Sunday, 10 November 2013

weekend busyness

I have had lots of sewing time this weekend. Once I get the machine out I try to get as much sewing done as possible before it has to go away again.
I started the crafting off with some retail therapy to buy some bits and bots for some secret sewing and some threads for a new project...
But first some finishes were in order
After some reverse sewing when a bright spark sewed the 1 1/2" squares right side facing the wrong side of the other piece it was to be attached to. Well said bright spark was so carried away with the continuous piecing it took to piece 26 before it was noticed. So unpicking and then resewing and this is the result
Mr Merry framed and basted ready for hand quilting!
I had to cut into my special stash of Chocolat fabric for the dark squares of the border but it was worth it.
 Finished my cross stitch needlecase.
The cross stitch was meant to go inside but it was a shame to hide away all those little stitches.
So a little reversing and ta da!

 an extra little pocket on the left for needles in their packet.
some more little houses have been made and I couldn't resist photographing them all together...
Boy they are as addictive as hexagons!
A start made on my new table runner. It's so enjoyable stitching the wool. So much gentler on the hands.

Lastly a pic of my new project. Hopefully it will get finished for christmas.
Only a sneak peek for now but more will follow.
Before you ask, yes I have been sleeping.......just staying up late watching bbc drama North and South. A work colleague lent me the dvd's and I finished watching the last episode last night/this morning. It was so lovely and the handsome Richard Armitage is quite easy on the eye too. Mr Thornton might be some competition for Mr Darcy!
Roll on Monday.
Because next week is the Mill Rose Get together and I want the week to fly!! Woo hoo!
So looking forward to going.
Have a great week

Friday, 8 November 2013

back to some stitching...

You've probably had enough of Swan Lake at the moment and I must say I needed a little rest from it as well.
The centre hexie flowers just need to be stitched in place and the corner blocks appliqued and it is done and dusted to be put away till next year when it will be sent for quilting.
I thought it best to get back to some stitching. My Kathy Schmitz blocks have been waiting for some attention. Make Merry is the Christmas themed block and it has been traced for a little while.
It sat waiting for some alterations. The original has Santa holding a little snowman but I would be quite shocked if we had snow at Christmas here so I wanted to 'remove' the snowman, in the nicest possible way.
I changed the design to have Santa carrying his sack full of goodies and I seem to have reversed this one too. I don't know what it is about me reversing my stitcheries?
Here he is (minus the little iron on embellishment, and minus a little ironing too-pardon the wrinkles. Now that is going to be the catch cry of my life lol)

Last  night I was keen to do some hand sewing so decided some little houses needed constructing.
Three more to add to the collection which makes a total of 10. I have about another 10 cut out ready to go.
I seem to have gotten the knack of putting them together relatively neatly, with some helpful instructions from Teresa and they are sitting a little more neatly.
Thing is I don't know if I will be able to stop at 20 they are so enjoyable to make. A few bloggy friends have purchased the stamps for the houses too so if they get going with theirs I will have company and I might keep making more and know who you are girls....
Well a day of cleaning the cave and hunting and gathering lies ahead.
If I am lucky I will try to incorporate some sewing. There is a Christmassy swap I need to get organised for!
Have a great weekend!