Wednesday, 27 April 2011

more pics to show and tell

hexagons in Dunedin

More hexies in Dunedin
Queenstown in the early morning after a dusting of snow

Queenstown once the sky cleared

first glimpse of Doubtful Sound

Doubtful sound

doubtful Sound
Sorry they aren't in order of travel. We had the most perfect weather for our trip to Doubtful sound. The tour guide commented how lucky we were as these type of days were quite rare, I think he said lucky if they got 50 days a year as calm and sunny as what we had. Dolphins swam alongside the boat and we saw penguins and seals. It was just so magnificent. We even went down into the Manopouri power station under the mountain. Awesome.
cheers for now


Melody said...

New Zealand really is such a beautiful place.

BubzRugz said...

I love the idea of a place being called Doubtful sound..... the pictures are just lovely.... I wonder if all quilters see shapes and designs in floors etc?

Serenata said...

Doubtful Sound is just wonderful, sounds as if you had the perfect day. Gosh this is bringing back memories of our trip in 2000.

Val said...

Your trip looks great. We did a tour of the South Island in 1989 and we went down into the power station too.

Mistea said...

Loving your travel pics. Sure looks like some perfect days were had. Not sure about the snow though??

Yvette said...

Beautiful photographs! Those floors are great inspiration for quilts.

Narelle said...

Great photos ... love the dusting of snow.
Clever to find the hexie tiles.

Elyte said...

Great photos Marina. 3 friends and I hitch hiked around New Zealand in the mid 70's in our university day. Had a great time but wouldn't do it now! I went to some of these places but it was oh so long ago. Sigh!

Cheryll said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pic's. NZ is a very pretty place! :)

Carrie P. said...

Awesome photos and I am sure it was an awesome trip too.