irreplaceable and was our son's pride and joy.

Thanks for taking notice of this post... will be back soon with some crafting.