Sunday, 27 May 2012

a hexie adventure, some tea cosies and lovely blogger friends

Well there was no chance of lacking inspiration for a title today.
On Friday I headed out to buy the little lobster clasps to make the handle for my hexie purse. Found all the right bits and pieces! We were ready for our Sunday meeting.

This morning my purse and I headed out for a bloggy meet at the Mansion in Bundoora.

Right ready to go... After taking a slightly wrong turn at Albequerque I made it to the mansion and thankfully Tracey arrived so I knew that I was in the right place.
My purse was welcomed lovingly and there was even an offer of it to be shared amongst the group, some quality time with each person, then there was the suggestion that I could make one for each of the girls!

Here is the wonderful group of ladies that I spent the afternoon with..
left to right-Annette-Jindi's cottage, Christine-Macdonalds patch, Simone- quilts and cats, Elyte- Tea fabric and other things, Melody-House on the hill, Tracey-Mistea Crafts and Yours truly on the end.
We chatted, ate, chatted, drank, chatted, ate, chatted and looked at tea cosies, and of course chatted some more.
Here are some of the tea cosies at the exhibition.
 the brown one at the rear of this trio is Tracey's creation. Rapunzel lowering her hair from her tower window to a Prince below (who is hidden ).

There will be another meet happening in the future as we all had a great time.
Maybe even a hexie support group?
Thankyou girls for such a lovely day.

Friday, 25 May 2012


It's so hard to think of a post title sometimes?
I feel a bit like Maisie in this photo lately. The next holidays can't arrive quickly enough.  I haven't been as crafty as I would like but last weekend I cut out all the bits for my block 7 of down in the garden and got it sewn up! I was so happy to have done it and quite happy with the arrangement too. As you know I tend to over think things sometimes and I have found that I could have 'colour themed' the blocks a little better instead of just randomly putting the colours. This happened with my boys story top too. If I had have just thought a bit more at the start it may have made fabric placement a little easier as ironically it is hard to be random sometimes!
Nevertheless here is block 7...

I had a lovely parcel arrive this week too.... Oddbjorg in Norway sent me my gift for winning her blogaversary giveaway.Her sewing is just so amazingly perfect. We have previously been swap partners and I was lucky to have received some beautifully made goodies the little zipped pocket is just gorgeous but then she popped all the little extras inside. Some beautiful lace and look at those gorgeous buttons and blue fabric too. Oddbjorg knows my favourite colour.The buttons are going to be perfect for a project I have waiting to make it's way to the top of the list and wouldn't you know it it also involves hexie flowers!

.Well must get off this computer as I need to go to Spotlight to get some bits to make a handle for my hexie purse as we have a very special outing this Sunday. Will fill you in then...
Last month I was early with my christmas Item and this month I will be a little late. I am going to try to finish quilting a tts hanging over the weekend so hopefully next week there will be a Christmas reveal.

Happy stitching

Friday, 18 May 2012

catching up..

Having been busy stitching away and not much blogging happening here but today I will play catch up in showing you what I have been busy with.
I managed to finish my hexie purse for myself for Mother's day and I liked my gift very much. My quest to have things as perfect as I can takes over sometime and I had to redo my gumnut babies hexies as they didn't sit right with the direction these hexies sit. I also misjudged the way the pattern went and they were upside down anyway. I just couldn't live with that so had to unpick and redo. Call me obsessive, I'll take it. When you compare the two gumnut hexies you can see why they wouldn't have sat properly..Wish I was as obsessive with the sewing up part, it just isn't my forte or passion, just a necessary part of finishing an item. The frame is stitched on with linen thread and was by far the hardest part of putting it together. I don't think I got feeling back in my thumb and middle fingertips for a few days after.
I am so happy with the result though.

"I'm happy with where we ended up, aren't you?'
"oh yes just as long as that bee keeps his distance"

'I'm just glad I am not tilting!'
 I had a small stash of wool tartan that I have had for years, leftovers from a smocked dress. I thought it would be perfect for my purse lining. Couldn't throw these little babies away so they got a special spot to sit.
'we got a cosy spot here?'
the cross stitch sal item got finished too. Just needs a little stretching into shape and a press. I think it might look pretty framed-keep all my blue and white cross stitcheries company.

Before I even thought about any other distractions there was one job that had to be done-down in the garden.
Block 7 has all the stitcheries done and hopefully this weekend I can piece the block together. All the remaining stitcheries are traced and backed ready to go so no excuses!
 Block 8- bird stitchery started last night. I love the chain stitch but all those little flowers are going to try me a little-bit over them I think. Just need to stay focused and before I know it it will be finished.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of craftiness.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

cross stitch along and some more hexies...

I have finished my first part of the Cross stitch sal, now I can be sent the second part. I chose to use red dmc 815 and a piece of Belfast linen. I can't remember the count and I think it is a natural colour. It's my last piece so a trip to the city may be in order to buy some more! It looks a little wonky as it needs to be pressed properly. If you want to see some of the other participants' amazing stitching go here. some of the colours selected are stunning.
Last night I managed to stitch together the hexagons for the base of my purse,
They went together quite quickly. The sugar bowl is full of all the basted hexies waiting to be put together for the sides. Hopefully I can make a start this afternoon.

gee they did come together quickly! Glad I won't be on the bottom of the purse!

A beautiful sunny day here in Melbourne so more washing is on the agenda.
hope you have a lovely day which includes some craftiness!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Friends with Benefits swap....

Today I received my beautiful gift from Lillian for the Friends with Benefits swap.
It's really beautiful and I think Lillian really hit the spot when she put her thinking cap on.
A beautiful hexagon shaped table topper now do you think that is me?! What gorgeous fussy cutting and look in the centre....
 a hexagon stitchery with fussy cut hexies in the centre.
 a beautiful hardanger scissor fob and this beautiful tape measure brooch, isn't it fantastic?
 I have just the place for it.... It looks perfect on my special blue bag. This was a swap gift from Oddbjorg in a past swap.
 Here are some pics of what I sent to Lillian..
A little craft keeper made with some special fabric that I have had stashed away for a little while. I added a little milk jug doilie that I think I have made for all of my swap partners.
 I thought this little button would finish off the keeper nicely.

these little buttons were from the AQC, cute aren't they?

thanks to Kathy for arranging the swap and thanks again to Lillian for such a lovely gift!
Happy crafting