Saturday, 14 May 2011

Oops! Oh no....

This week I had a ball putting together the top for the 'Tis the season hanging. Yesterday I went to Jemima's to buy border fabric so I could finish the top altogether. I bought a Glace pre cut (honey bun I think) that had just the tonal fabrics from the range. I would be able to get the borders out but I would have to be very precise and careful. Well that should have told me that I was doomed to fail, but being a half full type of girl, no worries!
Yeah, right...
I did the first border fine and then the second border... You betcha I stuffed it up. I was frantic now- my side border would have three pieces sewn together to make a border. I googled till I was googled out and replacement fabric is out of the question as it is an old range and the chances of finding it are 'Buckley's or none'.
So what to do... Do I sew them the way they are, get a different red fabric or keep trying to get the red tonal fabric that I really want to use, or finally add some embellishment to cover the errors (thanks for the idea mum)? 
I am going to take it all to Mum's to get her opinion but I know I need to be happy with the result, especially after all that work..
Any suggestions would be welcome or if you know of anyone who has perhaps 7inches of the red tonal Glace fabric?
Here is the top so far.....

see how perfect the red fabric looks, 

this has to be my favourite stitchery block

On a less disastrous note... I made this little door hanger for a friend at work who is leaving us. It just needs a little stuffing.  It's from the Quilt a gift book that Carine sent me in exchange for a Boys story quilt book. It has some lovely designs in it. I used some of my vintage shell buttons for the corners.

For the past two weeks I have been also trying to hand quilt my Tisket Tasket Top and I am down to the last block and then I will just machine quilt around the border. It will be a relief to cross this off the list .

This arrived in the mail yesterday and I have put my thinking cap to decide what my addition to Janet's garden themed pincushion will be. I think I have just the thing!

Boy talk about lots of pics.. 
Just one last sneak peak at something I am making. Not too many clues at the moment. Someone may be peaking! I have been having issues with my stitching at the moment, the stitches seem to be huge and I had big issues with the curves on this stitchery. I had to unpick them all and redo them. Much better second time around. Some of my 'tis the season stitcheries had stitches that seemed to be doing their own thing. Luckily they don't look too bad.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend...
I am off to make some hexies for my May swap partner.
Second finals of Eurovision tonight and the Finals tomorrow. Am I the only sad person watching?
My children seem to think so!

ps I have reinstated any lost comments for the Betty boop fabric. I will draw it tomorrow as there are a few people who would like to give it a new home. If you are interested leave a comment on the previous post and I will draw a new home tomorrow.


RobynK said...

You've already 'framed' the quilt in the first border by using light squares in the corners. Carry on with this theme by making framing corners twice(3x?) the length of the light blocks on the 2nd border with a complementary red to extend the red you have. Alternately you could try piecing a border with any leftovers from the blocks and use the red as big framing corners a block or so long on each side.
Hope I've explained this well enough!

Stephanie said...

Marina, so much to love here!

Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

I am sure someone has a piece of that in there stash,there is a site where you can post that you are looking for a certain fabric.
Good luck with all your near finishes.
happy days.

Mistea said...

Your Tis The Season looks beautiful, hope you find that red fabric to match.

The little hanger house is gorgeous lucky ex-colleague.

can't wait to see what you add to the pincushion, they are looking amazing as they journey around.

Enjoy stitching.

Val said...

Can't help with the quilt but it is look great so far. The little house on the hanger is very cute. The pin cushion is amazing. Can't wait to see what you have decided to finish it with.

BubzRugz said...

Oh my goodness you are being busy... I love the tts quilt and hope you find a bit... I looked through what i have and I can't see anything Glace... I only recently discovered ranges and labels and things like that... your tisket tasket is lovely too... and so is the pretty blue stitchery.... and the door hanger..... lovely lovely....
still cold here thank you can you keep the cold winds to yourself please... thank you....
Haha.. my word verification is duccuph.... somehow I like that word

Bev said...

Oh my, you have been busy, Marina. Love your "Tis the Season". wish I had a piece of that red to send you. cute little door hanger, too. Will be watching to see your mystery stitchery.

rosie said...

I wish I had some of that red fabric for you Marina, you have done such a great job.. I love the pincushion, you will have to post what you end up doing..

carine said...

hello Marina, Lovely your Seasons -quilt. And also the little thing you made from the gift -book I send you.Sorry for the delay, but I was to ill. Now I'm make the sides of the GDO and must only make the little hearts arround the middle -shop, and the the middle will be finished. My bear-quilt , only one to stich, and the bords , When the last stich is finished I'll show you on the blog. I will send you next month something your way!Love and hugs Carine

Elyte said...

I was away for the week end and missed a few posts!
Your Tis the Season looks great and you will enjoy it for many years to come. I hope that you find some of that rich red, it shouts "Christmas".
Lovely photos of all your beautiful work.