Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mini in the making

Monday was the Queen's birthday holiday and I was inspired to make a start on my mini quilt. I had some scraps of 1930's fabrics left from my Sweet Nostalgia quilt and thought they would be perfect for a little block.
I don't really enjoy too much repetitive piecing and working in 1 1/2 inch pieces didn't enhance the experience much either. At least I provided some humour for Mum who thought it was a cracker me piecing with such small squares. 
I had put the churn blocks together but unpicked them to rearrange them. I hope to put them together again this weekend after playing around with the set up.
I was going to alternate them with the 9 patch but they just didn't look how I had pictured them so they will become a mini project of their own.

Found these treasures on the internet and they arrived in the mail today.
They are coated and put on scrabble tiles. Cute!
 Just had to show some more Maisie pics. With the colder weather she seems to rediscover her affectionate side.
Last night she snuggled up and just spread out on my lap just like a baby.
She loves to have her stomach and chest scratched and rubbed. My last cat absolutely hated it. 
Let me just say we all had a giggle at poor Maisie's expense and let's just say there were a lot of Mrs Slocum jokes!
 Here she is so sound asleep with her mouth open, it made me laugh.
Can you imagine the little snoring Z's?

A fella at work today saw my computer background which is of Coffee jumping and he asked whose dog? I replied that he was one of my boys.
He then asked if I was one of those crazy dog/cat women who love dogs and cats.
'Of course I am!' I answered.
so now I am a crazy dog and cat woman and loving it.
Hope you are having a great week.

ps for those at a lose end this weekend I found this ad in the local paper.
Sunbury Stitchers and quilters have their annual exhibition this Sat and Sun at the Sunbury Memorial Hall in Stawell street, Sunbury from 10 to 4 both days.


Raewyn said...

- grin - a crazy dog and cat woman who quilts! You sound perfect! Love your little churn dashes; satisfying to get a mini project like that right - how big are the squares? great that you were able to get a photo of the snoring maisie!

Susan said...

Lovely treasure. I can hear the snores from Maisie now. Look forward to seeing your mini blocks finished - they look good.

Grit said...

Die Blöcke sehen super aus. Und die Katze ist ja toll.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Michelle Ridgway said...

Maisie is adorable. Dog/cat people are the best kind. Love your blocks and I am with you all the way ...not fond of piecing. I love them when some one else does them.

Fiona said...

Hello crazy dog/cat woman - love the new header...we were both changing ours today!!! the new little quilt looks lovely .. those 1930's are so fresh looking.... Maisie is looking so comfortable... luckily there is a craft market close by as I won't be able to make Sunbury... are your going?

Carrie P. said...

the photo of Maisie is so cute.
love your little blocks.

Christine M said...

Your blocks look great. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Shirley said...

Such pretty little blocks and they look so cheerful.

Charlie and Wendy said...

I love your little blocks, the fabric is so pretty. And Maisie is so cute on your lap, one of our cats love to sleep on our knees and yes, he snores too! Wendy xx

Lib said...

Maisie looks soooo comfortable. Just love her sleeping position :)

Narelle said...

Your little blocks are so sweet .... 1.5inch wow! and love the fabrics.
Don't think I've ever seen a cat so relaxed ... go Maizzzz-sie :)

Mistea said...

Sure looks like you played with lots of little bits to get all those mini squares for your Mini quilt.
The colours are looking perfect.
Way to go Maisie.

Elyte said...

Good to see you working with such little blocks. The blocks are very cute and I am sure that they will make a lovely little quilt for your stand. Does that little pussy cat have you wrapped around her little paw?

Nicky said...

Hello crazy woman! ; D

elliek said...

Those blocks look great. Have just been to Sunbury and there were some great quilts. Devonshire tea was a bonus too.

Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

I do love the scrabble treasures you purchased. Have fun with those tiny piece of patchwork,just think less to un-pick.
Had to smile at the comment by your fellow worker, I wonder if he is a football loving Ford/Holder driver.

Enjoy the weekend.

pat said...

adorable your patchwork !
ciao Pat

shez said...

such a lovely post.xx