Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January round up....

It's the last day of January so I thought it is time to double check my 'to do' list for this month and see how well (or poorly) I have kept on track.
my list included
a christmas item- fail, though I did prepare a pile of stitcheries to make throughout the year and I also signed up for a Christmas swap, Will that count?

Block 5 Down in the garden
Well I am nearly half way through. I started off by stitching the same thing all way round, eg the centres of the flowers and it felt is wasn't progressing at all so I decided to start in a corner and work my way around. I feel it is growing much quicker.

Next on the list was my Swan Lake quilt....
I have a total of 26 dollies cut out ready to applique and have made 14 hexagon flowers. Just need to pluck up the courage to cut in to the 9 metres of backing fabric.... Maybe next holidays, in the meantime I will have to set some targets for some more dollies and flowers.

Jack and Jill was a big tick off my list as it was hand quilted and delivered to a very grateful recipient.
Lastly on my list was to make up the cross stitch kits I received for christmas.
Got a little excited there and have made 5 pincushions. 

I had an issue with my first two when stitching up the 'stuffing hole' and Lisa (at the Quiltery) suggested that I put a seam in the back fabric of the pincushion so I gave it a try and they have a nicer shape. I also managed to hide the seam with a piece of trimming. Thanks for your tip Lisa.
There was also an unplanned January project..... Appliqueing and quilting this wall hanging for No 1 son to hang in his class room. Mum pieced the top and it looks pretty snazzy. He is very happy with his hanging and I am relieved it is done.

Well there are quite a few pics there and I am happy with my list of finishes.
Not everything was achieved but there were those little distractions thrown in.
It all comes out in the wash...
Now to make a list for February!
Happy stitching

Monday, 23 January 2012

easily distracted?

It seems like the above is true or maybe it's just that commitments to others that sidetrack me from what I have on my own agenda. I do confess that I sidetrack myself too...

I have completely finished this Jack and Jill quilt for a work colleague.
 Here is a close up of the hand quilting.
 Another friend decided it would be a good idea for me to personalize these little gifts for a set of twins that have arrived.
 This is part of a hanging that will be for No 1 son's classroom. It is his first year teaching and he has been frantically cutting, colouring and laminating to prepare things to set up his class.
It is a bit of a family effort... My aunt sent this from America for me to do it, but Mum thankfully is doing the piecing and I am doing the applique and quilting.
 It will have pieced books, and book shelves on either side.
 Then there was this distraction.... I just had to cross stitch these in variegated threads. They may go into the Christmas basket. They are so quick and pretty to stitch. .I have made one for myself already and I think they would make nice gifts for crafty friends.
After all I can't keep everything I make?

Now back to what I was meant to be doing? Probably not...
Happy stitching...

Friday, 20 January 2012

day out in town...

Today I realised that the holidays are quickly drawing to a close, with only a few more days to go! So sad...
I have been madly quilting Jack and Jill and managed to finish all the hand quilting. The binding is pinned, just waiting to be sewn.
A visit was made to spotlight earlier in the week and I found some more linen to do my new cross stitch pattern from Simone. I couldn't find the lovely vintage looking ones that she supplies with her patterns so had a go at tea dyeing my own piece using Russian Caravan tea. It turned out quite nice I think so there will be some more tea brewing happening very soon.
I was determined that I wanted some of the natural linen and thought L'Uccello in Melbourne would have it for sure. Unfortunately they didn't (but she is getting some in) but I was given an address for Morris & Sons in Collins street. It is an amazing shop with wools, cottons, tapestries, knitting needles and crochet hooks. Amazing shop.
I found my Irish Linen that I was looking for so I was very happy. The service was great. The young guy who served me didn't want to cut the linen crooked so he pulled a thread so that he would be cutting it accurately and I would be getting the correct size piece. Talk about service, very pleasant too.
Don't worry I didn't walk out of L'Uccello empty handed either. I found some beautiful shell buttons I was needing and some Czech glass ones I just wanted! Some trims and ribbons and I was done. I won't be waiting as long to visit as I saw there are a few other goodies that I 'need'.
even the way your goodies are wrapped is lovely

Love this embroidered ribbon.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lazy Sunday afternoon...

The weather has decided to warm a little today. Looks like Summer will be coming after all! I would settle quite happily for the cooler weather we have been having.
I got to spend some time stitching yesterday while looking after my Dad so that Mum got to escape for the day and go on a road trip with her sister. Mum is always worried about leaving me in charge as she knows I will rearrange or put things away in places that will take her ages to find . As far as I'm concerned I put them in logical places that should make them very easy to retrieve. That's my defence and I am sticking to it!
Here is the progress I made....

Both these projects are pretty slow going. I doubt my Down in the garden block will be done by the end of the month. Soooo much stitching. Now I can imaging how the Vignette in Stitches group feel with all the stitching they have to do for their blocks!
I so want to play with my dancing dollies but I have made the start I wanted to for the month so they have to wait till next month to come out and play.
I also need to think about a Christmas item! Boy, a girls work is never done!

All the patterns were posted on Friday so watch out girls for the mailman/woman.
Still waiting for Karen to let me know her address. I will wait a few more days and if I still don't hear, will draw another name.

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cross stitch can be enjoyable

Holidays are the best for crafting and I am taking full advantage of the free time.
I have finished not one but both of my little cross stitch pincushions. I have really enjoyed stitching them and have even ordered another one from Simone . I chose to have it emailed and at roughly $4.00 was a great price. The linen was a little tricky but I mastered it in the end but not before having to unpick half my border on the little vase one as by the time I returned to the start I discovered I was out by 1 thread!! I fudged it and thought nobody but me will ever notice it- famous last words. That was the problem-every time I looked at it saw the mistake. I traced back to try to find the error but didn't until I was going back doing the crosses. Well I had to unpick half of it and do it properly. Now it looks perfect (in my eyes anyway). My cushion making skills are another issue but practise will make perfect.
The fabric on the bird lady cushion is one I swapped for the kit fabric as I have a purpose in mind for this one and this fabric suits much better. (The trimming on the vase one has since been glued on and the buttons are a little personal addition.)

thankyou so much Els (and Simone) for helping me rediscover my enjoyment of cross stitch with these patterns. I will be off to spotlight this week to buy the cloth to continue with these little projects.
thanks to everyone who offered a home to my neglected patterns-Just waiting for Karen to make contact.
Happy stitching

the new homes are .....

I think all the offers that are going to come in have, so I am happy to draw the names of the new homes today.
and the new homes are.....

Pattern 1 Els
Pattern 2 Karen
Pattern 3 Liz
Pattern 4 Lisa
Pattern 5 Marta

I will email you all to let you know so you can send me your snail mail addresses.

Karen please email me as I can't trace your email from your comment.

Happy crafting!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

free to good home...

I have sorted out some patterns in need of a new home. I have used the teapot pattern but the rest have not been used. They have been hiding in a drawer and would love a new home that can use them..
If you would like one or more please put the number of the pattern you are interested in with your comment and if there are a few people interested I will draw a name next Sunday.
pattern 1

pattern 2

pattern 3

pattern 4 (used)

pattern 5

Cheers for now

the new homes for the patterns are:

Pattern 1 Els

Pattern 2 Karen

Pattern 3 Liz

Pattern 4 Lisa

Pattern 5 Marta

I have received a response from everyone except Karen. Karen please email me as I can't trace your email from your comment.
thanks everyone for giving these patterns a new home!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

making a list..

Seems like awhile since I posted. I misplaced the camera and it only turned up today so now I can catch up on what I have been busy doing. The heat has been a great incentive to just sit inside with the aircon going and stitching away.

I have made a list of January 'to do's'...
  • make one of my cross stitch pincushions-have made a start
  • make a start on my block 5 of down in the garden
  • quilt the Jack and Jill quilt
  • make some hexagon flowers for my Swan Lake and get a start on cutting dollies out
  • Make one christmas Item
I have made some headway already....

started my cross stitch pincushion from Els. Boy that cloth is hard to count the threads on. I am enjoying the challenge and it's nice to do something different.
block 5. A lot of stitching to do. I substituted the centre written poem for the butterflies.

a start made on cutting dollies, heads and arms...

some hexie flowers started too........

I have basted the Jack and Jill before Christmas and made a start on the hand quilting.
At the end of the month I will hopefully have made a decent dent in the list.

On another note...
Today I got to experience a wonderful piece of live theatre. I was offered a ticket to see 'the Importance of Being Earnest'. It had Geoffrey Rush acting in the role of Mrs Bracknell. It was an absolute hoot. I really enjoyed the humour and cleverness of the play. Seeing Geoffrey Rush live was the icing on the cake. He is just unbelievable. The two actors that played Algenon and Jack were super too. It was impossible to not watch them interact.
If you are in Melbourne and get the chance to see it-go for it.

Am enjoying the cool change today....
Happy stitching