Monday, 28 October 2013

some tweaking...

Rest assured there will be no Miley Cyrus impersonations on this blog, I shudder when I recall that performance. eeewww
I have been playing around with the centre block of my Swan Lake after getting someone's honest opinion of my quilt which interrupted my happy dancing like someone bumping the needle across a record while it is being played. Ok, Ok I know I am showing my age but that's what it was like.
Rest assured it wasn't some blogging troll that passed this harsh judgement but my very own DH who said the centre block didn't look very good, didn't even see past the block to pass a more positive comment on the rest of the quilt, well maybe I didn't give  him the chance as I just wrapped up my flimsy and withdrew in silence.

(Play melancholic music now)
Now before anyone puts out a vendetta on my hub, he only really reinforced the doubts I already had but had hoped wouldn't bother me anymore. I was too enraptured with my dollies and hexie flowers.
So..... back to the drawing board..
I thought I would put together a possible replacement centre and put it out there.
I will also seek input from the learned ladies at quilting group on Saturday.
Here goes, you don't have to be gentle in your opinions I have had it from the champion of heartbreaking honest opinion givers.
The hexie flowers will be a bit more varied but it just gives an idea of a possible layout.

If I think of another combination I will definitely share it.
Till then here is a lovely quote sent to me by the lovely Bev (of Kainga Happenings)

"There will be obstacles,

There will be doubts,
There will be mistakes,
but if you work hard,
There will be no limit."

Now put that music back on I am going back to my dancing!

there now I feel better!
have a lovely week!


shez said...

i think you are so clever Marina i find you a great inspiration my friend,may i have this dance,lol.xx

Maria said...

Yes must say the middle does look better..
Love the Dresden plate and Hexies.

veerle said...

First I want to say I really LOVE these comics :) As for your top I would say give it really intensive and special quilting. It'll be superb I think!

Lin said...

I like your hexie additions which link the centre to the borders.

Susan said...

I liked the alphabet panel, but I LOVE this. The Dresden and hexie flowers seems to fill the space a bit more, and ties in with your borders. You must have been working all night to get it done so quickly. It looks great....continue dancing.

Wendy said...

Oh my Marina, I think the addition of the dresden block and the hexie flowers was a brilliant idea! Now the center has a fuller look to it! I thought maybe you were going to use heavy quilting for the center. But this is so much better! Hmmmm, is your husband kin to mine?!:) Don't you just love their honest opinions, even when we may not want it.

Carrie P. said...

I like the new center block.
One thing I have learned is if I don't want my husband's opinion I don't ask. But most times I want his view because sometimes I just can't see past what I have been working on for so long.

Briar Rose said...

Marina that was a fabulous post, you brightened my morning with a good giggle, loved the old photos too.
seriously though your new centre looks great, mind you I didn't see anything wrong with the last one.
Hugs R.

Teresa said...

Wow that must have been tough.. Trust your DH! BUT in saying that... I absolutely love the centre now... I think it all ties in beautifully and it is full without being an overkill of hexies in the middle. Dance away my friend... it is going to be beautiful!
On another note.... my stamps came today!!!!!! xx talk to you about that later!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your quilt is so gorgeous, what an amazing job you have done! I do love this second middle space, the first one looks quite bare now in comparison. Very beautiful!

kiwikid said...

Never never never stop dancing!!!! OK!!! I have a DH who is brutally honest with his opinion too and it can be deflating!! I like both centres, I do like the hexies added, but then as you know I am a hexie nut!! I guess the second centre ties in with the other borders...can I sit on the fence while you are dancing please???

Janet said...

I missed the first version, but this one looks pretty lovely to me!

Fiona said...

looking good... I liked it before and went back to compare it and this is definitely better... what does DH think now?
keep dancing.. don't mind if you twerk too!

Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

I had a smile at this post, our husbands don't always say what we want but other times they surprise us.I went back and had a look at the previous centre and your quilt looks so different. Keep dancing.

Happy days.

Shirley said...

Looks mighty fine to me and I would be very proud of it. At least you knew what twerking was and who Miley Cirus was. I had to google it.

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous quilt, Marina - quite inspiring.

elliek said...

Having had to compare the two posts about the centre I think the consensus of opinion is the Dresden plate and hexies. I agree that it looks fuller and I know that you were concerned. I do love the new centre and I think you will be happier with it when you do it.... at least it won't take long. You do make me laugh:)

Anne McAllister said...

Just love your sense of humour Marina - and the new centre looks great.

Sisbabestitches said...

Well done for DH for telling you outside your head what you felt you knew inside it :) No opinion here, what would I know really? lol Tweak away- after all this work why would you rush now?

Raewyn said...

I am slowly learning to go with my gut instinct. That little niggle that i's not quite right just keeps on at me until I make a change/adaptation/etc. I thought your Swan Lake looked just great in your last post but I think your newer version looks even better. Hope that little niggle inside has gone. I'm looking forward to seeing the fnal decision :-) [PS Love your comics!!]

Elyte said...

Just waiting to see what the final decision is on your centre. You are almost there.

Sue-Anne said...

Hi Marina, I think your centre looks fantastic! The centre is supposed to not stand out too much as the showpiece of the quilt is the borders. I just love how your quilt has turned out using all those fabrics.