Sunday, 30 September 2012

two little finishes

Ever buy patterns and then they disappear into a stash of patterns never to be seen again? 
I have been doing a little too much buying lately and not enough of the making but these holidays have seen me make some progress in this regard.
I can tick off some items from the Anni downs books I bought- two zippered purses made, one pincushion ready to go. I bought this pincushion design at our bloggy meet at Tranquility vowing it would get done and ta, da! 
I have made two. One for me and another for the giftie box. The one for myself was a bit of a trial and the second one came a little neater, sort of like the purses. I even got to use up my packets of crushed walnut shells I had stashed away.

the colours are a little brighter than these photos but for some reason they are a little dull.
the other night I also made a start on preparations for my water lily needlecase. Lots of little circles cut for the petals and the stitchery traced!
Bought the wadding and backing for the Dr Seuss baby quilts-now need to get going on the basting and quilting so there may not be much show and tell for a little bit, definitely won't be as productive as I have been in the past week. lol
It has been fun to work on some little projects and I have added to my gift box!
hope you have had a productive weekend too.

Friday, 28 September 2012

those darn zippers...

I have been spoiling myself with a little sewing at the machine each day this week. I had two stitchery/appliques done from Anni Down's book The simple life and got all excited about putting the zippered cases together. One I will keep and the second will be for a surprise gifty.

 got to this stage last night but couldn't work out the instructions for the zipper insertion. I always seem to be a little challenged when it comes to instructions. If I can't visualise it I can't do!
I emailed Susan from Thimblestitch as she had brought her lovely completed case to our bloggy meet and it was gorgeous. She gave me some tips on how to do it and....
from this
to this.... It's not perfect but it is the best I could get it. The second one is much neater.
I made up the back with some left over pieces that I had used to piece the back of my Quilters journal back. See it does pay to keep scraps this size.

There has been some stitching too.
I have finished my second Once upon a time block...
The seductive Frog Prince.. You can just imagine him saying 'Hello Baby'
 Love his 'come hither' stare. I so wanted to stitch a fly in the corner. Might still do that.

My next block will be Puss in Boots. Very cute.
Happy days!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

a day with the wonderful Dr Seuss

Sunny days, lazy sleep ins, walks, sewing time, time to do what you want.... it doesn't get better than this.
On Sunday my twin great nephews were christened and I thought a little quilt each from my Dr Seuss stash would be perfect. Of course you know what they say about good intentions..... well she had to settle for an iou, quite happily I might add.
With holidays happening I knew I could deliver.
Last night with the Brownlow medal on television it was a perfect opportunity to get the machine out and get the cut squares made up.
A little more time at the machine today and they are done. Now I need a trip to gj's for some wadding and backing and I am cooking with gas!
I also got No 1 son's partially sewn top out and finished adding the last row. It needed something more so we thought some black borders would give that little bit more width. I had seen a Dr Seuss quilt on the net that had added uniform sized circles on black strips going across the quilt and thought this would work on the side borders. I used different size circles and they have come up a treat. Now to applique them all!
Roll the film ...
 they are simple and were quick to sew up, I think the fabric looked better in bigger blocks so you got most of the print. It's all so bright and busy I just love it.
 No 1 Son's quilt. He had suggested I make computer covers for his class room from my stash of dr Seuss, I didn't have the heart or inclination to waste the fabric on that so he settled for a quilt. Much more agreeable to that idea!

 Seeing as the sun was shining I wanted to wash my Quilters Journey quilt. I made this in 2006. The first quilt I made as a block of the month. I spent ages collecting fabrics and as I was a relative beginner some of the piecing was quite a challenge for me too. I absolutely love this quilt and made it just for me. I was a little scared to wash it but as it is out on the couch a lot of the time it does get used and people sit against it a lot. Fear subsided and it washed up a treat and is now drying in the shade.
Here are some more pics just because...
the back,
 my attempt at stipple quilting by hand.

And this just sums it all up!
Happy days!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Saturday's gardening...

four new flowers to add to my novelty collection on top of those from lovely fabrics Susan gifted me! I really must count them all and see where I am at with them.
While I am showing hexagons... I have to mention some other bloggers that have hexagon posts at the moment...
Kate  has just completed her gorgeous hexagon flower quilt and the quilting is just so amazing!
Annette has put together the centre of a quilt that has hexagons. Well done~
Shirley showed a picture of an incredible quilt using 1/4 inch hexagons. (and the amazing woman who made it)
Elyte has taken the plunge with hexies too....
Grit is giving instructions for her spectacular hexagon quilt.
Now for those girlies that were at the Bundoora Homestead blog meeting and were putting in orders for my hexagon purse, Lynda is the woman you are after. She had to make herself a hexagon purse after seeing it made up but not only has she made one but three for gifts! Put your orders in girls! They are so gorgeous and the frames she has used are very unique. she also has a lovely hexagon quilt that she is in the process of quilting.
So if you are a little hexagon addicted pop over and see these lovelies!
Now that I have used my stash of adjectives I'd best go.
Day one of the holidays!


Saturday, 22 September 2012

meeting bloggy friends....

Susan from Thimblestitch came to Melbourne and a meet up was organised with Elyte (tea, fabric and other things), myself and Robyn. We met at Tranquility in Moonee Ponds and had lots of fun looking through all the loveliness. It is an amazing shop filled to the brim (literally) with gorgeous fabrics and so many patterns. The quilts on display were gorgeous. We got the mandatory photo and Joanne was most obliging in taking the pics.
We met back at Puckle street after Robyn and I had a bit of a Cook's tour as I missed the turn off for the parking lot, and we had a lovely chat over cuppa's and cake. The fella at the Cafe was a host and a half, in the vein of Basil 
Fawlty but luckily the food was delicious.
Lovely Susan gave me a little parcel of fabrics to add to my novelty hexies and two hugs from Fiona  and Michelle that they had sent with her. You are all such honeys!
Of course I had to make the hexies up straight away, the fabrics are so pretty. As the football was on last night it was a perfect opportunity to get some hexies happening.

 these are some extras I prepared earlier in the week. They are on my list to do this weekend.
 Some Swan Lake hexies prepped ready to go too...

Now for the bloggy meet pic!
Elyte, Robyn, me & Susan

I think this photo sums it up.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

who's been eating my porridge?

I traced a few stitcheries from the Once upon a time pattern to keep me busy.
I have been working on the Three bears this week and have decided to do the stitcheries in different colours. The original is only in green and brown thread but I thought I would make this a colourful quilt.
Here is my progress..

the colours seem a little darker in the photo but they are a few shades lighter.
Love the looks on the bears' faces.
Just the border to go and I will have one block finished. Then to drag out my dollies, it's time I planned some progress for those lovely ladies.
Happy stitching..

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Made it to the lifeboats....

Well I survived the Titanic! Not sure if I survived the laughter and frivolity. We had a ball. By the end of the night I was quite hoarse ( probably more like a Clydesdale than a thoroughbred).
 We went there to celebrate a hen's night as a good work friend is getting remarried in a few weeks and as it is a small wedding she still wanted to celebrate with friends. It was more like an old chook's night than a hen's night as we were mainly boilers. Wish I could show some of the nights pics but I will need permission first.
Most of us were dressed up to suit the theme which really made the night even more fun.
I don't often show photos of myself, unless in the company of other bloggers, but I had to show off the beautiful outfit my friend put together for me. She made the hat and skirt and put it all together.
Now get ready for it here is the outfit....

Fighting over a life preserver! How un-lady like. Get back to steerage it's mine!

Recovering today!
Take it away Celine...


Friday, 7 September 2012

waiting for the lightning bolt....

........Of inspirations that is..
It seems I have lost my way a bit since I finished my Down in the garden.
I have spent time on the net and flicking through magazines to find some inspiration for a new project. That's not to say that I don't have some wisp's that could do with some attention. But I need something new! A new stitchery project.
These lovely patterns have arrived over the last two weeks but I haven't done more than read the instructions and look longingly at them..

these need no introduction....

Once upon a time by Smee designs

just love these stitcheries.

Well that's for the new inspiration.
I have had a raggedy Anne stitchery traced for ages, It was one of the monthly instalments of Kaaren's free bom so they occupied some idle hands for a little while....then I got the guilts and it was time to cast an eye on a wisp. My park Avenue hexies have been waiting for the side fillers that I have had made up for quite a few months. One side is done and I am working on the other just sewing those awkward shapes reeks havoc on my middle finger and of course the needle hits that spot each time!  Tried a leather thimble but it was a bit awkward so I will let it heal for a little bit before attacking the other side. I have some lovely cream fabric for the borders and am planning to do a rambling vine. Thinking, thinking.....

Sailing on the Titanic (a theatre restaurant) tomorrow night but don't worry I am going first class and will make sure I am seated next to the life boats. We have to dress in period dress if possible and I have a fantastic outfit put together by a friend. Should be a hoot!
Off to see if I can't get some motivation happening...
Hope you have a great weekend.