Saturday, 20 December 2014

an Invitation...

to come and visit my Sewing room....
A sewing room has been my dream for a long time...but it is a dream no more.
A not so little bird left the nest a month ago and after the initial period of mourning of about 5 seconds the battle was on as to who would get the newly vacated soon to be spare room! Woo hoo I won!!
The room was mine and I took over with much enthusiasm and happiness.
We don't have the largest of homes so it is still a bit of a storage room with things belonging to the two fledglings being kept here. The room isn't huge but it will serve my purpose perfectly.
would you like to have a tour?

a place for all my treasures...I am so excited to have them on display in my room so that I can enjoy them. Lots of lovely items that have been gifts over the years.

the bed was a 3/4 bunk and we have left it as is for now as it provides ample storage under it at the moment.

 Well that's it. I know it's small, a little crowded and ecclectic in it's contents but it reflects it's owner well.
Hope you have enjoyed the tour.... but is there any craftiness to show?
Of course there is, it's not much but there doesn't seem to have been much enthusiasm or inspiration at the moment. I have some projects on the cards for these holidays and I will be sure to share.
These two toppers made their way to new homes for Christmas.
 Some loveliness has arrived her also...I will share a few of the arrivals
This gorgeous pin cushion from Robyn, one of the lovely city girls. It is in a vintage salt keeper.
She made it perfectly for me! It has happily joined my pin cushion collection.
 this pretty ornament arrived from Fiona,
 And this one was part of a gorgeous package from Els in the Netherlands.
 If you have lasted this long through all those photos-thanks...
I wish I could share the beautiful fragrance from these gardenias from my garden. They only last a short time but they make an impression to last.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas shared with friends and loved ones.

Huge hugs to you all