Saturday, 23 April 2011

here we go ready or not!

Get ready for some snapshots. ... Part one..
I know they are all scenery shots but the scenery is just amazing. Just wait till you see my shots of trees and mosses!
 I hope my photos can come close to doing these beautiful places justice.
red tussock grass- this valley and the mountains enclosing it were covered in this beautiful grass. (yes I know it's only grass, but it was amazing)

view from the road up to Mt Hutt

Mt Hutt

Lake Tekapo- this was just amazing!! The colour of the waterways was all this turquoise blue, just phenomenal in the  sunshine.

outside Twizel
We didn't get to see any wildlife except for two types of birds one was a pukeko and the other an eagle type bird. New Zealand has no native mammals and some of the native birds are quite rare due to introduced mammals that have become pests like the stoat, possum and deer.
Hope you have enjoyed this instalment of photos, I am afraid the next lot will be of more mountains and trees. I just didn't tire of looking at the different landscapes hope you don't either.
Next post may even include some crafty items....


BubzRugz said...

lovely, lovely... the picture you have taken on as a header is amazing with all the colours.... makes me want to go now...

Serenata said...

Lake Tekapo is just gorgeous is it not.

Keep the photos coming :-)

Oddbjørg said...

I love to see from other parts of the world. Thanks for sharing Marina!

carine said...

Hello Marina ,thank you for sharing the pictures with us!Love them very much. Also thank you for your comment on the blog! Have a nice and lovely Easter weekend with the family! Love and hugs Carine

RobynK said...

Lol, I like trees and mountains and never become bored with them. Love the perspective in your photos and my current favourite is the view from the road up to Mt Hutt.

Lisa said...

Hi, you've taken beautiful photos! I especially love Lake Tekapo one. We lived in Twizel for a few years when I was just a little girl and I remember one day visiting a camping groupnd near Tekapo and my Mum trying to explain to me how the dam would be built, and areas would be flooded... I couldn't understand how the people would live under the water LOL


teresa said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. It is so beautiful there. I never tire of looking at scenes like this. I bet you had a wonderful time xx