Friday, 26 September 2014

friday stitching

Yesterday I got an email from Sue one of the lovely Country girls asking if I would like to go to Gisborne Patchwork shop for a stitching afternoon. Well don't ask me more than once, I was off like a shot.
I was keen to go as there was going to be a special gift given to Tania who has been a little unwell lately.
Sneaky Sue had arranged for some other sneaky people to make a block to make into a quilt for Tania.
It was all finished this week ready to be gifted.
Sue and Tracee and Marg all chipped in and got it together and finished. You are all so wonderful!
Tania was quite surprised and moved by her gift

but she cheered up quick smart....
Now I had to point out that the second last row had a few of us grouped together, one might say it is the noisy row......Shez, Moi, Chez and Robin..... now what is the meaning of this?
The blocks were to reflect the maker and each one is wonderful. Such a gorgeous gift I was so happy to have been able to contribute.
a beautiful label...

In the mail this week the lovely Bev  sent me this gorgeous embroidered piece as it reminded her of Maisie.
I joked to Bev that Maisie had the glasses on for when she cat scanned my quilts in progress.
I was thinking of how I could finish the embroidery and then it came to me!
This afternoon I stitched the wording.
I think it looks so cute, thanks heaps Bev!
(please excuse the lack of ironing...)
Sweet William and I have finally made some time together. After some stressful moments and reassuring words from mum as she checked my piecing and working out I havecompleted the first basket!! (after throwing one version in the bin!)
Instructions are never my strong point but I am finding the directions difficult and there was almost a pattern looking for a new home. Thank goodness for mum.
I took my progress on the first block to show the girls today and they gave it the thumbs up.
I hope to work on the applique part of it tonight and will show the block when it's done.
Hope you have found some stitching time too


Cheryll said...

Tania's quilt looks so good...& I'm so pleased to be part of it too.
Love the "cat scan" ...just purrfect and I look forward to what you use it in... :)

cucki said...

wowwwwwwww its a very sweet quilt..
sweet cat scan :)
hugs x

Narelle said...

A beautiful quilt from lovely friends :)
Sounds like a great afternoon out.
Cute cat scan and look forward to a pic of your first block.

kiwikid said...

It was so good to see you today,thank you for coming over to Gisborne!! Love the photos, I have pinched another two from you!! :-) Thank you for taking them I was too silly to remember I had my camera!!! Duh!! Was very happy you could be here today when we gave Tania her quilt. Love the cat scan!!

Karen said...

The gift quilt is great. What a lovely and thoughtful gift.
Love your cat scan!

Cheryl said...

What a lovely idea for Tania - cheer her up no end I bet. Look forward to seeing some William progess

Susan said...

Lovely to be part of a special gift quilt. Seems to be a common theme for you lately! Glad you and William are working it out.

Elyte said...

Can't believe how quickly the girls got the quilt together. It looks wonderful and Tania's reaction is the reward. Now that you have made a start on Sweet William, there will be no stopping you.

Michelle Ridgway said...

You are all so lovely...beautiful and special gift.

shez said...

Hi Marina thankyou for sharing your wonderful day with us,wow the quilt turned out awesome ans i am so glad that Tania loved it and i love the words Tracee came up with.xx

Lib said...

Great to be able to take off for a stitching afternoon with friends, such fun to see what everyone is working on. Cat scan is a hoot!

Christine M said...

What a lovely gift for Tania. I'm sure it made her day.

Mistea said...

Love seeing Maisie at work!
Gorgeous quilt you ladies made for your friend.
Nothing quite like stitching with friends.
Enjoy the weekend stitches.

Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

The emotions shown by Tania just says it all. Such a beautiful quilt.
Glad you came up with the catchy phrase for the embroidery.
Happy days.

Fiona said...

what a lovely gift and so special... I have to say it got me crying... I love special things like that.... that cat with glasses is such a laugh...hope we can see your block soon?

Marie said...

What a wonderful gift - hats off to Sneaky Sue and everyone who pitched in.

Lin said...

What a lovely thoughtful gift. Love what you have done with that manic cat!

Raewyn said...

I cant believe how behind I am in my blog reading! :-( Awesome to see the gorgeous quilt you girls made for Tania. Very thoughtful.