Monday, 9 April 2012

Liebster award by 2

I was lucky enough to have been awarded the Liebster award by Sue of Charlottes cottage and Narelle of Pins and whiskers.
To fulfil the award I need to state 5 things about myself....
This is always a bit tricky but here goes...
1. I made my first patchwork quilt in 2003. I had never really had an interest but once I did well, you know where that has lead.

2. I adore animals of most persuasions. I always wanted a horse when I was a teen. I never got one but that's life! I love dogs and have done dog obedience with most of my dogs and even dabbled in dog showing. Showing isn't always pleasant so I never really got passionate about that. I still enjoy watching dog events though and love the movie 'Best in Show', it does have quite a few truths in it! lol.

3. I believe Laughter is the best medicine and you can never have too much! I love that take your breath away, lay an egg laughing till it hurts.

4. I like live theatre. My first was Camelot with Richard Harris and Marina Pryor.
I remember I took my two eldest boys (they were only about 6 and 8) to see Les Miserable when it was the 10th anniversary. We were seated three rows from the front and they could see the orchestra pit. It was amazing and they were blown away. They still remember it.

5. I would love to visit the old castles in the UK and Europe. Just to absorb the history. I have been to Pompei and I loved it. When in Italy I was just blown away by the fact that you could walk down roads that were built by the Romans. I just love History.

 so there you have it.

If you have 200 followers or less and would like to take the award, please feel free.... Please leave a comment if you would like to take part so I can pop over and find out 5 things about you!
Will be back soon to show and tell what I have been busy doing.
Cheers for now


Fiona said...

not an award comment but wanted to say it was fun to read more about you.... I am not good at remembering history but I do love going to historical places too...

shez said...

very interesting Marina.xx

Elyte said...

Congratulations Marina.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter.
Still some holidays left to enjoy.
So little blogging time lately.

Sheila said...

Very interesting to learn a bit more about you , I love history too , love old buildings and strangely enough old doors . I also love horses and never got to own my own either . Thanks for sharing and congrats on the award . hugs Sheila

SameliasMum said...

Visiting old castles around Europe is on my Bucket List too. xo

Narelle said...

Cool...thanks for sharing :)

Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

Hope you get to go for a horse ride soon. Maybe in Europe!!!

Happy days.