Monday, 23 December 2013

in need of a new home...

If anyone is interested I have a few patterns in need of a new home...

some of these patterns have been used. Would prefer to just post within Australia as the pattern weight will add up.
has a new home.....

never been used...
has a new home.....

Cross stitch pattern unused

unused pattern. Thumb pictured not included...I still need my left thumb.
If anyone is interested please let me know which pattern or patterns you are interested in.


Saturday, 14 December 2013

hello out there...

After spending some time today helping a fellow blogger sort out some technical issues it has spurred me to do a post.
Life has been very busy and draining emotionally over the past weeks and there has been little enthusiasm for crafting and blogging. I have been popping around to my favourite blogs now and then to see how you have all been keeping busy but forgive me for not commenting.

since my last post there have been some finishes to catch you up on so get ready there are going to be a lot of pics.

 the little girls of the world have been picked up from the quilters and the binding done.

 My sil's quilt- the same
both are just waiting for labels and will go to their new homes soon.

love a rolled up quilt!

The Sweet stitches December block made it to the stand for the 1st of December! Phew....

More little houses have joined the housing much for stopping at 12!

and drum roll please.....
My big finish for the year...
My down in the Garden quilt has been completed. Some gorgeous custom quilting has finished this off beyond my expectations. I love it so much that I have booked in Swan Lake for May next year to be quilted also.
Are you ready?

I just have to show some close ups of the spectacular quilting.

pattern by Leanne Beasley, quilted by Leanne Kauffman.
Hope I haven't bored you too much but I did warn you.
My Down in the Garden quilt is spending some time at my mum's place. She doesn't have a quilt for her bed at the moment so I told her to take it home for awhile to brighten up her bed.  I couldn't bare it to be folded up and put away and there isn't a place for me to hang it at the moment. I am hoping it will cheer her up a little.

Well it was lovely to catch up with you all and I hope to get back to normal blogging patterns soon.
If I don't post before Christmas I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year!