Sunday, 3 August 2014

are you ready.....

for some photos that is.
I have felt like a bit of a crafting tornado this weekend. Wish I could bottle my enthusiasm for those times that I feel a bit lacking. A bit like a craft berocca perhaps?
Maybe it's the fact that I have a short deadline that has spurred me on.
Here we go there are quite a few pics so be warned.

The Christmas feast is completed..

love the little blue tongue on the blue tongue lizard 

 we always joke here about being fat arsed wombats, unkind I know but you can see why....
I tried to select some border fabric, I love this one but had to unpick the second border as it just didn't look right. Not sure where to go from here so I will just sit on it for now.
At least all the stitching is done.
(pattern by Smee Designs)
Great progress has been made on the birthday quilt.
All the 9 patch blocks are done waiting for the stitchery to get done so that I can work out final settings and measurements.
I have been working on the stitchery but it is a little taxing trying to get the needle through the print on the linen. I remember having the same issue with previous pre printed designs. A few extra fabrics made it to the stash courtesy of Jemima's. After we had selected a few 4 out of five were fig tree fabrics too.
very happy with that.
 this pic shows the cottage garden thread colour and linen colour correctly, the thread is 1108 Mill rose
The stitchery is block 7 from Rosalie Quinlan's Blessed bom. I have just bought this one.
 progress so far....
lots more to go....
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend

Friday, 1 August 2014

Kookaburra sits on the Christmas tree....

Merry Merry King of the feast is he...
Some more little creatures have joined the feast. the Koala  family with naughty junior poking his tongue out  behind mama's head.

The above pics were meant to make it to a post a little earlier in the week. Better late than never.The stitchery is almost finished just two fat wombats to go...

Poor Priscilla has found a new project.... A good friend is having a big birthday next month. Just before her 40th birthday she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery, chemo, more treatments and reconstructive surgery since then and she has remained clear, thankfully as I don't know what I would do without her. We have know each other since high school and been close friends for ages. I made her a quilt (it was when I was first starting to do patchwork) back then and thought her 50th birthday would be a great opportunity to make her another quilt. This time in a colour scheme of her choosing. She suggested rose florals in apricot and sage green tonings. Straight away I thought of Fig Tree Quilts ranges but the range that fitted the bill was an older range, 100's of Triangles of which I had from Lynda. No way I was joining all those 1\2 square triangles into a large quilt I am crazy but not that crazy so Hub took me to Gail B's in Bayswater where I found exactly what I wanted. We also found the best pies I have ever tasted! The shop is The Pie Shed and it's just down the road from Gail's opposite Anaconda. If you're down that way go for it!
Well here is the lovely stash I picked up.
 this came along too, I am not sure how I will encorporate it but the thought is brewing away...
 squares at the ready..... ready for a simple 9 patch pattern. I think it will look soft and pretty.

Now to get to it as I only have a little over a month to get it done!
Have a wonderful  weekend...