Sunday, 25 November 2012

the 25th

Have I got some Christmas Items to show you!
My parcel arrived in WA at Lisa's house which meant we could open our parcels.
She was happy with my goodies which I really enjoyed making for her.
So for today I am going to show the lovely gifts I received.
Lisa put together the most perfect gifts I was ghasping as I was unwrapping. Well unwrapping is an inaccurate description, more like ripping unceremoniously I'd say. I didn't even get a pic of the wrapped gifties I was so excited.
Be warned there are lots of pics.
Roll the film please...

christmas decorations-gorgeous tilda fabric birds


stitchery-this was Lisa's first attempt at stitchery.

christmas stocking-how cute is that teddy

christmas tag

a small kit to make something

applique wall hanging


something to eat
 And the final magnificent gift!!
A Tilda angel doll. I have so wanted one of these forever.(but am too challenged to make one, those skinny arms and legs seem so hard to make)
Isn't she wonderful. She even has a little crown on her head.
I absolutely love everything. Thanks so much Lisa you have made me such beautiful goodies!
I know Christmas is here a little early but it is in keeping with my early decorating.
Only one month to go!
Be back in a few days to show what I sent to Lisa

Friday, 23 November 2012

getting that Christmas feeling a little early

Last weekend I got all festive and decided that my christmas decorations needed to make an early appearance. My friends and family were shocked as I am usually in contention for the Scrooge of the year award and only put up the tree and decorations when the pressure gets too much. I was looking forward to revisiting those handmade lovelies that I have received from crafty friends and also made myself. So out they came. Soon there will be pics of the goodies that I have received from Lisa in the Angel swap. I posted mine off to Lisa last week and once she gets hers it will be a photographic free for all!
One of my new Christmas decorations is actually something I made for Lisa in the swap but thought twice about it as I wasn't sure if it would be to her style so I remade another hanging and kept this one for myself. It is a freebie pattern on Anni Downs' website. It is a popular pattern, there were two made for the Mill rose swap.
  I used a lovely piece of wool that fiona (bubz rugz) gave me, and some buttons that were gifted to me from another friend. I think I was just meant to keep this one.
 I have been doing a little bit of stitching.... I had to babysit dad overnight this week and it was a good chance to have some quite crafty time while watching him.
I had prepared a pile of 1/2 inch hexies from some lovely fabric that Maria (life on the block) had sent me. Maria sparked my interest in novelty hexie flowers and we have swapped fabrics a few times. She also sent a purse frame. I thought they would make a lovely little purse too so got all enthused and basted them. That was quite a few weeks ago, my crafty mojo has been on holidays so what better way to spark it up again than with some hexies. I stitched them together in a piece that hopefully will go ok, will see once the putting together starts. I am using a sew in frame. I added a couple of fabrics from my stash too

Yesterday when I came home from work I saw this book sitting on the couch.
I thought 'how lovely, someone has seen this and thought to bring it home for me'
Well after the initial excitement I opened the book to see what lovely new things might be in it......
Talk about stooged!
Serves me right for thinking I might have raised thoughtful, considerate, and understanding children...
In case the print is too small.
It did give me a giggle..

A few weeks ago we visited IKEA as I wanted to buy some new decorations that I had seen in a catalogue.
I am going to gift some to the girls at work but for now they are in my 2.50 Ikea bowl. Bargain!

Hope your bowl of love is full of hearts too!


Sunday, 18 November 2012

fabulous bloggy meet!

Yesterday I headed off to Mill Rose patchwork shop for the Mill Rose bloggers meet. I had some travelling companions keeping me company. 

It was an absolutely amazing shop, so beautiful it took my breath away walking around it for the first time. There were so many gorgeous fabrics and magnificent quilts hanging around the shop. The staff were lovely and so helpful.They set the place up beautifully.
Lunch was delicious next door at the restaurant.
Lots of laughing and chatting as you would expect lol.
Here we are all returning from lunch..

I only got a little stitching done, we had a super Anni Downs swap for those that wanted to take part. I forgot to take a pic of the package that I wrapped up but this is what was in the package...
a pin cushion,
A finished zipper purse, I can't believe I didn't take a photo of it finished! I will have to check if Barb posts a pic of her goodies...

I also included two fat eights of Anni Downs fabric.
I received this beautiful hanging made by Melody, it's gorgeous!
Here is Melody's pic of my gorgeous gift.

Now did I buy anything? 
Well next meeting the swap theme is Rosalie Quinlan. As I was walking around the shop I found some very pretty Rosalie Quinlan fabrics. Throw in a few extras to co ordinate and voila!! I have some inspiration to work with before February, Nothing like thinking ahead, I say. Now these are not my usual colours but I am keen to make something from them
(the green fabric on the bottom is for another project in case you are thinking 'where does she get her co ordinating abilities from?')
It was a fantastic day and I was a very tired little vegemite but I can't wait till the next meet in February!
thankyou girls for a super day!

Just had to share some flower pics too.
My lovely sister in law and her hub came over for lunch today and she brought me a huge bunch of roses from her garden. They have a wonderful garden full of roses and other flowering loveliness.

 The perfume filling my kitchen is amazing.
Hope you have had a lovely weekend making happy memories.
Now I need to get some motivation and finish some quilting!