Saturday, 27 July 2013

some finishing and some new homes wanted.....

Instead of going to the Craft show I have made some time for myself by getting the sewing machine out and finishing some little projects that needed to be finished off.
First this little pretty, I so love it finished. Just as I thought it was finished I had to unpick and restitch and requilt the centre flower as it was crooked. I just couldn't live with it, call me ocd. Should've given it a press before happy snapping too, I think, but it is straight.

 Finished this little table topper....
 these little cross stitched pieces were waiting to be made up, they wait no longer...

 They are backed in felted wool

Now to the bit about new homes....
I have these patterns that I don't forsee using at all so rather than them taking up space anymore at my place perhaps you would like to have them take up room at your place.....please let me know in your comments.
If there is more than one person wanting a pattern I will draw a name out of a hat in a week or so...

Please note the adoption offers are for the patterns only, or if you would like to make an offer on one of the male persons that live in this house please feel free. All offers considered, you don't even have to guarantee a good home!

cheers for now

Thursday, 25 July 2013

it's the 25th..

Yes it's the 25th and I actually have a finished item to share and put in the christmas gift box!
I have cheated a little bit as it only needed to be quilted and have some binding and it did appear a few months ago........but a finish is a finish is a finish.
A hanger to go with it and it will make a lovely gift.

So please put one down for me Narelle.
I have been busy stitching my latest Sweet stitches block and hand quilting my Dresden and hexie flower minis.
Not much exciting to show in progress but will make some lovely finishes soon.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend


Saturday, 13 July 2013

tying up loose ends...

Well the holidays are quickly coming to an end.... so sad.
After a few days away at a very relaxing spot I am feeling recharged and ready to get back to routine next week.
There were some 'loose ends' that needed to get sorted as I did have a little mental list of crafty things that needed to get done on the holidays.
There was some quilting and binding to get done and a little project that needed to find a direction. Once these were ticked off the list there was also time to start some new things. Of course!
this got requilted and the binding done and is hanging on my mini frame
 quilting and binding done on this one....

 Here is my mini collection so far.......the latest pattern arrived during the week and is traced ready to go..
I just love them all together.
 this dresden plate was the trial before I made the plates for my friends quilt. I had contemplated doing a quilt of them but thought a table topper would probably be more manageable. Like I need another project?
At least this will be easy to get finished.
 Well the answer to the previous question about a new project is obviously YES.
I have been wanting to make a hexie mini quilt since I bought a little stash of red and white ages ago.
Here it is all done ready to get prepared for quilting. I am very happy with this little mini.I think mini's seem to be filling my spaces lately.
 Another new project that has been on the to do list since buying the Quilted Crow girls' book.
All cut out and ready to go when I get time. May even be next holidays.......

Here are the beautiful views that we awoke to at our little get away.
You can just feel the serenity, can't you?
If anyone in Melbourne wants a little get away I can't recommend this place enough. It was divine and the hospitality and attention to detail was amazing.

Well I am off to enjoy my last few days of peace before getting back into the routine again....
Happy stitching!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

still here...

well I have been a bit of a lazy blogger lately but not a lazy stitcher and I have still been blog visiting just didn't get around to making a post of my own.
It has been a great first week of the holidays, crafting and socialising high on the agenda.
I had a great visit to Gail B's with Liz and Rosalie on Friday and wow what an amazing shop!
No fabrics but some lovely necessary bits and bobs. A visit to another couple of shops and a lovely lunch made for a great day out with friends.
Saturday was spent with more crafty friends, Elyte, Robin and Annie and the lovely ladies at the Bluegum quilter's group, yep more food involved too.
So here is the pictorial evidence that I have been doing some crafting.
this handsome and musical fellow is from the latest block for my Once Upon a time quilt by Smee Designs.
I really enjoyed stitching this block and it was quite a large one only one more to go!!
 poor pussy in the window......
 he's watching these fellows tripping the light fantastic..

 Another row completed for my Christmas cross stitchery and a start made on the next row...

Here is my latest stitchery block by Kathy Schmitz-border done! Tonight I finished hand quilting it and the binding is ready to go.
The blue section was originally in a cream but I thought the blue would make it look a little like the Union Jack. It looks a little busy but I really liked the colours. There were some technical errors made which required recutting and resewing. It was even machine quilted but looked so hideous it had to be unpicked and requilted by hand. Much happier now.

Well that's the progress made.
I did have a busy day today cutting and preparing some new projects. Love to have plenty to keep me busy.
Hope you have all had a great weekend!