Saturday, 22 November 2014

A finish and some Christmas crafting.

It seems the past month has just flown.. It feels like the whole year has flown by.
I haven't been idle in this past month there has been little bits of stitching and some socialising. There was the Mill Rose get together which was such a wonderful day. I call it Ballan Therapy! Laughing, eating, and crafting with a wonderful group of crafty friends.
I didn't take any pics but others had lots that were shared on their blogs after the day.
A finished baby quilt was delivered early in the month, I haven't heard yet as to how it was received but I am hoping it was welcome. I must say it was one I was very happy with, making it and once finished.

There have been a few Christmassy obligations to be met too. The first of which I forgot to take photos of..they were my swap gifts for the Mill Rose get together. I made a little brooch and a yo yo christmas tree.
After much swapping and stealing by  bad santa tactics Melody and I ended up with our own gifts and she kindly offered to take my gift and give me hers which was a lovely ornament and apron.
I thought I should get a little organised with some ornaments for this year's gifting too..
this pattern is a freebie from Rasberry Rabbits blog- Holly Hare. Couldn't stop at just one and had to make one a little boy hare.They were quite quick to sew up.
A bit of enthusiasm is a contagious thing so onto the next project.
These stitcheries have been completed for a few weeks just waiting to be made into tags..
I dug into my stash of ribbons and bells for all of these decorations.
But wait there's more....
These Theodora Cleave buttons have been hanging around for awhile and they just needed to get made up.
same theory.. why make just one. It's just as easy to make a few as to make just one!
That bell stash and felted wool stash is going down....
 These are the backs... Some pretty fabrics that had been waiting to be used too.

One last Christmassy item is for a swap gift too.
This is also a freebie design, by Crabapple Hill designs. I made it a little smaller than the pattern.

Phew there you go....
I think I am Christmassed out? I hope this makes up for the lack of Christmas crafting during the year Narelle?

Here is a pic which comes with a moral to the story..
On Monday I was pulling the retractable vacumm cord out so that I could vacuum. I usually put in a huge effort, as if I was starting a lawn mower to be honest, so that most of the cord comes out in one hit. Well....., now this is the lesson part of the story..... make sure you do this in an open space and not close to the open door.
I slammed my hand on the door handle behind me and it hurt so much that I couldn't even utter an expletive!
The ice came out and so did a massive egg on the back of my hand. It has been getting better all week but is still a little tender. No breaks in my hand just a lovely bruise that changes colour every day...
Today we have lovely yellow tinge and a lovely purply pink band across the knuckles. Thankfully the swelling is only slight compared to the past couple of days. I couldn't even wear my rings.
Mind you it didn't hamper my sewing much.
thanks for sticking with this long post.
Did I mention it is also my 500th post!!!
Thanks for visiting and listening to my ramblings and encouraging me along the way with my blogging and with my crafty endeavours and most of all thankyou for your Friendships.

Have a great weekend