Saturday, 28 July 2012

when an ordinary day becomes a super day!

Today was shaping up to be a boring Saturday. I was going to go to the Craft Fair yesterday but needed to tend to domestic duties and the hunting and gathering so that was that.
This morning Hub prepared to go to the city to take no 3 son to a Trade expo in the city which just to happened to be at the same venue as the craft fair! Well it didn't take long to change plans from boring to fun. Elyte had emailed me to let me know she was going today so I thought it would be a bonus to catch up it we ended up being there at the same time. We caught the train into the city, had a quick lunch then headed of to the Convention centre. Didn't take long till I caught up with Elyte, Robyn and Annie, (&Jo and Mary-who I hadn't met before.)
We spent a lovely afternoon together looking at the quilts and of course the mandatory retail therapy. There were so many quilts that had hexies, I am not alone!
Here is my lovely stash...
 some fabrics to add to my Dr Seuss stash.... boy was there so much tempting fabric to add to this collection. But I think I do really have enough- if that's possible?
 Lots of really well priced purse frames. These were too good to not buy a few of.

this lovely fabric was a surprise from Elyte for my novelty hexagons. Very cute and I have cut six petals ready to go. Thanks so much Elyte for thinking of me.

Now for Annie who wanted to see some crafting that I have been up to...
Well there has been some quilting (boring to blog about) and a renewed friendship with this stitchery project....

I got so excited I finished the right top corner! Now to work on the left side... I am enjoying it again.
I have also got these little fellas organised for the next lot of Swan Lake hexie flowers..

We got home about 5.30. Hub had had his own dose of retail therapy so we were two happy chappies catching the train home!
No 1 son had some dinner ready and then he started to make a pavlova. guess who got to lick the spatula?

I prefer the raw meringue to the cooked pavlova. Yummmmm
Hope you are having a super weekend too..


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

christmas finish for July

Yippee! I have a finish for July..
I did finish it a few weeks ago but have kept it to the side for this months reveal.
It is a little smaller than the first one I made but will make a lovely gift.

This is a sneak peak of a Christmas item that I started with the lovely fabrics I bought at the Patchwork teahouse with a few bits from my stash too. I won't give away the size of the hexagons, that's a little surprise.
I only have a few items left for my Christmas angel swap. I look forward to sending it off. I need to get my purse ready for posting too as this week is the mailing date...which means ..... I should be receiving a lovely purse too!

Happy days

Sunday, 22 July 2012

My happy tank runneth over!

Well where do I start!
Yesterday was the bloggy meet at the Wonderful Patchwork Teahouse at Warburton. The lovely Liz from the village quilters offered to take me to the teahouse as it was a little out of my area and as her car can find it's own way there I gratefully accepted her offer. Liz showed me the lovely Dragon quilt she made from a pattern I had given away to her and it was so beautiful. I had to ask Liz if I could see her AHHH hexagons and Oh My they were just magnificent! I am in awe of the work in these fantastic little hexagons. Never in my wildest dreams could I make these beauties. Liz's friend Rosalie also hitched a ride and they were both lovely friendly travel companions. Liz even took me to a few other patchwork shops that were on the way to Warburton. As she was the driver I had to go wherever she said, what was I to do? Thankyou Liz so much.
The meet was just so wonderful!!It was so great to meet Michelle  and we got the most warm and sincere hug. It just makes you feel like you have known someone for ages. I also hadn't met Bronwyn from Korrumburra quilting before and she was lovely too. We all share so many things in common besides our crafting. It amazes me.
Lunch was wonderful and Marilyn from the teahouse was a very welcoming host. So genuinely friendly and helpful. We met another lovely quilter who was just giving herself a day out at the teahouse. We may catch up with her at the Quilts in the Barn later this year.
We laughed and told stories and more laughing. The afternoon just flew.  Thanks to Melody for organising the meet, you are a Star!
We may have to have a Victorian invasion of Qld for a meet there one day....
I will steal a photo from someone at the meet as soon as they put one up as I didn't get to take a pic.
I do have some photos of the goodies I bought and also my surprise personal delivery of my Little bit French parcel from Melody! I was starting to worry that it may be lost and when I had seen her post her finished items this week I thought how I would love to be receiving all that blue and white loveliness. She thought it would be good to hand deliver seeing as we were catching up yesterday anyway. I just love all the things in the package!!

as if shoes are going to see the inside of this gorgeousness!

this beautiful box is going to make a cute storage for...what else but hexies!

well maybe these blingy slip ons could get close to the shoe bag, but only for a minute...

found these fabrcis at Catarina's cottage to add to some fabric from this collection that I have had for ages. Will make a lovely baby quilt?

Patchwork teahouse goodies....I have been wanting this needle keep pattern for ages and it had to come home with me.
The christmas fabrics are for secret Christmas business... The colours are so pretty.

My what a long post! As soon as I can steal that photo I will add it in.
Thankyou so much Michelle for bringing your road trip to Victoria to meet up with us and thanks to all the girls for the most wonderful day! 
I think I have run out of adjectives and punctuation marks so best sign off for now.


ooops forgot to show the lovely little gift that Michelle made for us. Is that the sweetest stitchery and little bird button? Forgot to mention that we had a preview of a new Christmas stitchery that Michelle is in the process of stitching. Absolutely gorgeous! Will look forward to that one coming out for sure. So please hurry Michelle!

Here is the pic of our happy get together pinched from Melody's blog.
back row-Rosalie, Michelle, me, Tracey
Front Row-Liz, Melody, Bronwyn, Christine.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

bloggy meeting Saturday

On saturday Melody of House on the Hill has organised a wonderful get together with Michelle Ridgeway  of Rag Tag stitchin, who is on a massive road trip and has reached Melbourne.
It is a little late notice but it was dependant on when Michelle would know her arrival date. She has been blogging her wonderful travels and has some amazing pics.
It will take place at The Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton, meet time is 10.45.
If you would like to come drop Melody an email and join the fun! The more the merrier.
Perhaps I will see you there...


Sunday, 15 July 2012

some finishing off..

Now that my DITG is finished it is time to focus my attentions to some other projects that have been waiting in the wings. I was tempted to start quilting DITG straight away but my Boys story quilt has been bundled up in the wadding since I finished it so out it came and I have started hand quilting it. I forgot how big it is!
I am just making up patterns and stuff as I go along. Each block will have a random design dictated by it's pattern or by the applique and stitchery it surrounds. Should keep it fun and interesting.
I managed to finish off some half done projects...
I am gathering quite a collection of these and they look lovely in the gift box. Don't think I can part with them all though. They are a Marg Low pattern. When I see the buttons I grab them and put them away to add to my collection.

 Here are my hare pincushions. I can't decide which one to keep and which one to put in the gift basket. I probably don't need to keep either of them but it isn't about Need is it?
 the lace at the back makes a good scissor keeper.
My purse for the Flickr purse swap is done and waiting for it's posting deadline.
I can't wait to send it off and to receive mine. The photos posted of finished purses are amazing and I wish I was getting sent most of them.

My mini for my quilt hanger also saw sunlight this week. But there seemed to be more unpicking than sewing so it has to wait for it's borders and binding. It is one step closer..... They will be lovely for summer.

Last night while waiting to have to go and pick up no 3 son from a party I prepared some more hexies for my Swan Lake quilt. They should keep me going for a little while. I managed to sew over half the dollies on the second border while we were away so I need to get going on the hexie flowers as I don't want to sew any onto the next border till they are all finished. Talk about a long term project.
well that is it for this photo heavy post.
Back to work tomorrow! We will resume less productive blogging and return to our regular posting schedule.  I so wish I had another week...
The sun is out and there is a slight breeze so I am off to try to dry as much washing as possible and then off to mum's this afternoon to make gnocchi for dinner!
Hope you have had a productive weekend

Thursday, 12 July 2012

happy dancing..

If you would like to imagine me happy dancing well it would be looking  a little like this!
Why may you ask....
Well this is why...

block 9

block 8
 Ta da!!! the whole top is done....

I would have been happy to have had one block done this break but was so excited to get the last block done. Thanks to our week away I got the stitching done for block 9. I was like a massive boulder rolling down the side of a hill. -That analogy is probably a little too close for comfort.
I am so excited.
I auditioned fabrics for the borders and as of last night I had the first round sewn on and the second pinned ready to go.
there is enough of the second border fabric to use as backing so there is no excuse for not getting it ready to quilt. Perhaps a trip to get some wadding is needed!
I am quite happy with the result and so glad it is done.

Before going away I also got two of these little cross stitcheries done. I think they were a freebie from The dandy hare blog,.
Last night I made them up into little pin cushion/scissor keeps to put in the gift box.

I finished a Christmas item for this month too but I am saving that for the 25th so I will actually have something to show this month.
Am loving the holidays and getting the time to spend crafty time.
Only two days of holidays left.....wonder what I can get done in that time?


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

spotting the patchwork shops..

In my last post I told you how Hub had been a superb patchwork shop spotter, even letting me stop there too! lol
We stopped at Avonleigh in Albury, Material Girls in Yarrawonga and Stawell craft shop.
Here are the goodies that I bought, you'll see that I have been very restrained..
 there were also two packs of crushed walnuts that were camera shy.
 some op shop doilies, hub spotted these as well! They were only 20c each. How sad.

 these huge keys, i found in an antique and 'remade' store in Mildura. Just love them. The boys want to know what they are for, I tell them they are the keys to their new dungeon where they will be living!
I also found an iron on backing that I have never seen before in one of the craft shops called Parlan. You use it at the back of stitcheries. I use an iron on pellon now too but this one is so thin. Can't wait to try it. Has anyone used it before?

couldn't resist this juicer. The jug underneath will make a great gravy boat.
and these lovelies arrived while I was away. I think I have quite enough Dr Seuss fabrics in my stash now and the Keep calm fabrics are for me just because I loved it.
Today has been a lovely lazy day and I have spent most of it at the sewing machine. What have I been doing you may ask?
Well that will have to wait till next post as you have endured all those photos.... Let's just say it involves some major happy dancing and there will be lots of photos (of what I have sewn not of me happy dancing, that would be scary).
till then...
Happy stitching

Sunday, 8 July 2012

been missing for a little bit.... we have been away on a road trip for the past week travelling around our lovely State of Victoria, well at least parts of it. We even ventured interstate on occasion when we crossed the mighty Murray river in different places. No 3 son got some 'L' hours up doing most of the driving. He did a great job. I got to sit in the back and do some work on my second Swan Lake border. About 3/4 of the dollies is done, including arms and heads. Strangely sitting in the back I don't get car sick but in the front seat I can't even look at the road map without getting nauseous.
We made our way up to Mildura via stops at Euroa, Yarrawonga, Albury (across the border), Rutherglen, Corrowa, Echuca then made our way home passing through Stawell and staying two nights at Halls Gap, not far from Stawell.
We got beautiful mandarins from Mildura that were just off the trees, tasted wines in Rutherglen and visited some beautiful patchwork shops. Spotted, I might add, by Hub. 
We didn't take too many pics but you knew there were going to be some coming, right?
beautiful Hume weir, the water was so clear and blue

paddle steamer at Echuca

view from lookout above Halls Gap, in the Grampians
a ride on a 100 year old steam powered paddle steamer on the Murray river at Echuca.

Mackenzie falls near Halls Gap. That's me at the foot of the falls with the blue top. All those stairs, care going down them but boy did we feel old making our way up them back to the car park!

At Halls Gap there were so many Kangaroos and they were quite happy to allow people close as long as you didn't try to pet them.
I don't tire of seeing these beautiful animals, I still get a buzz seeing them in the wild.

this rather large joey kept jumping in and out it's mother's pouch. So cute!

this big boy was outside our cabin this morning. Joe captured him at the moment he was licking his lips, it looks like he is poking his tongue out lol.

Hope you haven't nodded off with all that tourist info.
Next time pics of craftiness completed and goodies purchased.

ps will catch up on everyone's blogs this week as we only had limited internet access while away.