Sunday, 30 March 2014

and the winner is......


thanks to those that entered for the pattern.
If you can send me your address Jeanette I will pop the travelling pattern in the mail to you...


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

a christmas item and a travelling pattern and a list.......

well ring the bells, I have managed to add to my Christmas basket for the first time this year!
two little postcards- Bronwyn Hayes designs.

Now for the travelling pattern.....
Earlier this month I won a travelling pattern from Anthea's blog.
I managed to finish stitching it over the weekend and it just needs to be sewn up into something or framed.
Not sure which just yet.
I have stitched it on Linen, (not sure which count) and used cottage garden threads no 414. This is the same thread I used in the christmas stitchery above.

This pattern started it's journey in South Africa farewelled by Cucki. Since leaving Cucki in 2011 it has travelled to the UK then Poland and more recently to Western Australia and now to Melbourne.
Thanks to Cucki for sharing list bit of fun.
 Anywhoo I can't say it hasn't been fun but it's time to quickly send it on it's way.

Here are the rules if you would like the travelling pattern to visit at your house:

1. You must have a blog. 
2. Comment on this post only, saying you would like the chance to stitch it.
3. You must have an active blog to participate; if you have a blog but never post on it you won't be chosen to be the next stitcher.
4.The stitcher who receives the Travelling Pattern must stitch it within an acceptable time frame, finish it & share the finished piece on their blog. Stitch with your choice of fabric & threads; finish it how you wish.
4.Then the stitcher must offer up the Travelling Pattern for another stitcher to use and it will be off on its travel again. You only send the pattern, no 'extras' are required.

Now that all that stitching has been done it's time to get back to that quilting that just won't go away.
Last post I pondered writing a list of projects that I have on the go....I hope to tick some of these off in April.
. So here goes...
  • Sweet stitches winter mini to be quilted  quilted and binding on 28th March
  • Sweet stitches  Give thanks to be stitched stitched.
  • Sweet stitches Mr Boo to have borders pieced and then quilted borders done, basted ready for quilting.
  • Christmas Item for April done!
  • Some progress on Park Avenue quilting in the hoop and two flowers quilted. total of 21 all up-27 to go.
  • At least a row progress on my novelty hexies toptwo rows of flowers added, just need to add some stepping stones.
  • Make up the cross stitcheries into something  travelling pattern framed, two bees made into pincushions.
  • Finish Blanket of love- done and sent to Cheryll
  • Finish my great nieces quilt-top all pieced needs quilting
  • finish quilting my wool applique runner  quilted and bound 26th March
I wonder how many I will get done in April....I will have two weeks of holidays in April so that is going to be a bonus.
I am off now to get stuck in to that wool applique runner, am on the home stretch with that one so I am hoping to get one tick off the list by the weekend!
Happy crafting


ps don't forget to mention if you would like to win the travelling pattern in your comment and I will draw a winner on the 30th of March.

Friday, 21 March 2014

a whole lot of stitching going on

Stitching seems to be distracting me from quilting but I am enjoying doing some projects that I have on my list of to do's.
My great nieces christening quilt is progressing but won't make it for Sunday gift giving. I know my niece will understand. I just need to buy some fabric for the border of the stitchery and then I can work out the size and how to arrange the hourglass blocks
Little miss kitten will grace the centre, you may recognise her from my blanket of love that I made.
 She's been spruced up in vintage red and should blend well with the Scrumptious fabrics.
Another little blanket of love is in the process of coming together.
I have reused a pattern I bought and used a few years ago, and Ella and Skysie design. It has lovely little stitcheries that suit this project. Here are some big pics of a few of my favourite ones...

the contrasting blocks and border ready to go, perhaps the next school holidays' project.....
Another stitching project is one that came to me from Anthea of Hibiscus stitches. (you can click on the link to see Antheas cross stitch)  It is a travelling cross stitch pattern. Thsi pattern started it's journey in 2011 leaving south Africa where next it spent a few years in the UK then made it's way to Poland and from there it arrived in Western Australia.
It is a lovely little design and of course I had to start it straight away as i had prepared the linen and cottons as soon as I had won the pattern.
Some left over cottage garden threads from my Christmas stitching was a perfect pick.
Once I have finished stitching the pattern it will be ready to go onto it's next home.
I have prepared some blocks for my new project but have been a little side tracked with these other bits and pieces. Won't be long......
Definitely need to make that list!
Think I might do that right now....
Have a wonderful weekend and hope it involves some crafting

Anthea is also trying to organise a bloggers meet in Western Australia. If she was a little closer I'd be there in a flash as we all know how much fun meets are.... If you are interested pop over to Antheas blog and touch base as she would love to hear from you.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

a bloggy friend and a new project...

I'll start with the new project..
Today Hub and I headed off to the Monbulk quilt show. Boy there were some beautiful quilts.
I met up with the lovely Mrs Martin, she is such a friendly person and funny to boot.
As I was leaving I saw a collection of beautiful quilts by Viv's creations. Karen is still able to supply these patterns if you would like them. I saw one that I just had to have.
The pattern photo doesn't do it justice at all but it is so lovely in the flesh so I went back in and bought the pattern. There was also a breathtaking quilt called the unknown quilt by Max and Louise pattern co.I resisted as there is some incredibly tiny foundation piecing in the centre piece but you never know...... It was so tempting as it has lots of hexie flowers and the one they had on show was all in blues and tan/creams!
There was another tempter that I am thinking seriously about, a very sweet design by Peaches and Patches called Natures Gifts. Adorable stitcheries with some piecing.
I was very happy with my buy and a few extra goodies made their way into my bag on the way out.
Leonie West was there with her westalee rulers and I stopped by to let her know that I had tried her technique for piecing quite successfully if I may say so myself. Must have been because I was sitting in the front row of the presentation?
Here is my new project...
When I got home I couldn't wait to get started so I nipped over to Jemima's before they closed to get the linen for the stitcheries and a fabric for the borders. I hope to trace at least one block tonight
 these lovely cards just had to come home with me. The stall had some other gorgeous ones with sewing notions and embroideries. I couldn't resist the hexies though.
 Had to have this pin cushion... not sure if it will be for me of for the gift box..

Now as to that bloggy friend in the title.....
Teresa from All things Vintage and I have met a few times when she has ventured to Melbourne and as she was down for the Let's get stitched event another meet was in order.  A day time meet was a little difficult so Hub said he would drive me to meet Teresa for dinner.
It was so wonderful to meet up with Teresa again. We had a lovely dinner and catch up. If it wasn't for hub having to go to work the next day we would have stayed later but we were happy with our catch up.
There was only one official photo as my phone and hubs phone were playing up.
Thanks Teresa for the pic and making time to catch up!
One day I may make it to your neck of the woods.....

Teresa gave me a lovely surprise pressie brought on her travels during the LGS weekend.

Hope you are all having an inspiring weekend!

Friday, 14 March 2014

by popular demand....

picture from sbs website 

Italian Ricotta Cake
 Now I was starting to type this recipe out but decided to see if there was a link to the recipe on the Feast website and ta da!! there is....
so here is the link
The only difference I found was the cake took longer than the 1hr cooking time. I think it was closer to 2hrs.
Just see how you go at the one hour mark and see if it needs more. In my oven when I checked the cake it was still very anaemic looking so I left it in and kept checking it till it had browned a bit on the top (the same as the picture).

ps there are some other ricotta cake recipes on the same page! Yummm Ricotta it practically makes it health food!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

love long weekends....

The long weekend was a real charger for the batteries. Like a mini holiday..
I made a mental list of some finishes that needed doing and while working on these had a brain wave.
That can be really dangerous!
Remember the two little bliss fabric quilts that I have mentioned recently.... well the recipients of those quilts have a little baby sister who is being christened in a few weeks and of course she will need a quilt too. So......out came the rotary cutter and a lovely charm pack. I can't remember which of the Bonnie and Camille range this one is but I am sure that I can get some extra metreage to make borders and sashings.
I started off with half square triangles but they just didn't seem to suit what I had in mind so after some cake and a cuppa I decided to cut them again and make little hour glass blocks.....
 (by the way the cake is a baked ricotta cheescake, and it was a big winner here, and yes I made it myself)
At our March Bluegum quilters there was a special speaker, Leonie West of Westalee rulers.
I didn't take part in the workshop but listened to a very informative presentation which offered some very useful tips on accurate piecing.
Leonie's quilts had the most amazing points, I don't think I saw one that was mismatched at all! I thought this piecing would be a bit of a practice in what I had learnt.
Leonie's method worked a treat and I was very excited by the quality of my points matching, sad aren't I?
Lots of careful pinning and matching really paid off.
 Here is the final result, in need of a little trimming. Aren't they cute. Now to decide how to put them together as I need to incorporate a stitchery, of course.
I had some forgotten bits that needed to be finished so here they are..
this will be ready for next Valentine's day. It just needed the binding.
these two little stitcheries will be fully revealed for my 1 Christmas Item for this month so I will just show a little peek for now.
Hooray, I will be back on track with a small start for my christmas gift box.
Hope the week is going well for you

Saturday, 8 March 2014

just quilting along...

This morning I dropped off my Swan Lake top to the quilter's to be custom quilted. After some exciting ideas from Leanne we have pretty well settled on the design and I can't wait till it comes back to me.
A trip to the Monbulk quilt show next week is in order so that I can check out a quilt with hexies that Leanne has just finished, just so that I can be sure of the style of quilting I want. Have already talked hub into making the trip with me, a nice lunch is promised and will make a lovely day out.

Since finishing my bom projects and Swan Lake I have concentrated on smaller projects.
Just can't seem to find something new to inspire me in the way of a larger quilt so am putting that unused inspiration into other things.
Lots of time is being spent on trying to hand quilt my park avenue hexies and my quilted crow runner.
Boy does hand quilting take time!

  A little gift for a friend's birthday got made and remade. After not tracing the design with enough care I redid the whole thing and kept the 'faulty' one for myself.  It's amazing how things turn out neater when you take a bit more care....who would have figured?
( this is a freebie on sew mama sew's blog)

some more little houses have popped up.. bringing the total close to fifty!

last but not least some small cross stitch projects have filled in some time.
Not sure what these will become but there are some ideas milling around the empty spaces of my mind.
 the colours for this one aren't very clear but it is a lovely muted blue.

Now I might see if I can tackle some half square triangles this afternoon
With a long weekend this weekend I am adamant there will be crafting!
I definitely need to make a list of to do's.....
Hope you have a great weekend