Friday, 29 March 2013

a new project...

Well my new project arrived this week thanks to Karen of Mrs Martins quilt shop.
I will hopefully start this soon but there are a few little things to get finished first.
It's such a lovely bom and I just need to decide what colours, will I make 12 minis or one big quilt. Decisions, decisions..
some more progress on this Once upon a time block, and yes it was the three little pigs...

My progress has been halted due to running out of cotton. I will have to get them tomorrow.

Just had to share this pic of Miss Maisie.
We are thinking of changing her title to Madam Horizontal.
I went into the bedroom and she was asleep on the bed and she was so stretched out , talk about relaxed, I so want to be a cat!

Have a great weekend.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Swan Lake progress

This week of just working on Swan Lake has proved very beneficial.
Some small success can inspire to get more done.
Yesterday I appliqued all the dolly dresses on the fourth border, ironed on all their heads and arms and completed a further five flowers.
I need to prepare about another 10 flowers and then that will be enough and I will be onto the inner borders! woo hoo...
this quilt is a work in very slow progress, there is no deadline just some progress has to be achieved each month and I feel I am back on track. I have doubted my ability to make this quilt so often I feel encouraged that I can get it done.
dolly border no 4
96 flowers
To give my frequently stabbed finger and thumb a break I thought I should check out the traced blocks for my Once upon a time. I needed to trace another three so got that done quick smart and they are ready to be stitched. There are five blocks to be done and three of them are quite large so will take some time to get done but I have been treating this as a bom so have caught up and am back on track with this too.
Just need to catch up on my christmas items and I'll be happy.
A new bom pattern should arrive next week which I am excited about. I have been procrastinating for the past two months as to whether to sign up or not and finally have succumbed to temptation. Having played catch up I don't feel quite so guilty after all there are an average of four weeks to the month so I can fit another project in to the month.....
Until it arrives I will keep working on my once upon a time and at getting those last flowers done, musn't forget those arms and heads seeing as I am so close to finishing them.....
which fairy tale do you think this is?

happy days!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Rapunzel and swan lake

this week I thought I would dedicate to my Swan Lake project.
Over the weekend I quickly finished off Miss Rapunzel so I am up to date with my Once Upon a time blocks.
I think she looks lovely...

She seems quite content with her situation or is she dreaming of her prince?
After finishing off this lovely princess it was onto Swan Lake. I figured if I allow a whole week to this project I could get a bit done.
Well ta da...
Border 3 is done, all arms and heads appliqued then onto the flowers I have prepared. Got four done last night and there are another 6 ready to go. That should see me through the weekend and I get to pick something else for next week to work on then after that it will be holidays for two weeks and a crafting free for all!

Some news on the gift quilt... it was presented Wednesday night and was very well received. We also gifted her a kindle between all of us and she was quite numb and overwhelmed that we had given her these gifts. She told me that after she went home she looked at the quilt again and when she read the label again and looked at all our names that it made her cry.  It was very touching. She can think of us each time she looks at it. So I would count that gift as a definite success.
No pics as none of us got a decent picture!
Happy days!

Have a great weekend


ps a work friend has started a new blog after having issues with her old one.
She is making a gift quilt too for a friend. Feel free to pop over and say Hi.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

a day in the Barn..

Elyte asked me earlier this year if I would like to join her and the girls for a day at Linda's barn with the Quilted Crow girls. Who wouldn't accept! They are a great bunch to go out with.
We had a fantastic day yesterday, lots of laughing, chatting and some stitching. I was keen to learn as much as I could about appliqueing the wool felt project because I have been holding out starting something from Deidre and Leonie's book until I knew the basics of their methods. They were very generous with their hints and techniques and they are such lovely ladies. Linda was the most wonderful host with lots of yummy food to keep us going all day.
Now some smart person forgot her camera but luckily Elyte was happy to share her photos. She has heaps more on her blog too.
Here we all are with Deidre and Leonie...
l-r Annie, Anne, Jo, Robyn, Deidre, Me, Elyte and Leonie.
the item we made was a sweet little needlecase that included different aspects of their applique. I was nearly off to a disastrous start but with some help got back on track. Would help if I could follow instructions properly...
It all turned out in the end..
 I bought some lovely wools to add to my stash. Hopefully on the holidays I will get to use these pretty woolly bits.
I got to meet another blogger that was my inspiration for starting the Swan Lake quilt- Sue anne of Buddy and me. I had been watching Sue Anne's progress on her Swan Lake intently and the result was so beautiful it made me want to make it. I did tell her that she was responsible (to blame) for me starting it. She gave me some encouragement to keep working at it, she does the most amazing quilts and Swan Lake is one of her favourites.

Kim, Elyte, Me,Linda
and Sue Anne seated.

Now that the gift quilt is finished it is back to some other works in progress!
This cross stitch is a freebie from The Primitive Hare. I had been wanting to do it for ages and had it half done in my cross stitch folder. The linen was given to me by Melody. Such a close weave, I did pick up two mistakes that I will have correct before finishing it.
Half done no longer-now to make it into a pin cushion for the gift box!
the colours are a little dull as we have an overcast sky this morning. I love the design.
 Back to My Once upon a time blocks too- the tortoise and the Hare is done. We all know how that story is going to end.
I have made a start on Rapunzel while watching Shrek last night. I love the Shrek movies-seemed appropriate to work on blocks from Once upon a time during the movie. Only three more blocks to go after that.
Wednesday night I will get to gift my dresden plate quilt, can't wait.

Thanks to all the girls for such a fantastic day yesterday and to the wonderful Quilted Crow Girls and Linda for making it such an enjoyable event.
A busy weekend to follow but hopefully some stitching time!
Happy days


Monday, 11 March 2013

eye on the prize....

I have been focused on one project these past few weeks...
All that focusing has resulted in a lot of this
which then resulted in this...
 here is the back.... now don't think what a good dog sitting there while the quilt is being photographed. Seconds before this, said dog, (did I mention that he had not long been bathed and was wet) decided to walk under the quilt while it was on the line! Just the right height for the quilt bottom to drag along his wet curly back. Thank goodness he had been washed but there was a lovely little smudging of brown curly coat hair along the white block!!!! I think everyone heard me yell at him. Thankfully the hair just came off with a clothes brush and no marks were left, phew. Lucky for Coffee!
 the back is made up of all the leftovers and I thought a little stitched sentiment would be nice for the label and we all signed it for me to stitch.
 the end result- a rolled up shot of the gift quilt. Finished with time to spare and waiting to be given.
Now to get back to my other projects...
there is my Swan Lake, my borders for park avenue hexies, a quilt for my sil, catch up on some Christmas items, my once upon a time stitcheries, the Dr Seuss borders,......
Oh my there are a lot of things on my list!
Just as well I haven't signed up for any swaps or new bom projects
Have a great week...