Saturday, 22 June 2013

something a little different....

When I went to the Mill Rose bloggy get together the shop had some gorgeous scarves at the counter with the wool to make them.
A few of us brought a ball and I must admit it was the most expensive ball of yarn I have ever brought.
So the pattern and yarn came home with me and after a few false starts and un-doing I was going to chuck it in but I couldn't bear to waste the yarn as it is so gorgeous.
Friday in between cleaning and washing duties I decided to pick up the crochet hook and have one last go at it.
Eureka! I have been happily working on it all yesterday and am almost finished.
I really want to wear it tomorrow so my crochet hook and I will be spending some time together again.
I think another ball will be coming home with me next visit to Mill Rose in a different colour way, it really is lovely to work with and makes a nice change from fabric crafting.

Maisie decided to unleash her inner kitten and went a little crazy with the ball while I was trying to get a few rows done. She was undoing as I was trying to crochet a row. Maybe she should stick to quilt flimsies!
Sun is shining again today after a frosty start to the day.
Only one week to go!
happy days


 ps. I haven't been totally neglecting other projects, I  chose to work on my novelty hexies this week and have stitched my second row of novelty hexies together and am working on filling in the green stepping stones.

Monday, 17 June 2013

swan lake progress

After a week of working on Swan Lake here is the big Ta Da...
.......with some help from my reluctant assistants.
The photo is a little dull as it was quite gloomy Saturday.
enough Yo-yo's ready for this border too.... I still need to make some little hearts to go between the dollies and the hexie border. I have also prepared all the stars for the second of these borders. Just need to keep the momentum up.
Now what to work on this week?
have a great week

Friday, 14 June 2013

some swan lake stitching

This week I got  stuck into stitching my swan lake hexies onto their border.
This is the part I have been busting to do.
I managed to get half stitched on and the other half are all pinned to go.
It will be even more exciting when I can sew the dolly border onto this one.
Can you tell we are hard up for excitement here?

 A lovely parcel arrived this week too with a surprise gift from the wonderful Fiona 
It contained a gorgeous pincushion that has been on my 'to do' list for ages and a thread holder and needlebook. The thread holder has come in very handy when removing the basting threads from my hexies.

 Ironically I had offered to do the hexies for Fiona when she mentioned that she was doing some small hexies and wasn't looking forward to it, not knowing that they were for my pincushion. I think I am converting her slowly though...
 check out these gorgeous tiny bird buttons on the cushion and thread catcher...

I love them to bits, thanks Fiona.

There has also been a little bit of cross stitch progress...
Sorry for the wrinkly photo.

And seeing as it is winter here and the weather has been so cold and miserable I thought I would bring out this mini to try to hang. Now when I first bought my mini hanger I didn't have any minis to hang on it, I only had this one and when I put it on my husband remarked how ugly it was. this is the first felted wool applique I tried to do from a pattern won in a giveaway so I did have some affection for it. Well feelings hurt it went back into the cupboard. It has found a little place to hang and I can enjoy it without criticism.
I think I will hang other minis from here too in the future.
I like it regardless of what the critic said, what does he know about crafting anyway?

Craft group tomorrow so there should be some more crafting time coming up, just what to take?
Have a great weekend


Monday, 10 June 2013

pretty flowers everywhere..

these lovely flowers have been decorating my home.  Aren't they gorgeous. It looks a little like a florist...
....and the reason for this floral abundance? let's just say that a certain number has increased by one digit.

 this long weekend has been quite a busy one but I have been diligently stitching..
During the week this Once upon a time block had to get finished before I could start my Sweet Stitches mini.
 Little Miss Red Riding Hood..
 my what big eyes you have Grandma..

 once that was done it was time to get stuck into this project.
 I was a little worried about the flag being too small but I think it will do just nicely.
If anyone else making the 'Sweet Liberty' mini would like an Australian flag to add to their stitchery, I have a plenty of that fabric that I would be more than happy to share. Please let me know and I can send you a piece of fabric with a flag or two.

I forgot to show off this finish too. I did get it done in time to take it for show and tell to Mill Rose get together. I love the jigsaw puzzle quilting.

A little parcel had been waiting to be opened on Friday too.
this gorgeous pincushion and scissor keep made just for me by my lovely friend Els.  She also included some cross stitch projects that I will show off once I complete them. A perfect project for the next holidays I think?
such beautiful little crosses...
A lovely short working week this week, bonus!
I need to focus on Swan Lake this week I think. It will be a nice break from stitchery. There are also a couple of minis needing quilting. All in good time!

have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

trying something....

I have recoved from the dizziness of Sunday's meeting and back in the normal groove again.
My new pattern arrived from Mrs Martins quilt shop today for the next Kathy Schmitz block.
I was so hoping this would be the next mini to be sent.
I wanted to give it an Aussie feel. The wording is very beautiful and I thought why couldn't it apply to Australia? Now how to get an Australian flag on there......

The American flag accent fabric comes with the pattern but there isn't an option for our flag so a few weeks ago I started using the google machine to try to find some fabric with our flag on it. Found the fabric but it was a little bright so I tea dyed some to give an antique feel and even though it is smaller than the accent fabric I still like the feel of it.
I couldn't wait to applique it and had a go at needle turn applique. It was a little puckered so I redid it.  Not too bad though for my first attempt.
This is the puckered pic..
 Second attempt at it and it sits a little better.

When I was tracing the design I noticed that there are 6 stars in the design and they will perfectly reflect the number of stars in our flag. Just meant to be!
Can't wait to start stitching just need to finish another project that has been a little neglected.
happy stitching!

ps all the stars for the Swan Lake border are appliqued and on the weekend hopefully I can place some hexie flowers and get some more progress on that border.

Monday, 3 June 2013

a day of happy!

Sunday was the Mill rose friends get together and what a get together it was.
some new friends and renewed acquaintances made for a great day.
quoting that song from Dirty Dancing 'I had the time of my life...'
Now we didn't have Patrick Swayze there because that's just impossible but we did have the amazing Cheryl from Gone Stitching.
Too much laughing, too much frivolity and chatting and did I mention the eating part... it's better than taking drugs or therapy.
And just when we thought that we had enough of the chatting and laughing the trip home was just as hilarious. Reminder to Robyn- you forgot to leave your Floral Beauty in the car for me to take home I can only imagine it was an oversight, I will have to get it next time Ok ?
Thanks to all of the wonderful girls that made the day so fantastic at the Mill Rose gathering and for Melody for making an idea become this great outing.
Now where are the pics you say...
Thanks to Liz that has kindly allowed her photos to be used by us all.
 Here we have the lovely demure crafters that we all are....

 Now here we are just being silly, don't you love being silly.
Who says that middle aged women can't jump?
Next time we need a little more effort from some of the girls, you know who you are....
I only got a few other pics I think I was too busy doing some crafting most of the time to get distracted by taking photos. I am so dedicated I amaze myself sometimes.
I did get a few pics of some special guests that tagged along with Chez, they are the well travelled Peg and Dale.
Here they are entertaining the ladies on the quiet table with some witty lady like banter.

 and here they are just keeping the noisy table in check. They high tailed it back to the peaceful serenity of the other table quick smart.

Now there was a terrible mention of the girls making it to the rotisserie over the cosy open fire. I don't know where that came from.... How uncharitable.
Luckily lunch came quickly so there wasn't an issue there.
Can't wait to catch up with you all at the next meet!

cheers for now