Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hexagons are covering my world...

It seems this weekend's crafting has been completely absorbed by the hexagon shape.
Yesterday at craft group I worked on some Swan Lake hexie flowers.
Every little bit adds to the pile.

Then I thought it would be good to add to my stash of fussy cut hexies. I enjoy the process of making hexies a lot. There are four ready for when I want a change. The two nursery rhyme ones were made a little while ago. I couldn't resist the fabric from Spotlight. They are becoming a lovely collection...
Moving right along......
My Park Avenue hexies are patiently waiting for me to make the fillers to make the borders straight. I drew the design out first, if I can't see it I find it difficult to imagine it, if that makes sense. One step closer to finishing this one!
then there is this little new hexie project...
At the Essendon quilters I found the Holy grail of Hexagon love, a super hexagon purse- imagine angels singing and a beam of light shining down on it at the time.

 Melody found the pattern on line and let me know where it was from. She has already made a start on hers and I made a start on mine yesterday. There are 206 hexagons in the purse . I have them all cut and half of them are basted. Woo hoo! I so love this purse!!

psst.. do you think she is a little addicted to hexagons?

Hope I haven't bored you too much with my Hexie addiction...

ps have heard from my Friends with Benefits partner. Parcel arrived and well received! Will show pics soon.

Friday, 27 April 2012

nurturing the inner child...

No 1 son turned 22 this month and I wanted to buy him a novelty type gift as we had contributed to a larger gift that he wanted. So where to go? A toy shop of course!
All my boys have loved lego when they were young and each one had different themes that they liked. They spent many hours building and playing with lego blocks even though I sometimes wanted to strangle the guy that invented them. Not pleasant standing on a lego brick I can tell you.
He bought himself a display 'lego' block that you can put the little people into but it didn't fit them all so I bought him another one.
It is so cute all set up...  I love the guy with the eagle on his arm, reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer recreated a talk show set in his apartment and invited the wildlife handler as a guest. very funny...

 they are a neat way to store Lego people...

Project updates.....
I have been busy trying to keep make progress on my Swan Lake quilt. I wish I had  thought about the sort of commitment this would involve before jumping in. I think I will be a hundred by the time I make considerable progress with it but we all have to start at the beginning..
I have 28 flowers, only 76 to go...
I made a start on the dolly border. One border has all the dresses appliqued, another the dresses ironed on ready to applique. I have made three dollies with arms and a head. I don't seem to be precise enough as my dollies are different heights, my girls are going to be individuals! I hope to iron on some more arms and heads to work on this weekend. Boy this is going to take awhile.

I haven't forgot my other big project, Down in the garden. I have nearly finished stitching block 7 birdhouse block. I got a little frustrated that some of my satin stitch flowers weren't as neat as some of the others so thought it best to put them aside for a little bit. Will get back to it soon.

As a distraction I have also signed up for a cross stitch SAL on this website.

Google translate isn't very accurate sometimes and my Hungarian is non existentso I am hoping I have understood the gist of this correctly. Fingers crossed.

So much inspiration so little time!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

early Christmas item post

I couldn't wait to share my Christmas items for this month, it is a change to be early and to be able to do a full reveal so here goes...
(the little owl hanging has gone to live at mum's place as she liked it so much)
loved making these ornaments and they are quite addictive and easy to make (once you have instructions that make sense- thanks to Marg Low)
There are a few more buttons coming to make some more. They are just so gorgeous! The cross stitch Santa has been sitting there waiting to be made up properly and I think he looks quite cute.

This week I gave the comfort quilt to my work friend. She loved it. Phew- big relief.
I was so happy with the finished quilt.
love to photograph a rolled up quilt...

The deadline is looming for the 'friends with Benefits swap' item to be mailed. Mine is packed and ready to go!
So watch out Lillian it will be on it's way Monday.

hope your weekend has had some craftiness...
Next post I will show and tell the progress on my Swan Lake..

Happy stitching

Saturday, 14 April 2012

AQC loveliness

Yesterday Mum and I headed off to AQC in Melbourne.
I prepared a list of must haves that I wanted to source at the show. Happily I ticked all the 'need' boxes and didn't really buy anything off the list. On the way home we stopped off at GJ's for their 25% off sale where I bought some homespun for a project I am mulling over.
Here are the purchases from my list..
 I have already made up the reindeer tag and it was so simple once I worked it out. They will be my Christmas Items for this month so you will have to wait a little bit before I show off the finished item.
I absolutely love this cup! I bought an extra one for gifting.

We had a super day and I took lots of photos of my favourite quilts...
Get ready for the pics...
(lots of Australian flowers by Mary Hitchens)

loved this dragon but I forgot to take a pic of the label.

you knew there were going to be hexagons included somewhere!

this was a challenge quilt by Helen Godden

more beautiful hexagons adorning this quilt..

Blue and white- how could I resist Dutch Tiles in Blue and white by  Sophia Franken

more hexagon loveliness!! Aptly titled Dedication by Judith Whitaker.

I did get some more pics but I will show them next time. 
Enjoying the last of the holidays. I have a list of things to get done before Monday.
Hopefully I will have some pics to show and tell!
Have a lovely weekend

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Love progress!

I have hit a small slump with my Down in the garden, I just needed a little success to spur me on!
when I have been visiting Mum this week she has been going great guns putting her Gingham girls blocks together. While Dad sitting yesterday I finished the last stitchery block that was holding me back from putting Block six together. Today I dragged out the machine and put together block six of Down in the garden. While the machine was out I was also employed to sew sand bags for DH to rest his rifle on. Yeah like that was real fun but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.
I got a little carried away and thought I may as well put the two rows together. I made a slight boo boo with the centre block by cutting it 1/2 inch too small. What to do but cry... I went to mums and she helped me work out the measurements to make a small border to make up the 1/2 inch. Yeah for mum! I think the border looks pretty good and frames that centre stitchery well.
So back home and sew, sew, sew...
Here it is folks.....
blocks 1-6
 Of course as soon as the top was spread Maisie jumped up to 'catscan' it and give it her meow of approval! It's enough progress to get that enthusiasm fired up again.

And here are Mum's Gingham Girls blocks...
row 3

row 3

rows 1/2
One last photo...... Introducing Princess Bucket Head. She moved into mum's house a few weeks ago and has made herself quite at home. She had her little operation last week so still has to wear the bucket for a few more days. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. She kept my lap warm yesterday while I sat with dad, I don't get to let my boys on my lap, a bit hard to do with a 40kg Curly though I am sure they wouldn't be adverse to trying it!

Happy stitching!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Liebster award by 2

I was lucky enough to have been awarded the Liebster award by Sue of Charlottes cottage and Narelle of Pins and whiskers.
To fulfil the award I need to state 5 things about myself....
This is always a bit tricky but here goes...
1. I made my first patchwork quilt in 2003. I had never really had an interest but once I did well, you know where that has lead.

2. I adore animals of most persuasions. I always wanted a horse when I was a teen. I never got one but that's life! I love dogs and have done dog obedience with most of my dogs and even dabbled in dog showing. Showing isn't always pleasant so I never really got passionate about that. I still enjoy watching dog events though and love the movie 'Best in Show', it does have quite a few truths in it! lol.

3. I believe Laughter is the best medicine and you can never have too much! I love that take your breath away, lay an egg laughing till it hurts.

4. I like live theatre. My first was Camelot with Richard Harris and Marina Pryor.
I remember I took my two eldest boys (they were only about 6 and 8) to see Les Miserable when it was the 10th anniversary. We were seated three rows from the front and they could see the orchestra pit. It was amazing and they were blown away. They still remember it.

5. I would love to visit the old castles in the UK and Europe. Just to absorb the history. I have been to Pompei and I loved it. When in Italy I was just blown away by the fact that you could walk down roads that were built by the Romans. I just love History.

 so there you have it.

If you have 200 followers or less and would like to take the award, please feel free.... Please leave a comment if you would like to take part so I can pop over and find out 5 things about you!
Will be back soon to show and tell what I have been busy doing.
Cheers for now

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A day in town...

Yesterday I spent a super day in town with the girls from work. We went to have lunch with a friend who left our work at the end of last year. We had such a good time chatting over lunch then seeing that we were in the city I asked if they wouldn't mind if I popped into a craft shop. I just had to visit L'Uccello especially as it was on our way to the train station. The shop was quite full of people. I wanted to buy some more shell buttons and I was very good as that is all I bought.
Tuesday night I sewed away till the gift top was pieced and before leaving for the train yesterday I got it sandwiched and pinned for quilting. I made some covered buttons to put in the solid coloured border in each corner. I love covered buttons.
(quilt details- fabric California Girl, House and vase design from a wall hanging published in Australian Country threads Vol 5 No 2 designed by Barri Sue Gaudet from Bareroots. Put together by me...)

the back

I am happy with how it has come together..

Here is a link to the most amazing Down in the Garden quilt
The quilting is just beyond words and the quilt, well words escape me!
Thanks for the link Fiona- let me know when you are ready to quilt my DITG this way too.
I think I will check back to that photo whenever I feel in a slump with my own quilt.

Happy days!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

busy stitching....

Beware lots of pics....
I have been trying to catch up on my down in the garden blocks, nearly there...
There are always so many things that are distracting me from them but I want to get back on track.. One more small stitchery and Block 6 will be ready to piece.

I realised that there is a little leaf that still needs a few stitches, what poor quality control!

I have been working on the appliques for my friend's quilt and have completed the stitching and appliqueing.
Taa daaa-

I am quite happy with the blocks now to the piecing! If I keep going like this it will be ready in time. Fingers Crossed.

Love Holidays!!


ps. Thanks Kay for your comment providing further explanation. I was happy to post the link and your comment was worded much more politely than the others that I spoke of, so I did feel that yours was genuine and not suspicious at all.  I hope you will pop by again. (ps I would have emailed you but you are a no reply comment) thanks.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Essendon Quilt show

I received an email form Elyte (tea fabric and other things) to let me know that there was a quilt show on at Essendon Quilters, as it was in my neck of the woods I thought I would try to pop over to have a look. I thought it would be a good idea to pass this info on to some other bloggy friends too so Melody and Tracey were up for it too. I organised to meet Melody and Tracey but didn't get a chance to let Elyte know which day we were going. While walking around I thought I recognised Elyte (it is handy to post your picture on your blog, I now concede) while having a cuppa Melody encouraged me check if it was Elyte, I am glad I did as it was her, thank goodness I wasn't a stalker. It was fantastic to finally meet Elyte as we have been visiting each other's blog for ages. Elyte was with three lovely friends and it was great to meet them too as they were all so friendly and visit my blog too.
Tracey had some friends there too, Annette from Jindi's cottage and Rosie (no blog).
We made a day of it and laughed and chatted like old friends. It really made my day! (I have pinched this photo from Melody's blog)
L-R Tracey, Annette, Melody, Me, Elyte

Thanks girls for the blog meet!
I also got to meet Irene Blanck who designs some gorgeous quilts with beautiful needleturn applique. I work with Irene's sil and she has spoken about her quilting design and classes often. Irene was just so warm and friendly she quickly said we should take a photo together and send it to her sil with the message 'my new bff'. I know Sandra would crack up with this. We had a great laugh!
Irene has a new pattern coming out soon with needleturn and hexagons-it is going to be hard to resist. I may learn needleturn yet.
Oh by the way the quilts were lovely and I was so good I didn't even buy one piece of fabric! I put all my pennies in the raffle boxes but sadly didn't win. Melody won two lovely books in the raffle and she was very happy!
Last night I dreamt about the Mrs Billings coverlet quilt that we saw there yesterday.......
It's just amazing!!
Keep Dreaming....

ps someone has asked about the Yo Yo Christmas trees but as they are a no reply comment here is the link ...

Has anyone been getting comments with people asking you to send them the pattern for whatever project they have commented on? I don't think the above request was one of them but I have had a few requests from overseas bloggers and they are no reply bloggers with blogs that have never had posts on them?