Sunday, 7 August 2011

Happy dancing!!

Well I didn't think I would be back so soon but.....
I am happy dancing around the house! And this is the reason why.
My hexie top is officially complete. I sewed the borders on today. There were a few issues with the green thin border that has stretched a little with handling so it puckered in a few places. For now they can stay the way they are but I know they will get the better of me before long and I will have to unpick and redo. sigh
Mandatory Maisie testing the top.

I have the batting ready now I just need backing fabric and then it will be ready to quilt. It will have to wait till I have quilted my sweet nostalgia quilt. I took it to mum's today and we pressed, sandwiched, pinned and basted it together. It was lovely to have her help me. It will be a long slog handquilting it but let's go!
I was discussing with Nicki of Sew and Sew about UFO's. I don't seem to count finished tops (flimsies) as ufo's, I consider them finished awaiting quilting. Maybe this is a more optimistic view of UFO's. I may have to take off those rose coloured glasses.
While the weather was good I took some pics of my non ufo's, there are a few... but after today there is one less!

this is an old one, one of my earlier attempts at patchwork. I want fancy quilting in the white squares so it is waiting patiently. My attempt at an arty photo shot.

here is a day shot of my boys story. I am still happy dancing at this quilt!

my breast of friends quilt, relegated to the ranks of the unquilted. 

this is my 365 journal quilt. It will probably stay like this for a long time yet! It covered a big year in my life. 
my recent disappearing nine patch

The boys came and sat down in front of the quilts as I was putting them on the line. So for a change there are dogs and quilts together. The boys tease me that if anything happens to me the dogs will get my quilts for dog blankets! Don't panic I have people ready to rescue every scrap of fabric should anything happen to me. They have such a warped sense of humour- sadly I know where they get it from!
So I guess this is leading to a question.. What do you class as a UFO and how many do you guys have? If you have more than me you know I will use this to justify my own ufo's to my husband. lol

Hope you have had a happy dance today too!
 Cheers for now


Janet said...

I have more UFOs than I want to count. Sadly I find I have so little time for sewing. I love your Flower Garden though. It looks beau-ti-ful. I must show it to my daughter as she is making progress on her flower garden and is asking me regularly about finishing ideas.

Sue said...

Thats a great collection of flimsies "awaiting their next stage". I don't count takes a while to create masterpieces ;-)

Narelle said...

I'm sending you a trumpet fanfare ... well done!
Your garden looks wonderful and the butterfly border is a perfect finish.

I agree that a UFO is complete once it is a top and then it moves to the 'awaiting quilting' category.

My tally is 6 UFO's and 5 Awaiting Quilting plus 3 BOM's on the go. But them when does a BOM pass from on the go to a UFO? I think I'll stop counting now or I'll just scare myself.

Nicky said...

First of all I have to tell you it is hard to type while joining in your happy dance in full costume as ordered! Great quilt - a true beauty and I love the colours of your hexies and the butterflies are the icing on the cake!

I count everything as a UFO - even two blocks I have abandoned because I feel I should do something with them - maybe not a quilt but a cushion..? I had at least 13 in March 2011 but have less now - or maybe more as I have started loads on other projects.

When does a new project become a UFO?

Michelle Ridgway said...

Marina your hexie flower garden is beautiful so a big TA DA!!!! to you. I love the butterflies...where else would you find them except in a beatiful garden. You certainly have some wonderful quilts you've stitched. I agree with you 'just not quilted yet'!

Melody said...

So many beautiful flimsies -- which I count as finishes. How fabulous to see your gorgeous boys in the shot and funny little Maisie sneaking onto your flower garden

Mistea said...

Your Flower Garden looks fabulous... Yippee!
I only have a couple of tops which have not been quilted and two which are incomplete. It is all the other projects around here which sit in the UFO pile until inspiration strikes to move on.
On a similar note I finished the crochet on the Red Sparkly vest now just need to do the finishing bits - yes I am Happy Dancing!
Have a great week.

Quiltjane said...

What an accomplishment. You could have your own quilt show. They are all so beautiful. Enjoy your dance of happiness.

Elyte said...

I would be happy dancing too if I had all these beautiful quilt tops to show.
Your hexagons are just gorgeous and the butterflies are a perfect match. What a beautiful quilt to take away the winter blues. Well done.

Yvette said...

Wow! Your Hexie quilt is just beautiful. It was so fun looking at all the other quilts too.

Quilt tops that are finished and need quilting deserve their own category.

els koetsier said...

Your heaxaquilt are beautifull, its a big one.

And what do you have a lot of ufo's.
I make one finished before I start an other one.

Cheers Els

Stray Stitches said...

Marina - Your hexagon top is gorgeous!!! The butterfly border is a perfect addition to the hexies! Congrats on a amazing finish!!!!!

Serenata said...

No wonder you are dancing round in happiness - wow oh wow! I still haven't received any hexies for June nor July so I imagine my quilt won't be finished any time soon.

I love them all you must be so pleased with them.

As for UFO's hmmm...

May have to get back to you on that one ;-)

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

I love your hexie quilt... and the others too of course. I have enjoyed your quilt exhibition, thanks!!

Fiona said...

Oh I so enjoyed the MB quilt show.... and I love your hexie garden.. great job.... and they are all wonderful... you certainly have beautiful projects.... I am sorry to say I count a 'flimsy' as a UFO (but only in my house)... I don't have too many of them (3 nearly 2) but I have quite a good pile of just started UFO's...

rosie said...

Marina, your hexie quilt is absolutely stunning.. you should be so proud of yourself..
I adore the boys story quilt too, being more and more tempted everyday to start one myself.. not going to talk about UFO's!!!!

Tonya said...

You really have some great quilts up there!!! And I love the boys so much :)

I do not like UFO's. I have some WIP's and I hope to be reducing that number as well!!!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your hexie flower garden quilt is gorgeous, the butterflies really make the perfect border. Your other quilts are lovely too! You are very inspiring.

Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

Congrats and Happy Dancing with you on your hexie finish. Thank you for your backyard quilt exhibition. Take one quilt at a time and they will soon be completed.
Happy finishing.

Bev said...

Oh, Marina, your hexie quilt is awesome! No wonder I felt my house shake from your happy dance! I don't count flimsies as ufo's. My theory is that flimsies are easier to store than after it's quilted. We won't talk about how many ufo's are hidden away in my quilt room. All of your quilts are lovely.

Christy said...

You deserve the happy dance!!! Your tops are beautiful. I'm sure your quilting will be beautiful as well.

Carrie P. said...

Your hexie quilt is fabulous as are your other tops. Well done. I don't count the tops as UFO's any more either. Congrats on your finishes.