Saturday, 24 August 2013

happy sewing....

It's been a little while since my last post but that doesn't mean I haven't been stitching away. I have still been visiting blogland regularly just been negligent in posting.
Now what have I been up to you may ask? Of course you may ask...
On Friday I put the last stitches in my final Once upon a time block. I started this project in September 2012 and have managed to get it done in the 12 month period.
Last night I got out my trusty Janome and we worked till late at night to get it together. Some early morning sewing while the princess' were still in their beds and ta da.......
 I'll apologise now for all the photos...
 watch out for the mandatory stray thread, I spent ages trimming and picking them  up and one still got through.

Now I am hoping the quilt police don't visit to check my piecing but it was a random putting together and the effect is just how I wanted it to be. Bright, happy and scrappy.
there you have it, I just love it..... 'Once upon a time' by Smee Designs...
but wait there's more....
the second border has been finished for my Swan Lake quilt...

and the last little finish....
The August block for Sweet Stitches..... by Kathy Schmitz
(for the eagle eyed there is a small line next to the 'w' that wasn't stitched when I took this photo but has been fixed before I basted the block for quilting)

This block almost didn't get done as I had stitched half of it in a very dark navy and it looked hideous. I was ready to throw it out but luckily sought advice and took it once given. The advice was to try a lighter colour. I bought a lovely greyish blue in a cosmo and unpicked all the dark stitching and started over.
It was perfect and matched my blue for the border exactly. I am going to enjoy hanging this mini in winter.
Much happier thanks...
The background fabric is a white on white with a snowflake pattern. It has been in my stash for ages and was perfect for this block.
Now to quilt July's and August's blocks. They are basted and ready to go...

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

new hexagon and some retail therapy..

Yesterday at the blue gum quilters I got to have a go at pieced hexagons.
I was going great guns, bursting with enthusiasm, being ever so careful, but still ended up making a mistake. To correct the mistake I had to cut more pieces which allowed me to have two hexies. So glad I picked the most simple piecing who knows what would have happened had I picked the complicated one. I am sure it would have ended in tears...
Here are my two hexagons..... destined to become candle mats for Christmas
They don't quite match up perfectly in the centre but overall I am happy with them. I don't see a quilt made of these in my future but it was enjoyable learning to do something new.

 I popped in to spotlight today to spend some vouchers that I had received. I was intending on buying some wool but nothing grabbed me. Mum and I wandered into the fabric section and I just had to have these two panels.
such handsome dogs
 and adorable cats...

 I am very fussy with this type of fabric and only like buying it if the features are realistic. I so wish there had been a curly on the fabric but that's what happens when you have a rare breed.
The detail is gorgeous. Not sure what they will become but I just had to have the panels--- just because.

Best get to some housework then hopefully some crafting time...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Friday night sewing...

Nothing on tv last night so it was a good opportunity to get the sewing machine out and sew.
The latest Sweet Stitches block should be arriving soon so it was time to get July's block pieced.
I had cut out all the pieces last week so it was just a matter of revving the machine up.
I thought I would go with something a little fresher than the other blocks I have made and I am happy with the result.  It is definitely a challenge for me making these borders and I was a little disappointed that I didn't get all the hst's as perfect as I wanted but the overall finish I am happy with.
So here is my July block...... ready to prepare for quilting.
there hasn't been much other crafting happening just another row done on my Christmas cross stitch.
Today I am off to a crafting day with Elyte and the girls at Bluegum quilters. We are going to learn how to make pieced hexagons, should be fun. Don't worry Liz I am not going to want all those AHHH patterns lol

Disappointingly no offers to give a home to the males of the family, and I thought you girls were my friends?
There have been a few offers for the patterns thankfully.
Cheryl for the Quilted crow patterns
Carrie for one of the Quilted crow patterns (Brunswick)
and Wendy for the Peace quilt pattern.
If you would like to let me know your addresses I would be more than happy to pop them in the mail.
Thankyou for the offers of a home for the boys of the curly variety, I will keep it in mind should the need arise. For today they are safe as they had a wonderful bath and trim yesterday and are looking very handsome and not smelly at all (and they haven't destroyed anything major or started to dig an open cut mine in the garden bed in search of cat cookies.)

Have a great weekend