Thursday, 12 May 2011

looking for a new home....

I have two pieces of Betty Boop fabric that are looking for a new home.
I bought them a long time ago as a gift but they boomeranged back to me and I don't think I will use them as I am not that into Betty Boop. They are about a half yard each.
Anyone interested?
If you are just leave a comment and if there is more than one comment I will pick them out of a hat on sunday.

On the craft side of things I have finished all my 'Tis the season stitcheries and put the top together! Can you believe it? I just need to buy some fabric for the borders-a job on my list for tomorrow.  I really love the Glace fabrics and hope my local patchwork shop has some on the bolt. Once the borders are done I will take a pic! If I work hard I may get it done by the 25th. Now I would be very happy to claim that as my Christmas item for May. It would definitely make up for last month when I didn't get one done.


The Patch Craft said...

wow thats great you have finished your Tis he season. I am thinking about doing this one for Angus. Looking forward to seeing yours finished.

dogsmom said...

They are very bright! I would love to have them but since I can not immediately think of what I would do with them (and having just discovered you) I will let someone more actively creative have this opportunity.

Serenata said...

hi there Marina, I would quite fancy the music fabric if no one else would like it please.

having a clear out? Think I need to do that!

els koetsier said...

I know Marina also, you have some fabrics in your collection for years and years and you do nothing about it. I Think you can make a nice bag maybe with other fabrics. I would like them to have.

Cheers from Els

ejay said...

I have a friend who is nuts about Betty Boop, if I was lucky enough to win your giveaway I would make her the cutest bag....(Her birthday is in June),,,

BubzRugz said...

Well done with the TTS stitcheries.... I can't wait to see them all.... I managed the little cushion which will be my Christmas Item.... I don't know about Betty Boop... maybe she would make a grocery bag??? haha

marina said...
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Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

I could make something for number two daughter out of a piece of these fabrics.
Happy days.

Val said...

How exciting! I love Betty Boop.