Friday, 24 February 2012

I made it......

It's the 25th and I managed to have some goodies made to put away for my Christmas items.
Woooo Hooooo!
Some yo yo christmas trees...
and another pin cushion to put away for gifting. This was a free pattern here
There was another pincushion but I forgot to take a pic and it is on it's way somewhere special.

This lovely trinket came in the mail yesterday from Cheryl of Willowberry Designs. I am taking part in a Swap she is organising and each one of us has received a lovely little gift. I am using mine as a Scissor fob. Being a hexagon makes it even lovelier.

Happy stitching

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

At last.....

After a couple of torturous months I have finally finished this....
So relieved to have it onto block six. So much stitching and I realised when photographing it that the I have appliqued the butterflies in a way that doesn't match the flow of the writing on the fabric. Oh well that's life.
 Here is a sneak peek, but only a peek mind you. It is an Anni Downs design free from her blog.
 Just had to show these gorgeous flowers. Mum brought them for me for Christmas. They are still beautiful and only one has fallen off the stem. I am enjoying them while I still can.

See you at the end of the week for my Christmas Item...


Friday, 17 February 2012

lots of photos.....

A few years ago I couldn't think what to buy Mum for her birthday and Mother's day, I knew she really wanted to get the patterns for 'Gingham girls' by Bronwyn Hayes as she really enjoys her designs. It was the perfect gift. This year she decided to start it and she has been going great guns. As my progress on my projects has been slow I will bask in her creativity and showcase her progress on this bom.
Her stitching is absolutely perfect and her needleturn is just as precise.

Add caption

this is the current block she is working on.

We enjoy sharing our fabric addictions and patchworking projects. 
Hope you have a lovely weekend with lots of stitching time!


Sunday, 12 February 2012

motivational chocolate

a good friend suggested the power of chocolate to help rejuvenate a lagging mojo, so with a Chokito and peppermint Crisp in hand I took the medicine prescribed by Dr Narelle and I was off and running!
I wanted to finish the binding on the flower garden quilt and big tick, it got done. I had a 'flower' sent to me by a fellow blogger and have always wanted to find a use for it- a pillow, a table topper..... I stitched it to the back of the garden quilt and it looks quite at home.

A happy ending!
While I was picking up the quilt on Friday I wanted to check out Jemima's range of cosmo threads. A lovely variegated cotton jumped out at me, oh no another distraction appeared....

Yesterday I had great fun cutting out the rest of my dollies for Swan Lake and started to cut the stars, 21 down. There will be 80 something in total so there are a lot to go. To give me a little incentive I had a play around with placing the pieces on the border fabric. I was a little unsure how all the fabric would look but I think I am quite satisfied with how it will look. It is only a rough placement but gives me an idea at least.

So I think next weekend I better stock up on some more choccies and watch out!
I have also been pottering with my christmas items, who knows I may even get something finished.... Only sneek peeks though as they may be swap goodies.
Hope you have had an inspiring weekend too....

Friday, 10 February 2012

end of the week...

thankyou to those that left suggestions on how to fix the issue with not being able to comment. I have followed your instructions and have not had as much trouble as before.
Seems that there hasn't been much crafting going on here, just been shuffling the Penski file as I have been too pooped to stitch!
Last night I did play with my swan lake fabrics to get going on some more hexie flowers- I only need to make about 90 more.
This is the flower garden that I adopted from Niki in the UK last year. 

Last year it was taken to Jemimas', my local quiltshop to be quilted. They have done a super job. I was just amazed at how different the quilt looks after it has been quilted. The photo doesn't do it justice.
It looks like it has had a fresh makeover. 

 now quilted....
now onto the binding.

Today I visited Ingrid's (Supergoof) blog and was so inspired by the progress she has made on her Swan Lake quilt. I have cut enough hexies to make 10 flowers and once I can get some more Vliesofix I will get cracking on cutting some more dollies. Still haven't plucked up the courage to cut the back ground pieces yet. I am such a coward.
I have been trying to find out what threads would give me the best effect with the blanket stitch applique for my dollies and have decided to give silk threads a go.
That is once all my dollies are cut out and ready to go.
For the centre I am going to give broderie perse a go. This morning I put the pieces on the background that I will use for the centre panel., just to get a little inspiration of my own. Looks a little sparse but the focus of the quilt is the borders not the centre-or so the pattern says.

Hope you find some time for crafting, I will desperately be seeking it!

commenting issues?

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues commenting on blogs that require verification? I have tried to comment on several blogs today and when I have to enter the word verification the same word appears and when I enter the word it tells me that I have entered it incorrectly but shows the same word to re enter.
Commenting on blogs that don't have the word verification is fine but there is an issue with entering the word verification. Very frustrating!
Blogger help wasn't much help.....
Any suggestions?