Friday, 22 June 2012

I have a mini and it's spectacular!!

A lovely padded envelope arrived in the mail yesterday. I thought it was the purse frames I had been waiting for but instead I got an amazing surprised. As I was so enthusiastic once I realised who the parcel was from, I don't have pics of the lovely way it was wrapped but look what loveliness was enclosed....

 Making a mini for your new frame-fantastic, getting a mini from a wonderful bloggy friend-priceless!!
So who sent me this beautiful mini and this super cute bookmark?
-The lovely Fiona from Bubz rugz. The quilting and piecing is amazing and the stitching is perfect too. That better be it for the adjectives and punctuation.
Huge cyber hug to Fiona! Love them.

Here is a little peak at my progress on my purse swap.
I have to post a pic on the flickr group and then hopefully my secret swap partner will comment on whether they like it so far or not. My partner has definite likes and dislikes so I have tried to cater for that and add a little of my imagination to the mix. 
If you want to see some of the lovely purses being made and put in the wish list mosaics here is the link

Happy days...

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

just waiting for the posting date...

A lovely reminder email arrived from Cheryl this week about the looming posting date for the Little bit French swap.
I panicked a little and thought I should get going with another item.
I must admit I don't follow patterns overly well for some reason so I haven't found these little items easy, the stitching and embroidery are a breeze but the rest...
Each one has been a little disaster all it's own.
I made the little doily but couldn't manage the beautiful binding that I have seen on other people's makes. I tried but unpicked and improvised a way to finish. Secondly I attempted the sun glasses case and had the same issues with the binding-unpicked twice but by then I had ruined the fabric and it was sadly relegated to the rubbish. I thought the jewellery roll would be easy. I tackled the zipper successfully but when it came to putting it together that was another story. It was unpicked once and I was dreading having to throw out another of my stitching projects. Again I improvised the finish and thankfully it worked.
I seem to be the only one that is so remedial!
So I apologise in advance to my swap partner but I have included a little pincushion as compensation.

ready to go..
Only two swaps to go.... the christmas swap and a little purse swap that I have signed up for at Mrs sew and sew.
The weekend is only a few days away and this week is Craft group. I missed the last one so it will be lovely to see the girls.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mini in the making

Monday was the Queen's birthday holiday and I was inspired to make a start on my mini quilt. I had some scraps of 1930's fabrics left from my Sweet Nostalgia quilt and thought they would be perfect for a little block.
I don't really enjoy too much repetitive piecing and working in 1 1/2 inch pieces didn't enhance the experience much either. At least I provided some humour for Mum who thought it was a cracker me piecing with such small squares. 
I had put the churn blocks together but unpicked them to rearrange them. I hope to put them together again this weekend after playing around with the set up.
I was going to alternate them with the 9 patch but they just didn't look how I had pictured them so they will become a mini project of their own.

Found these treasures on the internet and they arrived in the mail today.
They are coated and put on scrabble tiles. Cute!
 Just had to show some more Maisie pics. With the colder weather she seems to rediscover her affectionate side.
Last night she snuggled up and just spread out on my lap just like a baby.
She loves to have her stomach and chest scratched and rubbed. My last cat absolutely hated it. 
Let me just say we all had a giggle at poor Maisie's expense and let's just say there were a lot of Mrs Slocum jokes!
 Here she is so sound asleep with her mouth open, it made me laugh.
Can you imagine the little snoring Z's?

A fella at work today saw my computer background which is of Coffee jumping and he asked whose dog? I replied that he was one of my boys.
He then asked if I was one of those crazy dog/cat women who love dogs and cats.
'Of course I am!' I answered.
so now I am a crazy dog and cat woman and loving it.
Hope you are having a great week.

ps for those at a lose end this weekend I found this ad in the local paper.
Sunbury Stitchers and quilters have their annual exhibition this Sat and Sun at the Sunbury Memorial Hall in Stawell street, Sunbury from 10 to 4 both days.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

shopping with friends

I had a lovely shopping and lunch outing with Elyte, Anne, Annie and Robyn yesterday. Elyte had ordered me a 12" mini quilt frame and I got to pick it up yesterday. We arranged to meet and visited a couple of patchwork shops- Tranquility and Patchwork of Essendon. It was such a lovely day out- the mandatory excessive laughing and chatting took place and some retail therapy as well. I had such a great time meeting up with all of you!
I promised I would take a photo of my frame with something on it but the only one I had that would fit received some rather negative feedback from the man of the (dog)house, at first I thought he was hurtfully talking about the frame but no it was my handiwork that was being critiqued- how rude. It was promptly removed and may need to find a new home. Good old doily is standing in till I make my mini.
Elyte has already started her mini for the frame so I need to get a wriggle on and work out what I will make for my frame. For now this is what it looks like....
At Essendon Patchwork I was amazingly not tempted by any fabric but they had a lovely collection of little milk jugs. The price was too good to pass up so one came home with me as it was so pretty.  Robyn also shares my love of milk jugs but she was very good and didn't indulge. I quickly moved away from her in case her 'goodness' was catchy!

Last night I worked on my Down in the Garden. Doesn't look like much but it was constant stitching.
Better get thinking on that mini too!

Happy days!

Friday, 8 June 2012

when in doubt.....

Make hexagons!!
But not before making a little progress on Block 8 of Down in the garden.  A little is better than none.

this week I couldn't focus on anything in particular so pulled out a stash of prepared hexies.  These flowers are multiplying nicely..
I picked up some novelty fabrics from Spotlight a little while ago especially to add to my collection of novelty flowers.
love these cheeky monkeys!

border filler for Park Avenue flower quilt

If anyone has some novelty fabrics in their stash and would like to swap some I have some of the woodland people, sock monkeys and racing car fabrics that I would be happy to swap. Just let me know..
Hope you find some crafting time on the weekend!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

spending some time with the dollies...

This weekend I found my mind thinking about my Swan Lake quilt. The hexies flowers are growing and I now have 41 flowers made but there needed to be some appliqueing happening. All the dollies were stitched for one side and only 3 had heads and arms so it was time to get the rest of them 'armed and headed'.
 The centre block also had one basket that needed to be appliqued, well tick that off too.
I am happy at the progress achieved.... I have realised that I also need to make the little circles that are held between the two girls. That can wait for now as I have another side ready to go with all the girls dresses ironed on waiting for applique.
Very happy with this weekend's work.
Just had to post this cute Maisie pic. While I was stitching she snuggled up onto no1 son's chest and shmoosed him while he massaged her. What a princess!

Hope you have had a great weekend