Thursday, 19 May 2011

sending goodies around the place

Yesterday I made a trip to the post office to send some goodies to their new homes.
Betty Boop left for Bev's place in WA and this felted pincushion is on it's way to Janet in the Yukon.
As soon as I read that Janet wanted a garden theme the thought popped into my head. to make a wheelbarrow and bunny and they fitted in the available space perfectly.
Jaqueline added the gorgeous violets and Sue, the bluebirds nesting in the branches. It's great to add to the loveliness!

Now to wait for mine to return home.....
My May hexies arrived at Jane's house. My next month's hexies are to be in blues and reds. That should be fun as I have a decent stash of these colours.
In the meantime I am enjoying making a few milk jug doilies that I will add as my christmas finishes. They will be good additions to the gift list.
Roll on Weekend!



Melody said...

This pin cushion is delightful. I'm sure Janet will be thrilled. This has really been a fun swap. Have a great weekend.

BubzRugz said...

I love your additions... the wheelbarrow full of flowers is so pretty and bunnies on the grass are always lovely.....

Elyte said...

I really enjoy seeing those pincushions come to life. Your wheelbarrow and rabbit are gorgeous tucked under the leaves and the violets. Such pretty colours.
And soon it will be the 25th and Christmas time again.
Are the months passing very quickly or is it just my imagination?

Mistea said...

Beautiful pincushion additions. Love watching these come together - Very special.

Narelle said...

All the pincushions have been works of art ... the bunny is a sweet addition.
Have a lovely weekend!

carine said...

Marina, I love your work ist so beautiful and so joyful thank you for showing us! Love and hugs Carine