Sunday, 27 April 2014

still having issues.....

Well thought I had solved my problem but apparently not.
If anyone replied to my comments left since friday I am afraid I didn't receive your emails as the email address that was showing up in the reply doesn't exist any more.
I am hoping I have fixed that problem, fingers crossed...
So I apologise to those that may have replied to my comment that I left on their blog.
I have left a couple of comments today to see if I have fixed the issue or just made another one.
I so love technology NOT!
hope you are having a lovely weekend...

Friday, 25 April 2014

a new dress and a christmas item on Anzac day

My christmas Item that was on my to do list managed to get done.
I had started it last year as a project to work on throughout the year but there were too many things going on at the end of last year and it sadly got pushed aside as did so many other things.
I can happily say that it is done!
The kit was a gift from my friend Els in the Netherlands, a design by Simone of Soedidee. She has some beautiful patterns and accessories for cross stitching and sewing in general.
Here it is.... my bell pull
I tea dyed the linen to give that antique effect and found a great old rusty bell to add to the bottom.
 Now that new Dress I mentioned...
This is my 1969-70 Crissy doll. I had one when I was young though this isn't the original doll. I think she ended up a little worse for wear thanks to a younger sister. Mum found this one at a doll show and brought it home for me. I think she is gorgeous just brings back those lovely memories. I have wanted to buy her an original outfit for years. I found her a pair of original shoes on Ebay a few years ago and have checked every now and again to see if a dress would pop up. On evil bay last week I found an original Crissy doll dress in mint condition. I can't believe the condition of it. The orange velvet ribbon is exactly as I remember it.
A work friend has quite a collection of these dolls and when I told her all I needed was an original pair of knickers she went to her stash of clothes and found me a pair. So next week my lovely Crissy will be returned to her original dress ensemble. You can imagine how thrilled the  male members of the family were with these finds? They were overcome with joy that I had found an original mint condition dress, and so impressed by that velvet ribbon! (not.... I'm pretty sure they think my marbles have fallen out of the jar and been lost...)
I just keep telling them that she is valuable as a collectable and I drop a $ sum to keep them interested to make sure she doesn't end up at an op shop!

I have been having some issues with commenting on blogs at the moment.....I have left comments on my regular blogs over the past few days and the comments seem to appear on the comment's list but the email that would normally go to the blog owner bounces back to me as undeliverable. Not sure if my comments are also showing up as spam comments. Have tried to find out why but apart from a blogger help forum that's about the extent of any assistance I can access so I have changed my email address in case it is attracting spam and this is the cause.
Fingers crossed they don't bounce with the new email address. I still have the old address as it isn't an issue with normal emailing just with blogger comments.
If anyone has any advice please let me know.
It has turned out a lovely day in Melbourne so hopefully the dawn services and ANZAC day activities in the city went well. I always feel sad for the old diggers if they have to walk in the rain.
Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods and you  are enjoying the day.
Off to put in some stitching time!

Monday, 21 April 2014

oh, holidays, parting is such sweet sorrow...

Yes that time has come again, albeit too quickly for my liking!
why can't two weeks feel  like four weeks and not two days.
Back to normal tomorrow, I don't know how I am going to get up in time. It has taken me two weeks to perfect sleeping in! How wasteful to throw all that hard work away.
I shouldn't complain though the next round will come around quickly enough and I have had a wonderfully restful break and had lots of creative time.
two more blocks were finished for my live, laugh, love quilt and all the rest of the main blocks prepared.
I still haven't made up my mind about the upper and lower border but there is time to decide.

I made a few more of the little hexie pin cushions, I found lots of photos of these made out of fabric and crochet on the net but didn't find any tutorial to share for those who have asked so stay tuned when I make the next one I will share how I have made them.
Found another sweet little cross stitch design that fits in the hexie shape too.

Being the last day of my holidays I wanted to get to play with some special fabrics.
I have been wanting to use these little 1/2 square triangles that I got from Lynda ever since I sewed and trimmed all 300 or so of them. Boy was that a marathon effort!
so out came the machine and I had a little play....
Three blocks are a great start to I don't know what, but it is a start lol
Once you make a start the rest has to come eventually......right?

well there's no fighting it any longer....... Tomorrow will be here before I know it so I am off to enjoy the rest of today..
have a great week
See you all later in the week for my Christmas item for this month!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

the rest of that list....

Here are the rest of the ticks off the list to share....
 My quilted crow design table runner completed!
 I wanted to use some of the cross stitcheries I had made....
Still need to think of how to use the stitched scissors.....that can go on next month's list
I am very happy with these little pin cushions especially as I didn't have a pattern, I saw one when googling and took it from there. Mine are made from a 1" hexies. Mum has requested a blue one. That is in the works and these will go to the gift box.
 the reverse side...
 Found a way to display my travelling stitchery pattern. I have had this frame for ages and I had to turn the place upside down to find it. Whose idea was it to put it in a safe place? I have been having lots of these 'can't find it' issues lately... must organise better.
I also have another cross stitch finish but I will save that till the 25th as it will be my Christmas item for this month. It has been a long time coming but it is done now.
Besides my progress on my novelty hexies and quilting my Park Avenue, both of which have seen considerable progress, I also had this last finish to share.
My Great Nieces quilt. The top is finished and I just need to decide how it will be quilted.
I just love how bright and cheery it is. For now I will enjoy it a little longer on my quilt rack till it gets quilted.

I am off to do some dreaded housework before I have to go hunting and gathering.
It's ok though as I have already had some crafting time this morning tracing the rest of my Live, Laugh Love blocks. They are ready to go whenever I want to pick them up. The first three are completed and I am very happy with the result.
Hope you have a safe and happy Easter break

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Project list progresses...

These holidays are just passing too quickly but I have been making the very most of them....
Today I went with my friend to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. The reviews have been good and it has so many wonderful actors that I just had to see it. After all Margaret Pomeranz gave it a 5 star rating!
I am so glad I went I think it was a fantastic movie, quirky, funny and very sweet.
The only distraction I found was watching Ralph Fiennes playing a great character beautifully but I kept seeing Lord Voldemort when he spoke! Once I got over that I loved his performance. All the other characters were wonderful too. Would happily see it again.

Luckily I have been having lots of time to dedicate to crafting too and I have made a tick next to every item on my list that I shared last month on my blog.  Some projects needed to be completed and others just needed some progress.
All those ticks encouraged me to start my new project Live, laugh, love quilt by Viv's Creations that I bought from Mrs Martins quilt shop at the Monbulk show. I made a start on the weekend and I have completed my first complete block . That little box on the side contains a stash of little berries. I am hoping that I have cut out enough for all the blocks. I am so happy with the finished block. It is stitched on Linen and I have used felted wool for the baskets and berries.

My first items I will share from my list are my Sweet stitches minis. One has been completed and the second has had borders added and is now basted ready for quilting and the third needed to be finished stitching.
quilted and bound
stitching done

a group shot.. one last one to stitch, that can be for next month's list.

love my pile of minis.

Mr Boo with his borders.
Another project was to complete a blanket of love to Send to Cheryll. It was posted over a week ago and has been received by Cheryll. I have enjoyed making these little blankets for her so much. 

Well that's enough photos for this post.
Next time I will share the rest of my project progresses.
Hope you are all having a great week!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

stitching with friends..

Yesterday and today I had the pleasure of sharing the days with some lovely crafty friends.
Yesterday Rosalie and Liz came over to my house for a stitch in, mum came along too and we were quite industrious in between maintaining our energy levels with  food.
This morning the sun came out after some terribly drizzly days so I bolted out of bed and organised some washing and then got ready to head to Gisborne to spend the day with the wonderful Gisborne girls.
There was meant to be a car load of 'city and outer suburban' girls but I ended up being the only representative from the 'burbs' as circumstances prevented the others coming. A contingent of 1...
There were a few other Gisborne ladies that were at the Patch n quilt stitching day too and they were very friendly and welcoming. This shop is gorgeous and has such a great variety of fabrics.
It was quite an industrious group and a great variety of projects too.
Of course there was photographic evidence of this event..
 Tracy, Annette and Marina (not me another Marina lol, I haven't started talking about myself in the third person)
 Sue, Tania and Donna....

Sue, Tracy, Me, Tania, Marina, Annette, Marg, Donna and Chris
(Now we have worked out who the naughty one is in the group. I didn't get in trouble once till I was at the end of the line up with someone who shall remain nameless.....)
There is also a photo of me buying up fabric out there in blogland...... Oh no it has popped up here too....

Your honour, I object, the evidence is circumstantial at the very least.....
I put to you that these said fabrics attached themselves to my person and could not be removed. Therefore I had no option but to take pity on these miserable fabrics and promise to take them home and care for them to the best of my abilities!
 These two fabrics were 'need to' buy so that I can tick another project off my to do list... that is proof enough of 'need'.

Now where is the crafting you may ask...
I thought seeing that I have been making such great progress on my list I could start this project that I bought from the Monbulk quilt show.
Made a decent start today.

Thought I would also share some of my easter decorations. I am not one to celebrate Easter anymore but I put my mini on display for this month and I thought I needed some more little decorations to add to my entry table. We have a wonderful Bed Bath & table shop in our new shopping centre and they have the most adorable decorations for easter. Not too close to the real meaning of easter but lots of prettiness, that's for sure.

these and the white tree were reduced by 50% and I couldn't resist them.
Well that's it for today's outing.... I will be back soon to show all the progress done on the projects on my list. Loving the holidays!!
I'm now off to make the borders for Mr Boo..
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Big hug and thanks to the Gisborne Girls for a wonderful day! (thanks Sue for letting me nick some of your pics too)