Friday, 31 May 2013

plodding along...

Well the weeks are just flying....I have missed out on a 25th finish again for my Xmas box but hopefully the second half of the year will be a little more productive.
I have been stitching away at my regular projects which makes for boring blogging.
Here are some progress pics.
I finished my May Sweet Stitches block and am awaiting the June one...
Mr Squirrel had directional issues like Mr Cottontail (had to make them facing the left) and he is just waiting to be quilted... I thought the piecing on this one would be so easy but out of the three this is the one with the least perfect seams. I used some of my Reproduction fabrics stash. I love the fabrics in the border.
He will be earmarked for a gift I think.

Mum and I had our big Swan Lake workshop a few weekends ago and she got me headed in the right direction with that. As soon as I got home I had to prepare the first inner border.
OMG this is going to take ages. I have appliqued about half of the stars then it will be up to appliqueing the hexie flowers which I am looking forward to. Only four of these to do Ahhhh.
Lastly I started a cross stitch project. My friend in the Netherlands Els sent me the kit for Christmas last year and I would love to get it finished for this Christmas.
I may achieve that goal.  There are ten rows and I have made a start. The linen was originally a white but I love to tea dye it for that antique look. Doesn't quite show up in the photo. The thread has a very subtle variegation and is gorgeous.
I won't show the complete pattern pic so you can just see it grow slowly...
2 1/2 rows done. Pattern by Atelier Soed Idee
Sunday I am off to the Mill Rose Bloggy meet with my travelling companions Elyte, Robyn, Anne and Annie.
Am so looking forward to the day to catch up with the other amazing bloggers there too.
Hope I don't get put on the noisy table again this time?
(wherever I am becomes the noisy table... lol)
Happy stitching...

Friday, 17 May 2013

a week of this and that

The week has just flown by. I have focused on my distractions more than I probably should but they are happily finished so it will now be back to my other projects, particularly my Swan Lake as I feel a burst of enthusiasm coming on for this project again. Hope mum is up to it!
I am very happy to say that last night I sewed my borders on my Park Avenue Hexies top. I checked back through my quilt journal and I started this back in the middle of 2010. It was never meant to be a get done quick project and I have really loved making it. I am toying with the idea of getting it quilted. The way my arms are at the moment I wouldn't even contemplate hand quilting it.
border design by the quilted crow girls.
there was a little unsewing involved as I cut the red border piece at 2 1/2 inches. I thought the thicker border would look twice as good as a 1 1/2 inch strip. Well it didn't so I unpicked and trimmed and am much happier with the result.
While the machine was out I thought I should finish Mr Cottontail who was patiently waiting for his binding.... another tick off the list!
Kathy Schmitz-Sweet Stitches bom
I was also inspired to do a little crosss stitching over the past week or so.
this is a lovely design by Samplers and Santa's. It is a freebie and one of several designs that were made up into pears.
Very cute and the designs aren't too difficult or large.
I have a few cross stitcheries that need to be made into pincushions. Must add that to the list. In the meantime I will get another one of these pears patterns ready for when the mood strikes.
The next Sweet Stitches block is ready to go and I think it better make it's way to the top of the pile. Focus......
Have a great weekend

Sunday, 12 May 2013

it's mother's day


I think this card says it all, I thought it would give mum a giggle.
Inside it reads ''blame, praise.....your call"
we will be off to mum's for lunch today with food in tow. Meals on wheels it is.
I made mum's favourite dessert.. trifle

I did play with some crafting too this week. 
The next block of Sweet Stitches arrived this week. Not the one I thought would arrive but it is very welcome nonetheless. It is traced and ready to go.
I started to put some of the green stepping stone hexies together.

and just for some encouragement I had a play with the design floor to see how my border would look. After buying some more cotton for the green applique I finished up the first border and have started on the second one which I prepared this week.

Just as I imagined it.... gotta love that.
Hope you all have a great mother's Day!


Monday, 6 May 2013

a little bit of this and that

Lots of distractions seem to be cropping up and I have been enjoying them all.
I had hoped that the new block for the Sweet stitches bom would arrive last week but as yet it hasn't so I have kept myself busy till it arrives.
Quilting is progressing on Mr cottontail and the Christmas mini, some more green hexies have been prepared for basting, and a new Once upon a time block has been started.
I did forget to post a pic of the completed block for last month.
The gingerbread man and his entourage is completed.
 Love the little old woman, I think she looks a lot like Mrs Brown!

My other distraction has been this. This applique will become a border for my Park Avenue hexie quilt. I am 3/4 of the way through the first border.
I am so loving playing with the wool and the appliqueing is very gentle on the hands as it offers very little resistance. Much easier than stitching through fabric with vliesofix on it. The curves didn't work out too badly either.

 this is the centre...
this is the design to the side of the central flower. There is a reverse image on the other side. this pic shows the fabric background colour better.
loving it...
hopefully I can get the other side finished quick smart and get it sewn on to the main part of the top. It would be lovely to get this long term project finished.

Happy stitching and have a great week!