Friday, 26 October 2012

been a bit quiet...

Not a lot been happening here. Just a couple of bits and pieces finished and some lovely flowers blooming. Real flowers for a change not just hexie flowers.
This orchid was a christmas present from mum last year. usually I don't have much success with them re-flowering but DH has been taking good care of it and I have another beautiful flower from it this year.

The pots of native orchids are putting on a magnificent display. They almost grow like weeds at my place and their delicate flowers are some of my favourites.

as for crafting..... some little finishes.
Yesterday I finished my fourth block of my Once upon a time project
May I present 'The Princess and the Pea'

Another finish is this little pincushion from the SKOW book.
Didn't quite get it 100% so it won't make it to the 'gift box'. Might need to make another one. I found it a bit hard getting the 'roundness' right.
Any hints anyone? I left the stuffing opening in the pieced base but my putting together skills definitely are lacking.
Practice makes perfect though!

Hope there is some crafting time in your weekend

Saturday, 13 October 2012

get ready for some photos...

Today I spent a lovely day with the Kilmore Quilters at their quilt in. They were a very friendly bunch and so welcoming and generous. There was mountains of food to graze on and keep our sugar levels and strength up! We also received a gift on arrival, a wonderful zipped pouch and when I had to leave a little early one of the committee made sure I received a door prize before leaving.

Liz (from village quilters) had invited me to come and I sat with her and Rosalie and we had a great time.
I also got to catch up with Annette from Jindi's cottage and some other people I knew.
Marg Low had set up her beautiful wares and I was tempted by some lovely red and cream/white fabrics. Compensation for not having been able to attend the Quilts in the Barn exhibition. Speaking of which....wonderful Elyte sent me a secret surprise in the mail to make up for not having made it to the exhibition too.
It was such a pleasant surprise from a very thoughtful friend.
So what about the photos....
goodies from Elyte... I had so wanted one of these badges when I saw them on the Quilts in the barn blog, lucky me and a sweet tissue holder in beautiful fabrics.

  My Marg Low inspirational fabrics, at a bargain price too!

But wait there's more...
Some new hexies have been blooming in my garden thanks to a parcel that arrived from the Netherlands from my friend Els.
She said she would send some novelty fabrics and she sent me a huge pile! they are lovely. I just had to cut into some of them straight away, so roll the film...
 love Snow White and the six dwarves......

 the tally for novelty hexies is now 53.
Last but not least, the hexies I had prepped up to finish at Kilmore.

Add them to the list.
A great day topped of with a lovely dinner with some family.
Here's to friends and family!
Happy days

Friday, 5 October 2012

ps just some pics had to share

Just got these pics from no 3 son's phone and had to share them. Today we drove to visit a 'curly' friend. She breeds Curly coats and also Jack Russells. She keeps threatening that she will give us one to take home and when she has a litter we always love to go and have some puppy loving.
They are so cute, but they don't get to come home with us, thankfully! lol
they will be going to their new homes next week.

 We took the curlies for a swim down the back dam and were followed by an entourage of Alpacas. They followed us through the two paddocks like little puppies. We kept laughing as when we turned around it was like they were pretending to be invisible. I could imagine it being a monty python skit.
'are you following us?'
'who? us? following who? No, no we're not following you..'
Aren't they the most cute little faces?

some flowers and Puss in boots

some flowers have bloomed this week. I couldn't resist this fabric when I went to gj's last week.

Puss in Boots has arrived to join the Frog Prince and the Three bears.

Another border of dollies has been ironed on and the quilting has begun on the baby Seuss throws..
The holidays are coming to an end
Back to the grind next week!